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July 25, 2016
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HCC — Top 5 Articles and Questions from the week

It has been another exciting week on Hortonworks Community Connection HCC. We continue to see great activity and recommend the following assets from last week.

Top Articles from HCC

  1. Phoenix HBase Tuning – Quick Hits by:smanjee
    HBase tuning like any other service within the ecosystem requires understanding of the configurations and the impact (good or bad) it may have on the service. This article shares some simple quick hitters which increase performance on your phoenix/hbase cluster…
  2. Using the New HiveQL Processors in Apache NiFi 0.7.0 by:tspann
    In Apache NiFi 0.7.0, there are now processors for Reading Hive data via HiveQL and Storing to Hive via HiveQL. These processors are SelectHiveQL and PutHiveQL
  3. IoT Example in Apache NiFi: Consuming and Producing MQTT Messages by:tspann
    In Apache NiFi 0.7.0, there are new processors to Get and Put data to an MQTT broker, which is popular in IoT because of it’s small footprint and speed. MQTT is supported by Eclipse and IBM. Examples included … 
  4. HBase Replication and comparison with popular online backup programs… by:mkumar13
    This article is first series of three articles discussing HBase Replication…
  5. Heterogeneous Storage in HDFS(Part-1)… by:mkumar13
    Hadoop version 2.6.0 introduced a new feature heterogeneous storage. This article investigates the pros and cons of this storage mechaism …

Top 5 Questions — last week

  1. How much actual space required to store 10GB to HDFS? And HBase ?
  2. Ambari for LDAP or Active Directory Authentication
  3. How to remotely connect to HDP2.4VM with RStudio using R?
  4. Sqoop UnknownHostException when using HA namenode
  5. How to save dataframe as text file


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