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May 29, 2013
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Hortonworks Data Platform 1.3 Release: The community continues to power innovation in Hadoop

HDP 1.3 release delivers on community-driven innovation in Hadoop with SQL-IN-Hadoop, and continued ease of enterprise integration and business continuity features.

Almost one year ago (50 weeks to be exact) we released Hortonworks Data Platform 1.0, the first 100% open source Hadoop platform into the marketplace.  The past year has been dynamic to say the least!  However, one thing has remained constant: the steady, predictable cadence of HDP releases.  In September 2012 we released 1.1, this February gave us 1.2 and today we’re delighted to release HDP 1.3.

HDP 1.3 represents yet another significant step forward and allows customers to harness the latest innovation around Apache Hadoop and its related projects in the open source community.  In addition to providing a tested, integrated distribution of these projects, HDP 1.3 includes a primary focus on enhancements to Apache Hive, the de-facto standard for SQL access in Hadoop as well as numerous improvements that simplify ease of use.

The Relentless March of Community Driven Innovation

Consistent with our approach and together with many others in the community, Hortonworks has been working hard to progress the Hadoop projects at the Apache Software Foundation.  We believe that identifying enterprise requirements, introducing them into the community and working within those projects at the ASF is the fastest path to innovation and HDP 1.3 represents that philosophy realized.

Hortonworks Data Platform Releases

By incorporating all of the latest relevant and stable Apache project releases in HDP 1.3 we are able to provide our customers with the most up-to-date Hadoop platform available.  And because it is 100% open source, it eliminates any notion of vendor lock-in

In fact, the graphic above illustrates the progress we have made in a very short time.

By applying our consistent approach to innovation and maintaining a cadence of releases we believe that we can greatly accelerate Hadoop adoption and enable an ever-larger number of customers to adopt Apache Hadoop as a core component of their enterprise data architecture.

HDP 1.3, SQL-IN-Hadoop: Phase 1 of the Stinger Initiative

Stinger InitiativeApache Hive is the defacto standard for SQL access in Hadoop, and the Stinger Initiative is a coordinated effort by Hortonworks and many others to enhance Hive for the emerging requirement for interactive queries in Hadoop.

HDP 1.3 is the first distribution to include Apache Hive 0.11 which delivers a 50x improvement in performance for queries and broadens the range of SQL semantics supported in Hadoop as part of the Stinger Initiative.  Incorporating over 350 enhancements contributed by a broad community of over 55 developers from more than 10 organizations, Hive 0.11 is a phenomenal demonstration of the power of the community!

Ease of Use and Business Continuity

As the user base for Hadoop expands quickly, HDP 1.3 continues the focus on ease of use to include the following set of capabilities:

Ease Of Use

  • This release provides NFS v3 standards-based access to HDFS so that file system can be accessed as a mounted drive on the network, simplifying movement of data in and out of Hadoop.
  • HDP 1.3 provides more access to enterprise data from Hadoop with optimized Oracle and Netezza connectors, enhanced HCatalog support for Sqoop and the ability to transfer Sqoop direct loads to/from RCFile and ORCFile.
  • Apache Ambari, the open source management and provisioning solution for Apache Hadoop was upgraded to include job diagnostic improvements, more customization options, new heatmaps and broader support for existing enterprise platforms.

Business Continuity

  • HDP 1.3 delivers file dataset (HDFS) and HBase snapshots for point-in-time disaster recovery functionality.
  • An upgrade to HBase provides multi-master high availability, table snapshots and shortened recovery times for online applications built on Hadoop.

We are very pleased to bring you HDP 1.3, and encourage you to download it today.




Senthilsan says:

IT would be very niceto have a ubuntu version of HDP. For many devs like us to get a hands on quickly, its very hard to see cent/rhel on a laptop nowadays

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