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January 21, 2014
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HDP 2.0 for Windows is GA

We are excited to announce that the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 for Windows is publicly available for download. HDP 2 for Windows is the only Apache Hadoop 2.0 based platform that is certified for production usage on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

With this release, the latest in community innovation on Apache Hadoop is now available across all major Operating Systems. HDP 2.0 provides Hadoop coverage for more than 99% of the enterprises in the world, offering the most flexible deployment options from On-Premise to a variety of cloud solutions.

Unleashing YARN and Hadoop 2 on Windows

HDP 2.0 for Windows is a leap forward as it brings the power of Apache Hadoop YARN to Windows. YARN enables a user to interact with all data in multiple ways simultaneously – for instance making use of both realtime and batch processing – making Hadoop a true multi-use data platform and allowing it to take its place in a modern data architecture.

Windows data centers can now depend on a Highly Available NameNode to automatically detect and recover from any hardware, operating system or JVM faults and deliver reliable access to data to all HDP processing components.

Building on top of the next generation architecture of core Apache Hadoop, HDP 2.0 for Windows also provides:

  • Phase 2 of the Stinger initiative – providing a significant increase in SQL semantics, adding the VARCHAR and DATE datatypes and improving performance ORDER by and GROUP by.
  • Apache HBase 0.96 – delivering important enterprise features such as Snapshots and improved mean time to recovery (MTTR)
  • The latest stable releases of the rest of the HDP stack, integrated and certified to run on top of YARN

Upgrading from HDP 1.3?

As you move to HDP 2.0 for Windows, we’ve ensured that you have an upgrade path from HDP 1.3 for Windows clusters. You can upgrade your cluster in place, maintaining your data as well as ensuring that your existing Hive, Pig and MapReduce jobs will run on HDP 2.0 for Windows.

New to Hadoop and HDP?

For those looking to evaluate HDP 2.0 for Windows, we provide an easy to use Single node install through a graphical MSI interface. This is a great way to explore all the new features and build new applications for Hadoop.

You can also use the Hortonworks Sandbox along with Microsoft Power BI through a new tutorial for the Hortonworks Sandbox.

Microsoft’s Commitment to Apache Hadoop

Microsoft has a deep engineering relationship with Hortonworks as we have the same objectives to ensure Hadoop is the best enterprise data platform it could be. Read about our work with Microsoft in the Hadoop open source community here.

Additionally you can hear how Hadoop and Microsoft fit into a modern data architecture (MDA) through this webinar.

You can join Microsoft, Hortonworks and Elastacloud at an upcoming hackathon on Feb 8th and 9th at Microsoft Campus, Mountain View, CA

Get started today! Download here.



Joe Kimpler says:

Does HDP 2.0 support and work with Microsoft’s SMB Direct layer? Will HDP 2.0 work with RoCE?

Thanks you!

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