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February 13, 2015
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HDP Certified: Performance-Based Certifications

Hortonworks has expanded its certification program to create an industry-recognized certification program where individuals prove their Hadoop knowledge by performing hands-on tasks on a Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) cluster, as opposed to answering multiple-choice questions. Hortonworks University will be offering three new certification exams:

  • HDP Certified Developer
  • HDP Certified Java Developer
  • HDP Certified Administrator

The HDP Certified Developer (HDPCD) exam is the first of our new hands-on, performance-based exams designed for Hadoop developers working with frameworks like Pig, Hive, Sqoop and Flume.

We are excited to offer this unique opportunity to take the HDPCD (Developer) exam at Hadoop Summit in Brussels on April 14, 2015. The exam has three main categories of tasks that involve:

  • Data ingestion
  • Data transformation
  • Data analysis

Click here to view a detailed list of objectives for the HDPCD exam.

Establish your credentials with Hadoop

Hortonworks certifications establish that you are a trusted and valuable Apache Hadoop professional. These qualifications have been designed and developed by the leaders and core committers of Apache Hadoop so that you and the industry can be assured that the highest standards in the industry have been obtained.

Join an exclusive group of Hadoop Professionals with demonstrated skills and the qualifications to prove it. Hortonworks Certified Professionals are recognized as leaders in the field.

Certification Benefits

When you become a certified Hadoop professional, you:

  • Establish key Hadoop credentials
  • Highlight your skills and knowledge to customers and employers
  • Are recognized in the industry
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Become a member of a core group of committed professionals who are advancing Apache Hadoop

Certification Preparation

While not required, each of our certifications has a related course that will help prepare students to take the exam. The objectives for the HDP Certified Developer exam are covered in our HDP Developer: Apache Pig and Hive course.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Our certification exams will be available online, so you can take them from any computer, anywhere, at anytime!

Learn More

  • For availability for individual seats in our open enrollment classes please visit us at
  • Onsite training is also available to be hosted at your offices. For more information around pricing and private training opportunities contact us at


Pradip says:

When this mode of certification comes to effect in Bangalore, India/rest of the world? Same April 14 2015?

Rich Raposa says:

The Developer exam is available now. The Admin and Java exams will be available later in Q2.

Nishant says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Pls. let me know by when this updated certification program would be available.

Venks Mantha says:


Will we be allowed to reference the documentation while taking these exams? Or do we need to memorize the syntax of all the commands. I hope not (:-


Rich Raposa says:

Yes – you are allowed access to the documentation. Candidates are highly encouraged to attempt the practice exam (details here). The practice exam uses the same environment as the real exam and has tasks similar to what may appear on the real exam.

Paul Deng says:

Can I ask what is the difference between HDP Certified Developer and HDP Certified Java Developer.

Rich Raposa says:

Those are two different certifications. The HDP Certified Developer exam covers topics like Pig, Hive, Sqoop and Flume. The Java Developer exam is all Java-based and covers how to write MapReduce applications in Java. The details on what each exam contains are found here:

Mohammad Usman says:

When can we take exams with this new format for Hortonworks Admin certification??

And what would be the impact of this new format on the previous certification holders. Do they have to renew their certifications??

Will be looking forward to your reply.


Rich Raposa says:

The new HDP Certified Administrator exam will be available this Monday, May 18 at, at which time the old exam will no be available for new registrations. The new exam details are here:

The old exams are being retired. Professionals who earned the old certifications will still hold them, but the new certifications are different, and we have changed their names so that there is a distinction between the old and the new. The new certification acronyms are HDPCD, HDPCA, HDPCD-Java, and so on, and the new exams come with digital badges that verify the certification.

Kishore says:

Can we google for the commands during exam? since it’s performance based and i ‘ve gone through the practice exam, it seems we need to remember all the exact command to pass this exam. So just wondering if we can refer google to get the syntex of the commands?

Rich Raposa says:

You do not need to memorize any commands – you will have access to the documentation. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the docs so you can easily find what you need. Access to the internet is not allowed and is blocked, except for the documentation pages.

Sushil says:

I have taken the new HDP Certified Administrator Exam waiting for result. I have completed 100% tasks given in the exam including testing in-time. The is really a very hands-on exam. Now the hiring companies can trust on this kind of true evaluation of a candidate by Hortonworks. There is still small improvement is required. First is screen resolution required is the bottleneck for me or may be for many candidates across the world. It was difficult to manage the screen with less resolution. Also for one of the question, I was aware of the solution and steps but somehow I forgot the exact syntax and I was not able to find the command thru docs given in the exam.

inu says:

Will the real exam have same number of question set or different? and How the evaluation is done? each question carries same marks or different?

Rich Raposa says:

The exam has around 7-9 tasks. You have to perform a task successfully for it to be marked as correct. How we grade each task varies, but in all cases your code or command has to run successfully and your output has to match the given criteria. It’s pretty straightforward: you either performed the task correctly or you did not!

Kishore says:

In the practice test , the hive document doesn;t open. I’m trying since last couple of days but still showing the same error. Will there be such scenario in the real time environment? in case there is some network issue or machine got stuck in between the exam , how do i proceed?

Ali says:


I need to prepare for Hadoop administration exam. Can you please let me know, which sandbox environment i should use for this new exam format?

Looking forward for your reply.


Rich Raposa says:

You should attempt the HDPCA practice exam. The details are here:

Gowtham Kesa says:

I want to know the HDPCD:Java Developer certificate is valid for lifetime or Should I renew it by retaking the exam periodically. If I need to keep updating the certificate, Please let me know the number of years the certificate is valid from the date of exam.

jatin says:

how many questions are to be done correctly to pass the HDPCA examination?

MadelynGrisham says:

This is a very important performance. I can compare it only with who create their great show for us and enjoy their doing and we have enjoy looking at them.

MadelynGrisham says:

This is a very important performance. I can compare it only with who create their great show for us and enjoy their doing and we have enjoy looking at them.

Ruby says:

I think this is cool and a similar system can be introduced at universities, in order to understand how a student has successfully completed the course.Recently, I was at the conference where they put forward this idea, but using a program written specifically for universities, I think this is a big step forward because it gives an accurate assessment of human knowledge and skills in a particular industry.

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