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April 13, 2015
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Hortonworks Acquires SequenceIQ to Provide Automated Deployment of “Hadoop Everywhere”

Today we’re delighted to announce our acquisition of SequenceIQ. This acquisition, expected to close in Q2, will accelerate our ability to provide deployment automation for Enterprise Hadoop across public and private clouds. Please join us in welcoming the SequenceIQ team to the Hortonworks family!

Enterprises are embracing Apache Hadoop to enable their modern data architectures and power new analytic applications. The freedom to choose the on-premises or cloud environments for Hadoop that best meets the business needs is a critical requirement. The Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) already provides the broadest deployment choice for the Enterprise Hadoop market across Windows and Linux x86 servers, integrated hardware appliances, cloud infrastructure-as-a-service platforms, and managed cloud services.

This acquisition will enrich our leadership position by providing technology that automates the launching of elastic Hadoop clusters with policy-based auto-scaling on the major cloud infrastructure platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack, as well as platforms that support Docker containers. Put simply, we now provide our customers and partners with both the broadest set of deployment choices for Hadoop and quickest and easiest automation steps.

Using Cloudbreak, customers pick a blueprint, choose a cloud, and launch HDP. It’s that simple.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.25.04 AM

Who is SequenceIQ and why is the acquisition important?

SequenceIQ is a product and services company based in Budapest, Hungary. They have been gaining significant market momentum and were recently named a startup finalist at Strata 2014. SequenceIQ has developed two innovative pieces of technology that are particularly compelling.

Cloudbreakis the infrastructure agnostic and secure Hadoop as a Service API for multi-tenant clusters. This technology first appeared as a beta in July 2014 and marked our first collaboration with the SequenceIQ team. The extensibility of Apache Ambari via Blueprints was leveraged to deliver this easy to use deployment technology. Hadoop provisioning using Docker containers was also presented at Hadoop Summit 2014 in San Jose, and we observed an overwhelmingly positive reception from the open source community for these innovations.

Periscope was then developed by the SequenceIQ team to bring policy-based autoscaling to Hadoop to ensure service level agreements can be met while running your applications. Just like Cloudbreak, Periscope is built atop Apache Ambari and Apache Hadoop YARN – and leverages the latest cutting edge features of these projects.

Beyond these technology contributions, the SequenceIQ engineering team has been active contributors to existing Apache Software Foundation projects such as Apache Ambari and Apache Hadoop YARN, and are well versed in what it takes to innovate within the open source community for the benefit of enterprise users. To highlight just one example, in the past year the SequenceIQ team contributed Ambari Shell to the Apache Ambari project. Ambari Shell is an interactive command-line tool for DevOps that leverages the Ambari REST APIs and Spring Shell. Their pragmatic and impressive engineering prowess along with their strong collaboration set them apart within the community.

As Hortonworks continues to expand globally, the SequenceIQ team will further expand our European presence and firmly establish an engineering beachhead in Budapest. We are thrilled to have them join the Hortonworks team!

An Open Roadmap

Our team is already busy working with these innovative technologies and defining the path forward to enrich the deployment automation and auto-scaling capabilities of HDP for all of our customers and partners. We have already received requests to add support for additional cloud-providers, and the integration between Periscope and the new Ambari 2.0 alerts subsystem is complete.

Given our strong open source heritage, we believe Hortonworks is uniquely qualified to ensure that the Cloudbreak and Periscope technologies continue to flourish. While they are already available under the Apache Software License v2, after the acquisition closes, we plan to contribute the code to the Apache Software Foundation sometime in 2015 as a new project or as part of an existing project.

This move is in line with our belief that the fastest path to innovation is through open source developed within an open community. Since our strategy is squarely focused on a 100% open-source model with no proprietary extensions, we are never conflicted about which capabilities, features, or components to incorporate within the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). We listen to our customers’ and partners’ requirements and work together with them in the open to deliver the best the community has to offer.

Availability & Next Steps

Following the close of the acquisition, we plan to make Cloudbreak and Periscope available as a “Technology Preview” that will enable our community and customers to get familiar with the technology while we are preparing and testing it to be generally available and supported components of HDP.

We expect our integration, certification, and packaging efforts to proceed quickly, because Cloudbreak and Periscope are deeply integrated with Apache Ambari to orchestrate the launch of elastic HDP clusters on demand for any given a cluster blueprint, desired cloud deployment target, and set of credentials.

Once the technologies are made generally available and packaged for enterprise use with HDP, we will provide support for them as part of the HDP Enterprise Plus software support subscription. Existing HDP Enterprise Plus customers will automatically be entitled to support for the Cloudbreak and Periscope technologies once they are deemed generally available.

Hortonworks will host a webinar on May 19 at 10:00 AM PT to provide an overview of Cloudbreak and Periscope including an update on the latest features and road ahead.

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