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August 04, 2015
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Hortonworks and EMC Expand Relationship

Today, we were pleased to announce the selection of Hortonworks to the EMC Select Program. We’re delighted to host this guest blog from from Ryan Peterson, the Chief Solutions Strategist at EMC. Follow Ryan @BigDataRyan.

Today, Hortonworks and EMC announced a broadened relationship. Hortonworks announced that EMC has chosen Hortonworks as an EMC Select Partner,which means that EMC will now be able to resell the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

About five years ago, I started out on a journey to help organizations use big data to change the world.  I truly believe that if the world can understand the data we possess, magical things can start to happen, from curing the incurable disease to solving world hunger. That process takes innovative people who have to think differently and bigger than their predecessors.  They have to take risks and drive the future.

Looking at things in a practical manner, we’ve always known that combining two sets of data can provide incredible results.  Take, for example, the combination of a customer list, with customer orders and with inventory data. But people and things have started creating new data in new places—whether it be from social data containing customer sentiment or sensors collecting temperatures, we now have data sets that grow well beyond those tables of small data sets.

New technologies needed to exist to capture and catalog that growing data, and new systems were needed for processing that “big” data. I joined EMC to support the most well-known distributed storage system designed for that purpose. The EMC Isilon storage platform is solving some of the largest problems in Big Data. Movie production, surveillance of airports, and Genome research became hot beds for the Isilon platform. But with over 6,000 customers and many exabytes of data on our platform, I knew we needed to find our pairing with a distributed computing platform that would give customers the ability to process data to find new insights and change the world. This is where Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem entered the fray, and it’s taken off in big ways as our customers begin to model their data for increased success.

Thus far in my journey, I’ve met with thousands of customers and heard incredible results about the use of Hadoop and Isilon.  A bank that uses Hadoop against their data to run fraud analytics, an airline that knows before you land what parts need to be waiting at the gate, a retail store that understands its shoppers and their major life events so it can provide a better experience to their consumer, a farming organization that increased its yield 100% by understanding what fertilizer mixture was the best, and a genomics research facility that has already discovered insights into curing disease. And that’s a tiny sampling. Each conversation leaves me in awe and makes me excited that what we’ve discovered in only a few short years of Hadoop’s existence will grow to amazing heights in the years that follow and as we cross the chasm of customer adoption.

I’m excited about today’s announcement with Hortonworks and the expansion of our relationship. Over the last few months, Hortonworks and EMC have collaborated to optimize Hadoop for the Isilon platform. This collaboration has seen us run one of the most robust testing suites to ensure that the Hortonworks Data Platform is certified to run on Isilon. In addition, we’ve run the same suite of tests to ensure that the HDP on Isilon is enterprise ready. And now with the inclusion of the Hortonworks Data Platform in the EMC Select program, all of the EMC sales force and the EMC Reseller channel can include the Hortonworks Data Platform as a component of their Big Data solutions.

I challenge you to reach out to the teams at Hortonworks and EMC. Find out what you can do to change the world! Join me and Matt Morgan on our webinar on September 2, 2015 to learn more about our combined solution.

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