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February 01, 2017
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Hortonworks Announces Hadoop Powered EDW Optimization Solution

Today, Hortonworks announced the Hortonworks EDW Optimization Solution to help extend and accelerate return on investment for business intelligence e.g. the data warehouse. The solution brings together technologies from Hortonworks and partners Syncsort and AtScale. But before I dig into the details of this solution it is worth understanding the vision Hortonworks is revealing here.

Hortonworks EDW Optimization Solution to help extend and accelerate return on investment for business intelligence
EDW Optimization Solution










Happening Now: Largest Architectural Refresh in History

Over the past decade the application landscape saw a large push away from a single monolithic suite deployed on-premises towards more best of breed point solutions with much of the new applications being implemented in the cloud. In short, we are moving from a world of application centric models to a world of user centric architectures built on an ecosystem of cloud and on prem solutions.  From a data point of view the application centric model created data silos that are difficult to harmonize for actionable intelligence. Additionally, the influx of nontraditional data from social, web click streams and other so called ‘big data’ sources makes the harmonization effort even more difficult as traditional data technologies do not natively deal with this type of data and volume.

Hortonworks was founded 5 years ago on this reality – that organizations will face a major transition to a next-gen data architecture. Forced by the relentless drive for better business insights in the context of a changing technical architecture against a backdrop of very large and complex new data sets. Our connected data platforms are the most scalable and cost efficient way for organizations to harness the power of this new data and architectural landscape.  It is the foundation that ties together your data silos and expanding semi-structured and unstructured data repositories and enables better analytics — and business outcomes.  We do all of this leveraging the power of the open source, open community development model.  This enables us to have sustainable agility, limitless scale of innovation– and a very compelling economic model.  Our rapid growth is evidence of the market’s excitement over this new model.

Vision for Solutions

Hortonworks was originally known for our first product Hortonworks Data Platform and as is still known as “the Hadoop company.” Makes sense as we drive a majority of the Hadoop innovation in the ASF and remain a top contributor to the open source community.  Over the past 2 years we have rapidly expanded into a multi-product portfolio starting with the release of Hortonworks DataFlow. We also recognized the shift to the cloud early on and moved quickly with our cloud offerings. We have been working with Microsoft on Azure HDInsight (powered by HDP) for years and recently unveiled Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS. All powered by 100% open source on the major enterprise public clouds.

The natural evolution for most tech companies that continue to grow and continue to expand their relationships with customers is to to accelerate the delivery of value for those customers along repeatable patterns of use. This is where the Hortonworks solution strategy then steps in. The vision is to build specific solutions that will deliver accelerated value to the customers- making the impossible possible with data, amazing business transformations across every vertical.

Hortonworks EDW Optimization Solution

One repeatable usage pattern we keep hearing again and again from customers has been on ways companies are looking to augment their EDW environments, extend the life of current investments, while at the same time deliver on the business demand for agile analytics on this ever growing mass of data.

In short, the EDW Optimization Solution allows you to store archived EDW data in Hadoop at much lower costs. It also allows you to offload non-critical processing loads into Hadoop where it is much cheaper. And because we can add new data sources much faster to Hadoop than our pixel perfect modeled EDW you can now enrich the EDW data. The cherry on top is to bring fast BI available then on top of this fine grained and enriched data.

  • Lower cost storage for EDW Data
  • Lower cost processing of non-critical loads
  • Easily enrich EDW data with new data sources pixel something??
  • Fast BI of full data set

Closing thoughts

So, keep watching this space as Hortonworks continue to unveil more solutions that extend the value of our connected data platforms!

For more information , please visit or join us for our upcoming Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization webinar with Scott Gnau, Chief Technology Officer at Hortonworks.


  • No. This really represents what the market is driving; from data volume and variety of big data as well as advanced analytics, there is a move to a broader data fabric including hadoop as well as rdbms’s. this solution enables customers to implement this fabric and optimize where workloads exist.

  • Did Hortonworks buy SyncSort, or is that only the recommended toolset? In addition, can existing customers easily upgrade/include Hive LLAP (is it separately licensed?)
    What is the value proposition for customers that already have analytical layers in place with different toolsets?

    • Juergen, Thank you for your interest on this solution. Both Syncsort and AtScale are strategic partners of Hortonworks; they partner with Hortonworks to offer a pre-packaged Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization solution. (no, we didn’t not purchase either of the companies)

      The existing customer can utilize Hive LLAP functionality in the current HDP license. Currently, Hive LLAP is in technical preview.

      Please feel free to reach out to me at, so I can further answer your questions.

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