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October 27, 2013
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Hortonworks at Strata Conference 2013 in New York City!

Whew, what a couple of week it had been! We released Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 to much excitement from our customers, partners and the community at large. With HDP 2.0 and its YARN-based architecture delivered, enterprises can finally realize the vision of gathering all data in Hadoop and interacting with that data in ways that was previously not possible!

We are carrying forward that ebullience through to O’Reilly Strata Conference in New York! We are one of the sponsors of the conference and if you are going to be there, please stop by Booth #306 to meet the members of the Hortonworks team who will be very happy to discuss any questions you have about the next generation Hortonworks Data Platform!


As always, there are a ton of meetups happening around Strata. You can hear from us at these meetups:


At Strata/Hadoop World NY 2013, Hortonworks will also participate in a number of presentations on all things about data – don’t miss any of them! Here’s a summary of all our sessions.

Session: Running Non-MapReduce Big Data applications on Apache Hadoop

  • Speakers: Siddharth Seth and Hitesh Shah
  • Location: Grand Ballroom East
  • Time: October 30 11:00AM
  • Track: Hadoop Platform
  • Abstract: Apache Hadoop has become popular from its specialization in the execution of MapReduce programs. However, it has been hard to leverage existing Hadoop infrastructure for various other processing paradigms such as real-time streaming, graph processing and message-passing. Learn how this barrier was removed and how new applications are being built and run on Apache Hadoop. Read more about the session here.

Session: Apache Hive & Stinger: Petabyte Scale SQL, IN Hadoop

  • Speakers: Arun Murthy, Alan Gates (Hortonworks) and Owen O’Malley
  • Location: Gramercy Suite B
  • Time: October 30 11:50AM
  • Track: Sponsored
  • Abstract: Apache Hive is the de facto standard for SQL-in-Hadoop today with more enterprises relying on this open source project than any alternative. New enterprise requirements for Hive to become more real time or interactive have evolved and the Hive community has responded. Please join Arun Murthy, Owen O’Malley and Alan Gates to learn more about Stinger and improvements to Apache Hive. Read more about the session here.

Session: Hadoop and the Relational Data Warehouse – When to Use Which?

  • Speakers: Ari Zilka (Hortonworks), Stephen Brobst (Teradata Corporation)
  • Location: Grand Ballroom West
  • Time: October 29 11:50 AM
  • Track: Enterprise Data
  • Abstract: Hortonworks Chief Product Officer, Ari Zilka, and Teradata CTO, Stephen Brobst, show you when to use Hadoop and when to use an MPP relational data warehouse. At a conceptual level, it is easy to think they are interchangeable, but the differences overwhelm the similarities. Two of the most trusted experts in their fields examine how big data technologies are being used in practical deployments. Read more about the session here.

Session: Apache HBase for Architects

  • Speaker: Nick Dimiduk
  • Location: Grand Ballroom East
  • Time: October 29 1:45 PM
  • Track: Hadoop Platform
  • Abstract: Your application is out-growing its database, you’ve started shopping NoSQL options. Maybe you’ve adopted Hadoop into your Data Warehouse. You’ve heard HBase might be an appropriate technology, but you need to know more. This talk is for you. To understand its use, first understand how it works. This talk explores the design of HBase and its critical paths to ground an understanding of its use. Read more about the session here.

Session: Using A Visual Framework to Simplify ETL on Hadoop Without MapReduce or Programming

  • Speaker: Mike Hoskins (Actian Corporation), Ari Zilka (Hortonworks)
  • Location: Rhinelander Center
  • Time: October 29 1:45 PM
  • Track: Sponsored
  • Abstract: This session will address some of the biggest challenges faced by companies trying to do ETL or ELT on Hadoop and highlight how they can reuse existing skills to solve these challenges. Read more about it here.

Session: HDFS Snapshots and Beyond

  • Speakers: Jing Zhao and Tsz-Wo Sze
  • Location: Grand Ballroom East
  • Time: October 29 5:05PM
  • Track: Hadoop Platform
  • Abstract: In this talk, attendees will understand the high level design of HDFS snapshots, along with how snapshots can be used for data protection and disaster recovery. We will also talk about details of snapshot development and testing. In the end, we will explore how to build and improve other features on top of HDFS snapshots, including Distcp, HBase snapshots, and Hive table snapshots. Read more about it here.

We’re excited to by in NYC this week and talk with you about Hadoop – stop by and say hello!


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