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September 30, 2015
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Hortonworks Big Data Scorecard for Accelerating Business Transformations

The journey to data driven business transformation can be confusing and challenging. At Hortonworks, we understand this, and are offering a number of tools that will help companies map out their journey to fully utilize the value of their Big Data.

The journey begins with understanding the opportunities unique to your business, and understanding how the maturity of your organization enables or inhibits your ability to strategically pursue Big Data programs aligned to your business goals.

Hortonworks Big Data Maturity Model:


  • At the top of our maturity model are businesses that are transforming through Big Data. These leaders embrace data as currency, and are creating new value streams through predictive analytics.
  • The second tier of our model focuses on companies that are optimizing operational performance across three dimensions: the customer lifecycle, product lifecycle and facility lifecycle.
  • At the lower rungs of maturity, we see companies exploring or merely aware of their Big Data opportunity. The exploring companies are seeing consensus emerge on the potential of Big Data and beginning to fund limited Hadoop experiments with localized intent.
  • Many newcomers to the Big Data space are simply aware of the Big Data opportunity, but have not taken meaningful steps to integrate data into business strategies or processes beyond historical analysis

The unique value in our approach to assessing Big Data maturity is that we help business leaders understand and evaluate the essential focus areas for accelerating business transformations. We couple the Big Data Scorecard with an opportunity to plot a strategic path forward.

To measure you maturity, we look at five different capability domains holistically across your organization. Companies need to understand where they stand in terms of big data maturity so that they can progress and identify the required initiatives.


Our Big Data Scorecard helps in assessing your company’s current state along five key capability domains:

  • Sponsorship;
  • Data and Analytics;
  • Technology and Infrastructure;
  • Organization and Skills; and
  • Process Management.

Within each of these capability domains, we identify four key focus areas that indicate maturity, and then assess each area according to their specific maturity level. Although the purpose of our framework is to evaluate your company’s maturity level in these areas, we believe it’s far more important to understand how to capitalize on your existing capabilities, and to invest in those focus areas where we can best maximize progress toward defined business objectives.

Post assessment, you would receive a detailed assessment of your company’s maturity vis-à-vis that of the current industry. As part of this survey, you will be able to score your current Big Data capabilities and identify where you would like your organization to be two years from now. Our analyses will then help you identify your current gaps with internal Big Data goals as well as look at the external gaps when compared to the industry’s current and future maturity across the same capability domains.

In addition, you will receive a detailed white paper that we have put together to help companies analyze and build a coherent strategy for advancing their Big Data Maturity. This white paper will also serve as a Big Data Maturity Model Guide, which will help you interpret your assessment scores.

Assessing your organization’s Big Data maturity and having a basic understanding of the opportunities in your industry are precursors to participating in a planning program like the Hortonworks Joint Innovation Program.

The Hortonworks Joint Innovation Program is designed to jumpstart the strategic planning process for your company’s Big Data roadmap, resulting in a Big Data vision, strategy and execution plan. The Joint Innovation Program is a co-innovation process led by Hortonworks Customer Innovation & Strategy team to help executive teams navigate their path to higher stages of Big Data maturity. We use a structured framework and holistic approach to help our customers refine their future “Vision” and define the business “Value” through business transformations. The program helps you:

  • Improve the success rate of innovation by applying Design Thinking methodology in Innovation Workshops
  • Identify transformational opportunities for your business
  • Define use cases and proof of concept plans
  • Identify value opportunities, barriers and risks
  • Create a value-based roadmap with defined milestones
  • Define an operating plan aligned to your scope

Hortonworks’ experience with the world’s largest enterprises creates a valuable base of knowledge that can be leveraged to benefit businesses in multiple industries. The Joint Innovation Program is a series of collaborative workshops focused on value discovery, roadmap development and executive planning for governance and operations. The business case that emerges from the program helps organizations align on the right reasons for investing in Big Data, the projected benefits and costs and the path to value realization.

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About the Author

Vishal Dhanuka is Managing Director and Head of Customer Innovation and Strategy at Hortonworks, and is responsible for developing the Hortonworks value-based go-to-market strategy across industries, along with helping strategic customers refine their future vision and define the business value through Big Data driven business transformation.


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