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February 20, 2013
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The Fastest Path to Innovation: Community Driven Open Source


blogpicLast week, we outlined our approach for delivering an enterprise viable Apache Hadoop distribution in the open.  Simply put: we believe the fastest way to innovate is to do our work within the open source community, introduce enterprise feature requirements into that public domain, and to work diligently to progress existing open source projects and incubate new projects to meet those needs.

In support of our approach, this week we’ve announced the submission of two new incubation projects to the Apache Software foundation together with the launch of the “Stinger Initiative”, all aimed at enhancing the security and performance of Hadoop applications.  These efforts focus on enterprise requirements that are essential to enable broad adoption across the Hadoop ecosystem.

  • The Stinger initiative aims to dramatically speed up Apache Hive in support of interactive query use cases.
  • The Knox Gateway addresses the need for a single point of authentication and secure access for Apache Hadoop services in a cluster.
  • The Tez framework provides an alternative next-generation runtime built on Hadoop YARN that significantly improves latency and throughput of Hadoop applications.

We feel these efforts are strong examples of our commitment to driving innovation from within the open source community, and as stated in our approach blog, we do this by::

  • identifying and articulating the enterprise requirements within the community,
  • taking an active role in addressing those requirements within the community, and
  • applying enterprise rigor to the build, test and release process to ensure that the open source projects as well as the larger product distribution we provide is enterprise grade and interoperable with other elements in the enterprise.

Since it takes a community to build enterprise-class platforms like Hadoop, if you have interest in helping with Knox, Tez, or Stinger, we encourage you to work with us and the others in the Apache community!


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