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September 15, 2016
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Announcing Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) 2.0 GA!

Enterprise Productivity and Integration of Apache NiFi, Kafka and Storm, together with Ambari and Ranger

We are pleased to announce that Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™) Version 2.0 is now generally available for download!  As part of a Open and Connected Data Platforms offering from Hortonworks, HDF 2.0 provides a new level of enterprise integration for data in motion with an enterprise ready offering of Apache NiFi, Kafka and Storm integrated via Apache Ambari and Ranger.  

HDF 2.0 is a significant release which unlocks new capabilities:

  • Edge intelligence capturing data the second it’s born with ease through Apache MiNiFi – consider the situation where thousands of point of sale terminals, connected cars, network routers, set-top boxes, etc need to move the data they produce consistently, reliably and securely
  • Productivity enhancements via:
    • Ambari integration for streamlined deployment and configuration management
    • More intuitive UI for managing real-time dataflows based on Apache NiFi 1.0
    • Reduced IT resources due to enhanced cluster management architecture supporting high availability of NiFi clusters with automated failover
  • Collaboration capabilities for enterprise data sharing and visibility across teams  –  specifically, multi-tenancy flow editing capability similar to how google docs supports multiple simultaneous collaborators with differing degrees of view/edit rights
  • Increased ecosystem connectivity with 170+ processors, 30% more than HDF 1.2
  • Increased security options with integration with Apache Ranger for authorization control of Apache NiFi and fine grained component level access control, as well as new security features of Apache Kafka 0.10
  • 10x streaming analytics performance,  windowing, productivity tools and more with Apache Storm 1.0

To help you get started with HDF 2.0, here are some useful links:

Any experience or feedback you have, please share with us via the Hortonworks Community Channel.

New, more intuitive UI

Hortonworks DataFlow HDF Sample Flow Aug 2016 With Menus

Expanding ecosystem of processors

HDF 2.0 over 170 processors Hortonworks NiFi



Rafael Coss says:

Try the latest NiFi 1.0 and check out the new UI with the updated Learning the Ropes of Apache Nifi:

swethapriya says:

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable information. We strive to provide our candidates with excellent care and we take your comments to mind.

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