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June 29, 2011
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Hortonworks Launches in the Press

Wow, Hortonworks day one!   Our first day of being “on the record”. It’s been a busy, but very productive day.  Now that we are talking publicly about Hortonworks, there has been a LOT of interest in what we’re doing from analysts and journalists. So far the feedback we’re received has been very positive.

I haven’t been able to read every article but a few have caught my eye that I wanted to share. I’ll keep adding to the list over the next couple of days as the word spreads about Hortonworks.

New York Times: “Yahoo Creates Company to Profit From Hadoop Software

PC World: “Yahoo Forms Hortonworks, a New Hadoop Company

Wall Street Journal: “Yahoo to Spin Off Hadoop Team

Forbes: “Yahoo to Spin Off Apache Hadoop Unit as Hortonworks

InformationWeek: “Hadoop Big Data Startup Spins Out Of Yahoo

InfoQ: “Yahoo Hadoop Spinout Hortonworks Announces Plans

Information Management: “10 Minutes with Hortonworks CEO Eric Baldeschwieler


Thanks for your interest!  Keep the feedback coming,


aka Eric Baldeschwieler

twitter: @jeric14, @hortonworks



Steve Mitzenmacher says:

Congratulations to Eric, Rob, and the entire Hortonworks team.

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