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September 28, 2016
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Why are Hortonworks and Microsoft collaborating on Big Data and cloud?

This is the first of a three part series of the evolution of the Hortonworks and Microsoft relationship.

Microsoft has led one tech industry revolution after another from the dawn of personal computing to the cloud. Hortonworks is defining a new generation of innovation and impact with its pioneering work in Big Data. You already know that any partnership between the two companies has to be a big deal—but what are the details? What’s the objective of the collaboration, and what will it mean for your business?

In essence, Hortonworks and Microsoft are working together to democratize Big Data. Large enterprises and early adopters are already harnessing the power of analytics and machine learning to increase productivity, identify emerging opportunities, and build competitive advantage. Now, how do we extend that value to a billion more people? Find out what Hortonworks and Microsoft have in mind in this two-minute video:

The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to give people a way to get modern data applications deployed quickly and effectively. Why is that important? Leaders from Microsoft and Hortonworks cover what you need to know about modern data apps, microservices, and their role in driving business insight in this brief conversation:

We’ll dig deeper into the Hortonworks-Microsoft collaboration in our next blog on why, how and when to move to the cloud.

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