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January 20, 2015
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Hortonworks in Oil and Gas

The Beginning of our Oil and Gas Journey

Hortonworks began working with the Oil & Gas industry in November of 2013 and our involvement accelerated during a very busy 2014 campaign. Our momentum was set against a backdrop early in the year of milestones in drilling and production across unconventional shale plays in North America, along with with a number of acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures that continued to shape the industry landscape. 2014 wrapped up with exponential increases in data growth in the oilfield, the downward pressure on crude prices and the changes that commodity price swings imposed on the industry.

Oil and Gas Industry Innovation

While the O&G industry continues innovating and transforming the operational technologies it uses to explore and produce, many companies have chosen a wait-and-see approach as it relates to the latest innovations in information technologies –preferring to wait until they are proven in other industries first.

Hortonworks’ focus and commitment to companies in the Oil and Gas industry is based on a fundamental belief that Hadoop’s ability to deliver business innovation through advanced analytics can enable visionary CIOs to capture an unprecedented window of competitive advantage for their business units.

In 2014, for the first time, Oil and Gas companies deployed Hadoop to fuse information technology (IT) data and operational technology (OT) data in uniquely powerful combinations. These forward-thinking companies opened up net new analytics applications and drove exceptionally high-value business decisions. The new processes they developed were previously not feasible because of technical and economic limitations.

Hortonworks 2014 Oil and Gas Industry Retrospective

The first six months of the year were characterized by a significant amount of awareness and education across all segments of the industry, especially as it related to Hadoop’s expansive data access capabilities. We helped our customers understand how to interact with the same set of data, in multiple ways at the same time – running streaming, interactive, and batch analysis simultaneously.

Additionally, the team worked through a substantial number of new analytics use cases with Oil and Gas customers applying the flexibility of existing, emerging, and new data access methods to real world business challenges. These included real-time operations for drilling and production, production optimization, well log advanced analytics, downstream marketing, and unstructured data management.

During the second half of the year, the Hortonworks team was busy building out and testing new capabilities as well as bringing high-value partnerships to the industry, including companies developing packaged oil and gas analytics applications that take advantage of the power of Hadoop’s real time, interactive, and batch processing capabilities. As the Hortonworks Oil and Gas team continued to expand, we participated at industry conferences and events, speaking together with our Oil and Gas customers about the value of Hadoop in Oil and Gas. This was highly successful, so expect to see much more of the Hortonworks team at industry events in 2015.

The Journey Continues in 2015

As we reflect on 2014 and enter 2015, our commitment to our Oil and Gas customers and the industry remains firmly fixed on delivering the highest value with Hadoop and advanced analytics across all dimensions. We’ve built a dedicated, seasoned O&G account team, highly experienced professional services and consulting resources working side-by-side with our customers to make them successful with Hadoop. Hortonworks’ world-class engineering, product, and support organizations continue to drive innovation while establishing Hadoop as the foundational technology powering the modern data architecture for the Oil and Gas enterprise.

Thank You to Our Oil and Gas Customers!

The Hortonworks Oil and Gas team extends a sincere thank you to those early customers who believed in us. You invested with us in 2014 to prove the value of Hadoop and advanced analytics for your individual companies.

We look forward to even greater things to come in 2015, as Hadoop becomes further established as the foundational data platform in the industry. We plan to continue delivering amazing business value for existing customers as well as new customers just beginning their journey to enterprise Hadoop and their partnership with Hortonworks.


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