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July 20, 2017
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What Does Hortonworks SmartSense Mean To You?

Here at Hortonworks, we help big data projects be as successful as possible.  Part of that success is based on Hortonworks SmartSense. SmartSense provides a collection of tools and services to proactively prevent common cluster problems. With SmartSense customers can quickly capture the diagnostic information required to resolve issues. AND, it generates proactive recommendations that improve cluster performance, security and operations.

But what does all this mean? In previous case studies we shared how three machine learning generated recommendations of Hortonworks SmartSense helped Pinsight tune their Hadoop deployment and double their Hadoop performance.

Hortonworks SmartSense Demo and Case Study 2X Hadoop Performance

We also shared how Hortonworks SmartSense enables accelerated troubleshooting and proactive recommendations to keep your system running and reduce what we could affectionately term “Mean Time To Blame” (MTTB).

But what does this mean to you?

You can see for yourself, by using our interactive SmartSense Calculator, which will show you:

  • How much hardware you would save with performance optimization of SmartSense
  • The impact of accelerated trouble-shooting to keep your business running as efficiently as possible

Input 5 parameters for an estimate of how much SmartSense can impact your Hadoop capex costs and operational efficiency.

SmartSense Calculator Hadoop Optimization Capex Improvement Troubleshooting Efficiency




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