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February 11, 2014
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Hortonworks at Strata Conference 2014 in Santa Clara

We cannot wait to see you at the Santa Clara Convention for the next few days! Hortonworks will be one of the sponsors at the conference and will be presenting in various sessions. If you’re going to be around, attend one (or all) of our sessions and remember to stop by Booth #811. We have a nice schedule lined up for you and we hope you can join us!

Attend our sessions

This year’s Strata Santa Clara, Hortonworks will also participate in a number of presentations on all things about data – don’t miss any of them! Here’s a summary of all our sessions.

Session: Introduction to Hadoop 2.0

  • Speaker: Rich Raposa
  • Location: Ballroom H
  • Time: Tuesday 2/11/2014 @ 9:00am
  • Track: Hadoop and Beyond
  • Abstract: 3-Hours: This workshop provides a detailed discussion of the new features of Apache Hadoop 2.0. We will discuss how YARN turns Hadoop from a single use system for batch data processing into a multi-use platform for storing and processing data in many ways other than batch. We will also discuss the details of the new HDFS improvements like High Availability, Federation, and Snapshots.

Session: Apache Hadoop 2.0: Migration from 1.0 to 2.0

  • Speaker: Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli and Arun Murthy
  • Location: GA Ballroom
  • Time: 2/12/2014 @4:50pm
  • Track: Hadoop and Beyond
  • Abstract: The Hadoop 2.0 revolution is in full force! Organizations, companies, users are all gearing up for the major move that is from Hadoop 1.0 to Hadoop 2.0. In this talk, we will discuss what Hadoop 2.0 is about, what YARN is, how YARN changes Hadoop to be all-in-one data processing platform, what features HDFS2 unlocks and what it means to move to Hadoop 2.0. We’ll discuss this major migration from 1.0 to 2.0 from various perspectives – admins, frameworks, end users & data processing platforms. We’ll cover what it means for existing clusters to upgrade, how existing applications can move to Hadoop 2.0 at the same time making use of all the the great stuff that is unlocked by Hadoop 2.0 – better utilization, performance, scalability, reliability and more powerful programming models.

Session: Apache Hive and Stinger: Petabyte Scale SQL, IN Hadoop

  • Speaker: Owen O’Malley and Alan Gates
  • Location: Ballroom F
  • Time: 2/13/2014 @1:30pm
  • Track: Sponsored
  • Abstract: Apache Hive is the de-facto standard for SQL-in-Hadoop today, with more enterprises relying on this open source project than on any alternative. Enterprises have asked for Hive to become more real-time and interactive‚ and the Hive community has responded. Please join Arun Murthy, Owen O’Malley and Alan Gates to learn more about Stinger and improvements to Apache Hive, how much Hive has grown in the last 12 months, and how much further it will soon go. Alan, Arun & Owen will cover how Hive: Increases performance and scale by simplifying tasks using Apache Tez (Arun) Decreases file size and effectiveness with the ORC file (Owen) Expanding OLAP functionality, data type conformance, and adding ACID compliant updates (Alan)

Visit Hortonworks’s booth

Come by booth 811 and meet the Hortonworks team and our partners SAP, Teradata, Microsoft, Rackspace, Elastic Search and many more. Sit in one of our short theater presentations and learn how their technologies integrate with Hortonworks Data Platform. See the schedule below!

Tuesday 2/11/2014






YARN, Tez and Hive, the baseline for interactive SQL in Hadoop

5:35pm – 5:55pm


From Big Data to Big Visual Insight in 15 minutes

6:00pm – 6:10pm


Achieve Instant Insight and Infinite Scale with SAP HANA and HDP



Hadoop 2: Why YARN Changes Everything

Wednesday 2/12/2014 






Hadoop 2: Why YARN Changes Everything



Excel Meet Big Data



EDW and the Modern Data Architecture

1:00pm – 1:15pm


Hunk and Apache Hadoop



Achieve Instant Insight and Infinite Scale with SAP HANA and Hortonworks Data Platform


Elastic Search

Faster Search and Analytics on Hadoop

5:30pm -5:45pm


Hadoop 2: Why YARN Changes Everything



YARN, Tez & Hive, the Baseline for Interactive SQL in Hadoop

6:15pm -6:30pm


Apache Hadoop in the Cloud

 Thursday 2/13/2014




12:15pm – 12:25pm


Unleash the Power of Hadoop with Informatica and Hortonworks

12:30pm – 12:50pm


Hadoop 2: Why YARN Changes Everything


Revolution Analytics

Analyze Customer Churn with Revolution Analytics and Hortonworks

1:15pm -1:25pm

Data Torrent

Real-time Streaming Processing Platform on Hadoop

We’re excited to be at Strata Santa Clara this week and talk with you about Hadoop – stop by and say hello!


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