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October 17, 2012
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Hortonworks & Teradata: More Than Just an Elephant in a Box

Today our partner, Teradata, announced availability of the Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance, which packages our Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) with Teradata Aster on machine that is ready to plug-in and bring big data value in hours.

There is more to this appliance than meets the eye…  it is not just a simple packaging of software on hardware. Teradata and Hortonworks engineers have been working together for months tying our solutions together and optimizing them for an appliance. This solution gives an analyst the ability to leverage big data (social media, Web clickstream, call center, and other types of customer interaction data) in their analysis and all the while use the tools they are already familiar with.  It is analytics and data discovery/exploration with big data (or HDP) inside… all on an appliance that can be operational in hours.

Not just anyone can do this
This is an engineered solution.  Many analytics tools are building their solutions on top of Hadoop using Hive and HiveQL.  This is a great approach but it lacks integration of metadata and metadata exchange.  With the appliance we have extended a new approach using HCatalog and the Teradata SQL-H product.  SQL-H is a conduit that allows new analysis to be created and schema changes to be adopted within Hadoop from Teradata.  Analysts are abstracted completely from the Hadoop environment so they can focus on what they do best… analyze.  All of this is enabled by an innovation provided by HCatalog, which enables this metadata exchange.

Shortcut to Big Data Exploration
In the appliance, Aster provides over 50 pre-built functions that allow analysts to perform segmentation, transformations and even pre-packaged marketing analytics.  With this package, these valuable functions can now be applied to big data in Hadoop.  This shortens the time it takes for an analyst to explore and discover value in big data.  And if the pre-packaged functions aren’t explicit enough, Teradata Aster also provides an environment to create MapReduce functions that can be executed in HDP.

Lighting up operations
Often overlooked when an organization considers Hadoop is the impact on IT operations.  They are tasked with making sure a cluster is functional.  Well, these guys have countless tools to perform their job and for Teradata they use Viewpoint Teradata Vital Infrastructure.  In this release, we have integrated the management and monitoring communications use by Ambari with these monitoring tools. Now, the ops guy has a true single pane of glass to monitor the Teradata environment AND the Hadoop cluster used to provide the big data analytics.

Some details on the appliance
The Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance runs on proven Teradata hardware, leverages the most current Intel® processor chip technology, SUSE® Linux operating system, and market-leading enterprise-class storage. It can be configured to store a maximum of 5 petabytes of uncompressed user data for Aster and up to 10 petabytes of uncompressed user data for Hadoop.

“The Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance offers the faster path from diverse big data acquisition to big insights, and seamlessly delivers these insights to the business owners. Unmatched by any other stack in the industry, it enables organizations to overcome the barriers to big data analytics and provides a high-definition view of the business to optimize operations.”– Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs.

This is unique and it ushers in a new approach to big data analytics.


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