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June 15, 2017
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Hortonworks – When You’re Hot, You’re Really Hot

This has been a big week for us. It started with the release of Hortonworks HDF 3.0 on Monday morning. This release focuses on streaming analytics, the gateway to all that’s coming, including AI. This is critical for today’s tech because it allows for extracting business value from data at speed in the same way traditional analytics tools make use of data that’s stored.

With mountains of data now available from more sources than ever before, including IoT sensors, streaming analytics are becoming a crucial capability to acquire. HDF 3.0 brings an even greater focus on this rising market need. Significantly, the latest release introduces Streaming Analytics Manager (SAM), a drag-and-drop interface that allows developers, business analysts and others to build streaming applications without writing code. Few things get more notice than ways to simplify the work around big data and this is game changing.

But it wasn’t nearly the end of the story.

IBM and Hortonworks Partnership

Data Science

The week ramped significantly with the kickoff of DataWorks Summit 2017. Hortonworks and IBM announced a freshly minted partnership that will see IBM moving to Hortonworks’ HDP as their core Hadoop distribution (reaffirming their commitment to Hadoop), which will allow IBM to resell HDP and Hortonworks’ HDF. It will also allow Hortonworks to resell IBM’s BigSQL and IBM DSX (Data Science Experience). This is enormous news for customers of both companies and for the Open Source Community.

This pairing allows for faster innovation where it is needed most and with the greatest number of resources. Within the broader open source ecosystem, organizations can focus more heavily on governance and data integration. I’m looking forward to how this will advance the development of unified governance on Apache Atlas and Apache Spark. Everybody wins.

For our Hortonworks customers, this validates their choice to partner with us, but also offers a best of breed data science offering based on IBM DSX and Hortonworks HDP. Many will also choose to leverage IBM BigSQL as a way to extend Apache Hive’s core capabilities and gain the ability to federate data assets across the enterprise (mainframe or anything not Hadoop), manage very complex queries for EDW/ETL and to significantly scale existing Hadoop SQL access with very high concurrency.

Leader in Big Data Warehouse Wave

But the week wasn’t over. Today, Forrester released the Big Data Warehouse Wave, which put Hortonworks Data Platform squarely in the Leaders category. As a relative newcomer, it’s remarkable that we’re there alongside stalwarts like IBM, Teradata, Oracle, SAP, and Amazon Web Services. Even better, we’re placed well ahead of our nearest competitor, Cloudera.

This has been more than a big week. This has been a tremendous week.

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somesh says:

We are happy to hear about HDP with IBM…
And we are started working with IBM DSX…
Could you please suggest me, how do i configure IBM DSX Local in existing HDP cluster (HDP cluster configured on Linux) says:

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