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July 28, 2017
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How Does Life Compare: With and Without Hortonworks SmartSense?

Hortonworks has helped over 1000 enterprise customers with Hadoop deployments. Part of the success of these deployments has been Hortonworks SmartSense. SmartSense provides a collection of tools and services to proactively prevent common cluster problems. With SmartSense, customers can quickly capture the diagnostic information required to resolve issues. AND, it generates proactive recommendations that improve cluster performance, security and operations.

In previous case studies we shared how three machine learning generated recommendations of Hortonworks SmartSense helped Pinsight tune their Hadoop deployment and double their Hadoop performance.

But for someone on the front line, managing a Hadoop cluster, we thought we’d do a short comparison of what it means to use SmartSense and when you don’t. Psst: Please pass on the message! Thank you!

Life with and without SmartSense


If you want to download this cartoon, you can do it here.

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