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October 27, 2017
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From Science Fiction to the Internet of Things Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized how we interact with our devices, companies we buy from, and people we see on a daily basis. Not only that, but smart environments consisting of devices of every kind have created business opportunities for organizations across every industry, but it has also exposed a fear surrounding IoT security.

Stranger than Science Fiction?

With the Internet of Anything, businesses have found new ways to improve customer experiences for a wide variety of solutions as the smart car, real-time customer recommendations, and optimizing supply chains. No matter the industry or the use case, a plethora of data challenges surrounding IoT devices arise that demand immediate attention. In order to stay competitive, organizations must collect data and strategically use it to continually improve on the products and services that arose from the introduction of the IoT phenomenon. In order to address customer demand, companies are forced to constantly reimagine what is possible with their products and its associating data. In order to keep the lights on, organizations quickly found out that their data also has to be secure.

What used to be science fiction horror stories about hacking into refrigerators and microwaves has become a legitimate anxiety in today’s interconnected world. Everything has an IP address. Cybersecurity concerns have taken on a whole new focus as cyber threats become more sophisticated. Effective data management cannot be taken lightly, and governance and security cannot be passive. Centralized access and control of data powered by consistent classification is the underpinning for dynamic security across an enterprise. A core pillar of the Hortonworks Modern Data Architecture for a scalable, cost-efficient data storage and processing solution is governance and security.

Open Source and Secure

Not only is security and governance a non-negotiable, but there are added benefits as transparency, reproducibility, auditability and consistency. Moreover, with data protection and governance in mind when building a Big Data environment, you can leverage the full value of advanced analytics without exposing your business to new risks. With the Hortonworks solution solving the issue of data at rest and streaming data in motion, businesses are able to gain timely access to relevant data and real-time responsiveness from a secure, enterprise-ready, open source platform.

The potential for IoT devices opens the door for greater technologies, improved customer experiences, better services and new products that make our lives easier. At the foundation of all of this possibility is also ensuring that people’s personal information is not vulnerable to criminals. The onus is on organizations entering this world of smart devices to make sure these new devices and the data within them are protected. Consumers demand such privacy and the expectations are high.

To learn more about how to evaluate your ability to protect your data and get the most value out of an open source environment, read our whitepaper.

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