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September 18, 2013
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How to configure and size your Hadoop cluster

How big is big anyway? What sort of size and shape does a Hadoop cluster take?

These are great questions as you begin to plan a Hadoop implementation. Designing and sizing a cluster is complex and something our technical teams spend a lot of time working with customers on: from storage size to growth rates, from compression rates to cooling then there are many factors to take into account.

To make that a little more fun, we’ve built a cluster-size-o-tron which performs a more simplistic calculation based on some assumptions on node sizes and data payloads to give an indication of how big your particular big is. Try it out now.


Of course, you’ll want to think a little more deeply about the design and configuration of a Hadoop cluster and so we’ve also released a whitepaper that talks through the various design considerations you may have and we encourage you to read it and talk to us about your specific needs.

Download the ‘Cluster Configuration Guide’ Whitpaper here.



James Mesney says:

The links to the sizing tool on this page do not work. 404. Attempts to find the cluster-size-o-tron on your site have failed. Where is it??

Ahmad Debbas says:

Hello, the sizing tool is not working.

Joshua Somers says:

This link (that is repeated several times on this page!) has changed to…

Ben says:

Still 404’s on the links including Joshua’s who sounded like he knew where it was, but his link fails as well

Marcello Bontempo Salgueiro says:

Guys still on 404s error the link

Sujitha Sanku says:

Please provide the proper link to Cluster calculator.


Prasada Rao Baratm says:

Please send your mail id to my mail

john says:

Link is still broken

E says:

Link doesn’t work. Error 404 was raiesed.

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