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August 04, 2017
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I Herd You like Good Stories

Did you hear our earnings announcement on Thursday? The herd is on the move! It was an outstanding Quarter that’s generating all kinds of buzz.

My job at Hortonworks is to tell our customer’s stories. How companies of all sizes, and from all industries, went big with Big Data and transformed their enterprises. How innovators sought to be first in their industry by leveraging Connected Data Platforms for advanced, near real-time, and predictive analytics.

Our customer’s stories continue to grow in number, and include the top US and global companies. As our CEO, Rob Bearden, mentioned during Thursday’s announcement, “…we proudly count over half of the Fortune 100 and more than a quarter of the Fortune Global 500 companies as customers, which illustrates a continued strong demand from global enterprises across virtually every industry.”

Over half of the top 100 companies in the US use Hortonworks. That’s not a coincidence. The biggest and best companies, the most recognizable names, don’t just claim a spot on the Fortune 100. They fight for it. Every day these companies seek to lower costs, increase revenue, and improve customer experience. These companies seek competitive advantage, and well over half of them have adopted Hortonworks.

Rob went on to talk about penetration in Fortune 100 telecommunication and media companies (over 80%), retailers (over 70%), financial services (over 60%), and automotive and industrials (over 80%). Again, that’s not a coincidence.

What’s fascinating, from my view, is the Fortune 1000 trickle-down effect. As top global enterprises embrace open-source for its speed-to-market and security and governance, the smaller enterprises take notice. They too seek competitive advantage, analytical insights, and actionable intelligence through their data. They too adopt Hortonworks.

As Rob pointed out, “…our open model and time to market are key differentiators. Looking forward, we see tremendous growth opportunities both in the U.S. and internationally, where we see an accelerating number of large enterprises adopting our platforms, services and solutions to drive their business transformations. We also continue to see a steady pace of migrations from competitive platforms onto our solutions.”

The herd is on the move, and it’s an exciting time to be at Hortonworks.

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