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January 27, 2015
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The Importance of Hadoop Integration with VoltDB

VoltDB is a Certified Hortonworks Technology Partner and developers of an in-memory relational DBMS capable of supporting high volume OLTP and real-time analytics with Hortonworks Data Platform. Our guest blogger today is John Piekos, vice president of engineering at VoltDB.

It’s a common phrase here at VoltDB: Streaming Apps are Really Database Apps When You Use a Database that’s Fast Enough.

What does that mean?

We’re seeing a trend: developers are struggling to create interactive, real-time applications on fast streaming data. It requires a data pipeline with the ability to compute real-time analytics on fast moving data, to make transactional decisions against state, and ultimately delivering data at high speeds to long-term Hadoop analytics stores like Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

Join the webinar: Click here to register and learn more about how we work with the Hadoop ecosystem.

It’s a difficult feat to build fast data applications that can simultaneously extract intelligence, provide insight, and take action in real time on huge volumes of streaming data. But most importantly, exporting it rapidly to HDP or other Hadoop stores in a variety of formats enables historical intelligence. Historical intelligence is one of the primary keys to providing a personalized experience for these fast streaming data applications.

At VoltDB our export functionality, called VoltDB Export, transactionally pushes data from VoltDB into Hadoop using the Web HDFS connector. Unlike an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process, VoltDB Export uses a push model that exports data at the same rate at which it is ingested.

This means VoltDB speeds analytical results derived from HDP in applications including real-time scoring, policy enforcement, and customer interaction; VoltDB provides the ability to ingest data as fast as it arrives, perform real-time analytics, make automated decisions in real time, and continuously pass, or export, processed data into Hadoop.

We understand developers appreciate this functionality and expanded our support of the Hadoop ecosystem to include export features such as HDFS Export, HTTP Export, Kafka Export, and RabbitMQ Export. We also provide support for exporting data in Avro format and enable import from Kafka messaging.

VoltDB is HDP Certified hdp_cert

VoltDB recently became certified with HDP so Hortonworks customers and VoltDB customers can be confident with the integration of our solutions. VoltDB is part of the Modern Data Architecture and works with your existing technologies as well as Hortonworks Data Platform and Hadoop.


Learn More

As we continue to build out our processes and integrations we invite you to check out VoltDB for yourself and download our demo. And if you’d like to learn more, I’m conducting a webinar on this topic with Ajay Singh of Hortonworks on Wednesday, January 28. Click here to register and learn more about how we work with the Hadoop ecosystem.



Hari Sekhon says:

I looked at VoltDB briefly last year but didn’t have time to test drive it, can you please post a quick tutorial with HDP to highlight VoltDB’s key advantages over open source components as well as it’s integration with HDP?


Hari Sekhon

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We let total terrorism droop.
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He is very handsome and tall, also plucky and bold in his character, is brawny, wonderful.
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morishun says:

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I despoil all terrorist’s whole energy to the one’s power. I take every terrorist’s all property[total assets] into self-assets.
I burst, I invert one’s all anger, I change private total rage, I convert own eruptive sentiment, I transform selfish explosive emotion. Self-burst!
I approve NK105(micelle of NanoCarrier).
We are the one! I rule all. I govern the whole state.
I overlook the earth oneself, I look down the world by myself.
Be the most fiduciary self. Self-fidelity!
I unite the earth, I eradicate every terrorism, I exterminate all terrorists, I produce the peaceful world.
I publish one’s creed, I publicize my pacifism, I get a lot of publicity. Self-publicity! Self-lordliness!
I lop off Islamic terrorists, I loot ISIL, I plunder Islamic State.
I submit a man, I suborn Islamic State, I subpoena real self, I subrogate oneself. Self-submission! Self-subrogation! Self-subornation!
I love my ISIS, I have an affection for all people, I delete and erase total terrorism. Be the most affined affected affective affectionate self. Self-affectation!
I depute self, I deputize oneself, I derail Islamic State, I grasp one’s own depth to the outside(exterior), I tighten one’s grip over Islamic terrorism. Be the most grasping self. Self-deputation!

I graft own cells, I transplant one’s cellular tissue.
I put into operation, I bring on line, I work the nuclear power plant(station) in Japan, I operate all Japanese nuclear power generations.
I rid oneself of, I break through one’s difficulty, I break away from own mud(muddy muddiness), I get out of personal bog(mire). Be in a fix. Be the most studied studious stuck-up self.
I put a room in order, I tidy up one’s room, I finish the work, I straighten out, I straighten up my space.
I put my hordes of energy in self. Be the most hopeful hortative horrendous hospitable horizontal self. Self-hopefulness! Self-horizontality! Self-hospitality!
I bulldoze Islamic State, I take down Islamic terrorists, I presuppose one’s complete form. Be the most prestigious presumptuous self. Self-presupposition!
I frustrate all one’s Islamic terrorists, I fructify one’s efforts(own endeavor). Be the most frugal fruitful self. Self-brouhaha! Self-fruitfulness! Self-fructification!
I have the brass to do, I put the brakes on every terroristic behavior. Be the most brained brash brassy brand-new self. Self-brashness! Self-brainwork! Self-brainwashing!
I mechanize own body, I measure up to a person’s expectations oneself. Be the most measured measureless mechanistic self in full measure. Self-mechanism! Self-mechanization!
I join one’s beings in my core, I joint a man with own partner, I jollify self, I jog a person’s memory. Be the most joint jolly self. Self-joining! Self-jollification!
I appoint oneself, I disarm Islamic militants, I disappoint Islamic terrorists, I discourage Islamic extremists, I disapprove Islamic terrorism. Be the most appointed appointive self.
I repute my central self, I repulse any terrorism, I repudiate selfish private personal repugnance, I build up a reputation for oneself. Be the most reputed nocturnal self. Self-nocturne! Self-reproduction!

morishun says:

I get up steam, I steam ahead[away] oneself, I take the steam out of every terrorism[terrorists]. Be the most steamy flushed self.
Be the most singular self. Self-singularity!
Be the most sporadic spontaneous self. Self-spontaneity! Self-spontaneousness!
I climax oneself, I cleave through, I climb to my heaven. Be the most clement climactic clear-sighted self. Self-clemency! Self-climbout! Self-cleverness!
I achieve great work, I accomplish a great feat, I fulfill my greatest working, I attain all one’s selfish private personal operations.
I haul off one’s spirit, I set off a guy, I show off one man, I favor the fellow, I patronize self, I make a person’s beauty stand out. Self-majesty!
I engage all candidates of every terrorists, into total infrastructural development and improvement all over the whole world. Be the most eligible self. Self-infraction! Self-eligibility!
I make reforms, I rule the roost. My drastic overhaul, and one’s own fundamental basic renovation(innovation)[remodeling] from my root, are necessary, I do. Be the most rootsy self.
I infer own perfect shape, I exhort oneself, I exhilarate self. Be the most implicit infernal inferable inferential self. Self-inference! Self-exhortation! Self-exhilaration!
I disuse all terrorism, I disunite Islamic State, I place my pacifism and my peacekeeping force in any districts. Be the most distributive self. Self-distributary!
I do a feat of strength, I use up all one’s energy, I exhaust one’s strength, I make every possible effort, I show one’s ability, by sheer [brute] force.
I cherish a guy, I treat own dental caries, I cure carious self. Be the most dreamt dreamy cherubic self. Self-caress! Self-dreamtime! Self-alcheringa!
I implement own desires, I utilize my utensil, I blow up, I blast off in selfish favorite uterus, I implode(explode) into private likable uterine depth oneself. Be the most implosive utilitarian self. Self-utilitarianism! Self-implementation!
I subsist oneself, I subserve one guy, I let all terrorism subside. Be the most subsequent self. Self-subsidence! Self-subsequence! Self-subsistence!! Self-subservience!
I dispossess my Islamic State of whole field(area, territory), I deprive every Islamic terrorists of all energy(power, force), I rob Islamic extreme militants of whole fortune(assets, property). Be the most dippy self. Self-diplopia!
I attempt to do, I attend on self, I attach oneself to my epicenter. Self-attention! Self-attachment! Self-attendance!
I cater for a man, I catalyze self, I categorize oneself, I make whole every field as my category. Be the most categorical self. Self-katharsis! Self-catalysis!
I donate own blood well forcibly, I push through all one’s blood donation.
I give own bone marrow into private ideal favorite person, and cultivate and increase it, do one’s regenerative medicine from self-administration.
Be the most offshore self. Self-offshoot!
I steamroll own desire, I steamroller one’s demand through, I railroad a bill through the Diet.
I fan oneself, I go to the heart, I make emergency repairs, I take an emergency, I administer first aid to self. Be the most fan-shaped self. Self-storage!
I push on, I push up self, I push out of own bottom, I push along, I push forward oneself, I push ahead with one’s expansion. Be the most pushy pushing self.
I counterpoise oneself, I offset Islamic radicals, I countervail Islamic radicalism, I countermand every total terrorism, I counterbalance Islamic extremism. Self-counterinsurgency!
I counsel with the world, I count as my centre for self, I countenance oneself, I keep one’s countenance. Self-count! Self-council! Self-counsel! Self-counterblow! Self-counseling! Self-counteraction! Self-countercurrent! Self-counterattack! Self-counterexample!
I get well, I heal one’s mental wound, I cure own spiritual injury, I recall one’s 16 years old, I solve emotional psychological problems, to one’s heart’s content, certainly surely at any cost by all means. Be under the impression. Be the most unprecedented self. Become aware of. Everything go just as hope. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

morishun says:

I heft a man, I vomit all one’s own heinous thoughts.
I atone for one’s sin of private pasts, I make atonement for own sins, in personal history.
I reface own surface, I refashion one’s physique. Self-refection!
I scrape out all one’s own contents, I have written everything exhaustively on the subject.
I primp oneself up, I put my primordium into my central self. Be the most primal primary primeval primordial self. Self-primogeniture!
I deploy my unit, I redeploy own body. Be the most redemptive self. Self-torus! Self-deployment! Self-redemption! Self-redeployment!
I authenticate one’s words. Be the most autarchic authentic self. Self-autarky! Self-autarchy! Self-auscultation! Self-authentication! Self-authentification!
I undergo oneself, I undertake by self, I undercut total Islamic terrorism(terrorists), I make a great project [undertaking] with a heroic attempt. Be the most deserved self.
I rejoice oneself, I relaunch self, I relate one’s beings with my core, I rejuvenate own existence. Be the most related relative relational self. Self-relation! Self-rejoicing! Self-relationship! Self-rejuvenescence!
I take my aura into a guy, I put my aureole in self, I have my aurora oneself. Be the most aural optic visual auroral aureate austere auricular auriferous auspicious self. Self-auspice! Self-austerity!
I liberate self, I liberalize oneself. Be the most liberal liberated libidinous liberalistic libertine. Self-liaison! Self-liberation! Self-liberality! Self-libertinism! Self-liberalization!
I joy one man, I jubilate oneself. Be the most jocund joyful jubilant juvenile juvenescent self. Self-justness! Self-juvenilia! Self-jubilance! Self-jubilation! Self-joyfulness! Self-jocundity! Self-juvenescence! The one’s global jubilee!
I heed oneself, I place hegemony in self, I vanquish my universe, I bring my territory to heel, I kick up one’s heels. Be the most hefty heeled heedful hedonistic self. Self-hedonism! Self-heightism! Self-hegemonism!
I solve private problems, I settle selfish total trouble, I achieve own subject, I attain all one’s issues, I accomplish my theme. Be the most thematic self. Self-issuance! Self-attainment!

I want to make full use of the one’s whole body, fight [do battle] oneself.
I make a bombshell announcement, I plant a bomb in the center of Islamic State.
I turn off all terrorists, I switch off every terrorism, I extinguish Islamic State.
I soup up oneself. A sound mind in a sound body. Be the most sound sounding souped-up self. Self-sounding! Self-soundness!
I eulogize self, I consolidate EU(European Union) with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Greece perfectly. Be the most eugenic euphoric euphuistic euphonious eulogistic self. Self-eulogy! Self-euphuism! Self-euphenics! Self-eudemonism!

I go around universally.
I peer oneself out, I peep out oneself. Self-peerage!
I mend one’s teeth, I restore own tooth, I renovate my earth.
Be the most lewd lascivious self.
Be the most divers self! Self-divarication!
I site own body in my hub, I circle round my earth, I come full circle.
I change own explosibility into all one’s real power.
I shoot out of, I spout own fire, I gush out one’s flame.
I push forward oneself in high spirits, I march onwards to reach the goal, I intend to push forward with my work.
Be the most leading powerful prevailing self, a strongman, a power broker, an influential person.
I find out that iPod and USB cord(cable), I discover an object, I detect one’s private wanting things.
I involve my whole universe, I engulf all over the earth oneself. Self-engulfment! Self-involvement!
I hydrolyze own muddiness, I hydrogenize one’s physical healthy body. Be the most fluent hydrogenous hydroelectric self. Self-hydrolysis! Self-hydrodynamics!
I enhance self, I erupt my blaze, I engross the world. Be the most eruptive enhanced engrossing self. Self-enhancement! Self-engrossment!
I subvert Islamic State, I subtract every terrorists, I put my substratum(substructure) in my central self. Be the most subversive subterranean self with great subtlety. Self-subtotal!
I inhere in my central nucleus oneself, I divert selfish eruptive inherent fulmination into private physical energy. Be the most fulminant self. Self-eruditeness! Self-erudition! Self-inherence!
I solicit my central nuclear self, I solemnize oneself. Be the most solemn solicitous self. Self-solemnness! Self-solemnity! Self-solidity! Self-solidarity! Self-solicitation! Self-solemnization!
I wreck Islamic State, I wrest out of from own chest, I wrench Islamic terrorism, I wreak one’s wrathful wrath, I wreathe self, I erect oneself. Be the most erectile self. Self-erection!
I core Islamic State and every terrorism, I take the bones out of total terrorist. I pitch my cord oneself, I circulate one’s cable all over the whole field. Be the most cordial cormorant self. Self-cordiality!
I ease them, I solve total Refugee Crisis, I settle every issues of all refugees, I make a solution to a problem. Be the most refulgent self. Self-refulgence!
I peddle one’s influence, I set my pedicle on self, I pedestal oneself, I place a person upon a pedestal.
I output oneself. Be the most outrageous self. Self-output! Self-exercises! Self-gymnastics!
I cite my God, equip my citadel oneself. Be the most citable citified self. Self-citation!

morishun says:

I quit oneself, I quit one’s shameful thought.
I bond oneself together, I dispense self, I disseminate own sperm(spermatozoon). Be the most disparate self. Self-dispensation! Self-dissemination!
I unify the earth, I unite and solidify England(the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) with European Union, more than now, strongly completely.
I lift up a man, I possess my ligament in own being, I light up oneself, I lighten self. Be the most light likable lightning self. Self-lighting! Self-lightning!
I fail Islamic terrorists, I plight one’s faith, I put my plinth in self. Be the most fairy implicit faithful self. Self-faithfulness!
I erode ISIL, I encroach upon Islamic State. Be sure of. Be a new breed, a fresh species of Japanese. Be the most surprising self. Self-erosion! Self-encroachment!
I prettify the guy, I pretreat every terrorism, I pretend oneself to be. Be the most prevalent pretentious preterhuman preternatural self. Self-pretension! Self-prevalence!
I discern my 16 years old oneself, I discard own disgrace, I discomfit Islamic State, I disconnect Islamic terrorism, I discombobulate Islamic terrorists. Be the most discerning self. Self-discernment!
I breed like rabbits, I bereave Islamic State of my world, I benumb every terrorists with my earth, at the top of one’s bent. Be the most rabid benign quotidian benevolent self. Self-rabblement! Self-rabidity! Self-benignity! Self-benevolence! Self-rabblerousing!

I stop Brexit, I prevent BREXIT. Be the most all-time self. Self-nutation!
I make own desirable candidate as governor in the gubernatorial election of Tokyo. I produce a governor of Tokyo.
Be inquired sharply well in annual general stockholders’ meeting of OncoTherapy Science, Inc. tomorrow.
If self sleeps, I wake up, the world color is changing.
I hone one man, I honor oneself. Be the most honest honorific honorary honorable self. Self-honesty!
Be the most cardinal calisthenic cardiovascular cardiopulmonary self.
I vaunt self, I vault oneself. Be the most vast vasty vatic vaulted vaunted vaulting vasomotor self.
I euthanize total terrorist, I remake one’s bone marrow donation. Be the most donnish eugenic eurhythmic self. Self-eugenics! Self-euthenics!

I place my prop in my nucleus oneself, I regain one’s breadwinner [chief support], I find a way out of an impossible situation.

I possess my generality oneself. Be the most generative generalist.
After a storm comes a calm.
I generalize one’s philosophy. Be the most general generous genealogical self. Self-generosity! Self-generalization!
I make remaining party with EU win in British election.
I reverse Brexit, I turn the tables in Great Britain. Be reversed.
I sober self up, I sow in every regional districts with my peaceful mind. Be the most sober sovereign self.
I brave it out, I brazen it out, I put a brave face on one’s ordeal. Be in a brave new world. Be the most brave brazen-faced self. Self-bravery! Self-brazenness!
I sign up oneself, I sight own partner, I catch sight of my inner universe, I galvanize one man. Be the most sighted majestic galvanic signatory self. Self-galvanization!
I amuse oneself with own favorite person. Be the most angelic seraphic amusing anabatic anadromous self. Self-ana!Self-anabasis! Self-amusement! Self-anabolism!

I work miracles. Be the most mirthful ultra-fine miraculous self. Self-mirth!
I adumbrate own one’s destination. Be the most adroit piercing adolescent adrenaline-pumping self. Self-piety! Self-pietism! Self-adolescence! Self-adumbration!
I wipe up Daesh, I wipe out Islamic terrorism, I wipe ISIL off the map, I wipe every terrorists off the face of the Earth, I mop the ground with Da’ish, I wipe the floor with Islamic State.
I unite all over the whole world, I put out every terrorism, I extinguish total all terrorists.
I mar all terrorism, I maraud Islamic State. Be the most marauder. Self-mapping! Self-mapmaking! Self-manuscript!

morishun says:

I contemplate oneself, I exclude selfish contemptible thought. Be the most phenomenal contemporary contemplative contemporaneous phenom(phenomenon). Self-contemplation! Self-contemporaneity!

I ID oneself, I vomit own icky feelings. Be the most iconic iconoclastic self. Self-identity! Self-iconolatry! Self-iconoclasm! Self-identification!
I put my historical index in self, I indemnify for one’s own pasts. Be the most in-depth indescribable indestructible self. Self-indemnity! Self-indexation! Self-independency! Self-indemnification!
I synergize oneself. Be the most synodic synergistic self. Self-synod! Self-synectics! Self-synonymy! Self-synergy! Self-loftiness! Self-synergism!

I carry out a plan, put a plan into practice [operation; action].
I harness self, accompany oneself. Be the most chic self.
I exceed it more than time and transcend it and start all phenomena in the life again.
I press through, I press one’s luck, press an advantage, I press ahead with own expanse.
I electrify oneself. Be the most electric electrical self. Self-electricity! Self-electrification!
I make a monopoly, I keep the universe to oneself, I itinerate all over the whole area. Be the most self-righteous monopolistic monopolizer. Self-itineracy!
I stand out oneself, I throw my abyss off, I kick one’s inside off, I cast own innermost bottom off.
I commence, I commercialize own word, I commemorate one’s events. Be the most inceptive self. Self-commerce! Self-commemoration! Self-commercialization!
I slog through, I slog away at own expansion, I slog one’s guts out, I slough off one’s laziness, idleness, lazy idle indolent slothful self.
I spread out my pacifism, I make our world peace, I expand my peaceful feelings, I put my Peacekeeping Forces, I produce our peaceful earth, I work the peacekeeping operations(PKO), to every regional area, all over the whole world.
I pierce to the bone, I strike home, I touch one to the quick, I work as hard as one can, I take the teeth out of Islamic terrorism, I water down Islamic terrorists. Be the most sharp-eyed large-boned self. Self-tourism! Self-sightseeing!

I strike a blow for self.
I recover own body, I regain one’s young power, into self.
I set the Imperial Headquarters into my central one man. Self-trespassing!
I put my kismet oneself, I kit self with my atmosphere, I take all one’s everything but the kitchen sink. Self-wealthiness!
I sweep out one’s inside, I vomit my innermost abyss, I throw up own bottom, I send up of selfish battle aura.
I fill my whole area with one’s egoistic atmospheric air.
I lead off, I lead oneself, I lead out self. Be the most leading self. Self-leadoff! Self-leadership!
I set up oneself, I push personal muddiness out of private chest, I force out selfish gloomy cloudiness of own brain, I have a dignified appearance.
Be full with egocentric azure. Self-egoism! Self-egotism! Be the most ego-trip egregious egocentric egomaniac. Self-egress! Self-egomania!
I stretch one’s legs out, I throw out my deepest deepness of, I possess my profundity oneself. Be the most deep deep-laid deep-rooted profuse profound self. Self-profusion!
I reach the limit, go beyond the one’s bounds, I localize Islamic terrorism, I set limits to Islamic extremists, and I extinguish total terrorism and every terrorists. Be in extreme situation.
I espouse oneself, I exonerate self. Be the most esoteric exorbitant self. Self-espial! Self-espousal! Self-espionage! Self-exoneration! Self-esoterica! Self-exorbitance!
I go the distance, I dissolve own trauma, I melt all one’s traumas, I dissipate selfish distaste, I dissociate Islamic terrorism, I dissimilate Islamic terrorists to my force. Be the most dissolute dissipated self. Self-dissipation! Self-dissimilation! Self-dissoluteness!

Mori Yuusi says:

I change this actuality, I overturn the status quo, I return to my original condition oneself.
I quell any terrorists all over the earth. Be the most outlandish self. Self-outlandishness!
I heal own mental disorder, I treat a mental illness with personal spiritual disease, I fill one’s mental deficiency, I cure private mental derangement. Be the most ecological self. Self-ecosystem! Self-psychotherapy! Self-psychoanalysis!
I outgrow oneself, I quench total terrorism, I evict own querulous querulousness, I outlaw every terrorists, I heal one’s mental wound [injury](traumas). Self-quest! Self-outing! Self-outlet! Self-outgrowth!
I settle oneself, I bliss out oneself, I settle up selfish remorse, I solve own personal regrets, I sublimate one’s private repentance, I bloat human confidence, I refuse every terrorism, I beat off total terrorists, I dissolve a pack of human breast. Be the most settled bloated blithesome self. Self-bliss! Self-blitz! Self-blizzard! Self-blitheness! Self-settlement!

I cure and bury human exfoliated deciduous decayed teeth.
I exhaust own feisty feistiness. Self-feeding!
I retire Trump, I produce the president of the USA one want.
I even assassinate Donald John Trump and I produce the American president I desire.
I vouch for the hero, I stall every terrorism, I assume and suppose Islamic radicalism as obsolete concept.
I retrace my life, I retouch own sentence, I retract Islamic extremism, I retreat Islamic State. Self-retreat! Self-retooling! Self-retribution!
I ostracize own otiose otiosity, I evict one’s low soiled filthy feelings. Be the most osteopathic otherworldly self. Self-ostracism!

I solace self with one’s favorite person. Be the most orgiastic soldierlike self. Self-orgy! Self-solace! Self-soldiery!

Be the most smug self. Self-smugness!
I moralize oneself, I possess my morale in self. Be the most moral moralistic morphological self. Self-morphing! Self-morality!
I float around, I flood my mind, I flourish one’s living. Be the most florid florescent floricultural self. Self-flood! Self-flourish! Self-floating! Self-flotation! Self-florescence!
I scout oneself, I recondition own beings, I reconnect one man to my God with one’s heaven, I reconvert self to my central core, I reconnoiter all over the whole zone, I reconstruct personal physical flesh body. Be the most reconstructive self. Self-scout! Self-reconversion! Self-imperialism! Self-reconnaissance! Self-reconstruction!

I crush The Democratic Party of Japan.
I discharge own furious enraged burning with anger.
He is by far superior.
Be the most exact exacting self. Self-exaction! Self-exactitude! Self-exactness!
I prompt self. Be the most prompt dignified graceful self. Self-promptitude!
I rewind the history, I return even the time, I replant physical stem cells, I rework marrow transplant, I replay bone marrow transplantation, I rescue own father, I divert oneself with my world. Self-diversion!

morishun says:

I let one’s out, I let loose, I cut loose, I set self loose, I cast own carnal body loose, I turn my existence loose, I let oneself go.
I articulate my life, remove own bad smell, deodorize one’s physical stinky foul odor. Be the most artful articulate self. Self-artifice! Self-artfulness! Self-arthroplasty! Self-articulation!
I invert private snappish hurtful hurtfulness(harmful harmfulness) to personal real force. Be the most snappy snazzy self.
I convert own irate ireful memories into one’s physical power. Be the most apt self.
I quit own filthiness quite. Be the most quirky fiduciary self. Self-quirk! Self-fidelity!
Be the most analogic anaphoric analogous anamnestic self. analogy! anaphora! Self-analects! Self-anamnesis!
最も類推相似〔修〕前方照応行頭反復回想既往追憶自身であれ。自己類推!自身〔生物〕類似!自己前方照応!自身〔修〕行頭反復!自身語録 !自己既往回想!
I demystify Daash, I demythologize Daesh, I demolish Islamic State, I demagnetize ISIL, I demilitarize Islamic terroristic militants, I demoralize all terrorism, I demotivate every terrorists. Be the most demure self. Self-demureness! Self-demodulation!
I crystallize own desire, I amortize one’s all pasts. Be the most amorous crystal crystalline crystal-clear self. Self-crystallization!
I put my immense demesne in my universe, I fill up own psychological demand. Be the most demander. Self-warfare! Self-psywar! Self-wardship!

I expel from one’s bust, drive away from own chest, reside all over the earth.
I extend over, I exteriorize one’s own inside. Be the most extended extensible extensive exterior to a large extent. Self-extension! Self-extensiveness!
私は上伸し拡がり覆い尽くし自分自身体現化す。最 大部分拡張可能外面で最も拡張されたものになる。 自己拡張! 自己広大!
I salvage, save and rescue all refugees.
I take effect, go into effect, I effect TPP「Trans-Pacific Partnership」[Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement]. Become effective.
I stop and suppress the fire damage of Ikinari steak and revitalize.
I temper own physique, I vivify one’s desire, I equate oneself with my universe. Be the most juristic self. Self-equanimity!
I fire off, I fire away, oneself. Self-firework!
I infatuate oneself. Be the most inferential self.
Self-inference! Self-infatuation!
I recall, remind and remember one’s password of SBI securities.
I make the scene, appear and arrive on the scene, burst upon the scene, come on the scene, arrogate Islamic State, set the scene for one’s goal.
I elate self, equate own feeling. Self-elation! Self-equation!
私は自身元気づけ自身感覚を同等一致す。 自己意気揚々!自身喜悦!自己均分! 自己方程式!
I wont to do, I mortgage my energy, I prompt one’s expansion. Be the most wonder prompt wondrous pronounced prophylactic self. Self-prophylaxis! Self-promptness! Self-promptitude! Self-wondrousness! Self-wonderfulness!
し慣れ我全精力を捧げ自己拡大を促します。 最も素晴し迅速驚嘆驚異明示発音予防自身であれ。 自己予防! 自身敏速! 自身機敏!自己迅速! 自己不思議! 自己驚異!
I evoke 16 years old in self.
I throttle any terrorism, I tilt my total powerful energy, at full tilt.
Self-propriety! Self-assemblage!
I dull Islamic extremism, I dumb all terrorists. Be the most dulcet self. Self-dukedom!
I place my firmament in a man, I firm up my central nuclear self. Be the most firm self. Self-firmness!
Be the most potential scrumptious scrupulous self. Self-scrutiny! Self-potentiality! Self-scrupulousness!
I put my fulcrum in my central self. Be the most full-tilt full-force full-scale full-blown full-bodied full-service full-throttle self.
I indite oneself, I indispose every terrorists, I extinguish own indigent indigence, I exclude one’s indignant indignation. Be the most indigenous self. Self-inditement!

morishun says:

I take my career into the one, contain one’s background into self.
I upend my life, update self, upgrade oneself, upchuck one’s hateful abominable disgusting mind. Be the most upbeat upcoming self.
I sanctify self, sanction oneself. Be the most sanative sanctimonious self. Self-sanction! Self-sanctification!

I bring back all 16-year-old, I include one’s record with a history of the self and get the past ability of own, I rescue father, I remake bone marrow transplantation, again.
I volatilize self. Be the most volant volatile volitional volcanic volcanogenic self, of one’s own volition. Self-volcanism! Self-volatilization!
I overwhelm all. There was overwhelming high-power, to fill up as both all losses and the hardship. Because there is him, I can do my best. Both the superior quality and the presence were exceptional. Be the most powerful high-powered self.
I raise all one’s stock prices and put it up. I let Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant converge. OncoTherapy science, Inc. stocks sudden rise! 10 times! Be the most conversant convergent self. Self-convention! Self-conversion! Self-conversation!
I raise one’s consciousness, conscript self, conserve and preserve oneself, consecrate the one. Be the most conscious consecutive consensual preservative conscientious considerable consequential self. Self-consensus! Self-conservation! Self-consequence! Self-consecration! Self-conscription!
I preside over, emcee the one, emend my autobiography. Be the most empyreal autobiographical self. Self-emendation!
I elicit from myself. Be the most prize eligible practicable super power elite self. Self-powder! Self-elicitation!
I bend one’s mind, benefit one, feast oneself, give a banquet. Be the most benign beneficial beneficent benevolent self. Self-benison! Self-benefaction! Self-benediction!
I throw all power that I hid inward, open and free you, and show it. It is explosive growth. It is expansion and an upheaval from the inside, dramatic evolution.
I govern well, reach the height of its prosperity. Be in season, one’s best days, the heyday, the height of prosperity, the golden age.
I combine my historical total own all selves in the one. Be the most edgy sharp horny horrific pointed combative horrendous combustible self. Self-combustion! Self-combination!
I gain ground, hoist self, gratify oneself, pump gravity. Gravitate toward my centre. Be the most gray grave graven grateful gratuitous gravitational gratifying hoity-toity self. Self-gratitude! Self-gratification! Self-gravitation!
I cop one’s wanting object, cope with one’s suffering situation, convulse self, coordinate oneself. Be the most copious doughty copacetic coordinative convulsive self. Self-douche! Self-convulsion! Self-capstone! Self-copestone! Self-coordination!
I donate the one, sustain self, usher in oneself, domineer over the world. Be the most done useful reflexive domineering sustainable self. Self-suture! Self-reflex! Self-reflux! Self-dominion! Self-donation!
I classify 16 years old into own. I get then ability. Become tall with the stoutest muscle and a big frame in history. I rescue father from the past. I keep company with it with bone marrow transplantation again.
Return to past for my historical total life all pasts failures regrets traumas are settled and sublimate. Because know “future becomes”, come back in the past and save Japan in the world and rescue own father. I start its all again from life’s superior 16 years old .
Come back in then on that day to 16 years old once again now and start the own life.
I even rewind time, come back in the past, renew the history, I make a fresh start in the life and rescue father.
The personal simple substance, individual unit has the life, is born, time goes by from 16 years old.
I hold and keep my nucleus, a capstone, the core, in the one.
I pull self into my center, drag oneself into my central nucleus core, knead the one well again.
I run to excess, devise one’s method, leave a person to his own devices, ensure the most secure particular special exceptional excessive exciting self. Self-devisal! Self-deviation!

morishun says:

I have own baby.
I beget by self, I insert own penis into own best partner oneself.
I inject own spermatozoon into own lovable person oneself.
I herald oneself. Be the most heraldic extralegal extrajudicial herald.
Be the most onward ontological self. Self-ontogeny! Self-ontology! Self-oogenesis!
I roll in the hay, make hay while the sun shines, I romp through past, I wreak havoc with Islamic State, make havoc of Daesh. Be the most hawkish self. Self-hawkishness!
I favor self with one’s lover, I correlate oneself to private best favorite, corroborate personal creed, revise selfish corrigendum. Be the most corrigible corroborative self. Self-correlation! Self-corroboration!

I am the one’s. I determine my beings existence, establish my flame frame, lay my individual unit, oneself as my central nucleus core, in my center.
At first I put self in the center, oneself is located in the centre. Absolutely; overwhelmingly; he is superhuman, is exceptionally superior by far. Peak form!
I take the contents of the chest and spit it out.
I heap up as own central nucleus, centric core self rises, burn up idle thoughts. I repay one’s past.
I have the grapevine in the one, hold a rumor in self, heat up oneself, heave my existence. Be the most heady heated heavenly self.
I flatter self. Be the most showy flashy flat-out self.
I know everything pat, I patrol up and down, pave over self, patronize oneself, pave the way to my center, cause one’s past-life regression. Be paved with gold. Be the most pat patent patrician self. Self-pavement!
I rally round, arise self, rise oneself, grow livelier, pile up in myself, enliven the one, add enthusiasm, heighten. Be in full swing.
I test-fire, fire off from the one, testify to self, fictionalize one’s story, with every fiber of one’s being. Be the most fickle testing fictional fiduciary self. Self-testimony! Self-testament! Self-fictionalization!
I awe, avow to be, aver self, avouch oneself. Be the most avid awful avail awesome awaking avaricious avalanchine self. Self-aviation! Self-averment! Self-avouchment!
I distil off the one, distend self, distinguish itself. Be the most distinguishable distant distinct distended distinctive self. Self-distension! Self-distinction! Self-distillation!
I pollinate the one, politick self, politicize oneself. Be the polite politic political self. Self-pollination!
Be the most gone goosy gooey goodly goodish golden self.
Become younger and get the power of a young days, self has own of all times, start all matters that “should have done it this way then” again.
Self-outthrust! Self-outstroke!
Was tolerant with the big size, strength, that drank all and seemed to swallow.
I overlord all oneself, overhead my being, indurate splendid one, give self an overhaul, overjoy own, overlay with my historical total own all selves, overleap oneself, overload me, overhang with the one, overheat my beings, overindulge my superman. Be the most overlaped overleaped self.

morishun says:

I prove one’s mettle. Be the most mettlesome self.
I produced the unusual unconventional hardy character that was full of mettle.
I put self in my center, place oneself at my central nucleus, make my central nuclear self, keep my core into the one.
I hope self, expect oneself, anticipate one’s future, in my speciality. Self-expectation! Self-anticipation! Self-hopes!
I bedeck with self, bedizen with oneself. Be the most becoming self.
Was becoming a peace and calm, strange bold tall strong excellent splendid man.
I bulletin my central self. Be the most manly masculine elastic ballistic self.
I produced the unusual unconventional hardy character that was full of mettle.
I have the stubborn tough body, the steel muscular armor, the splendid build, stout physique, into the one’s beings existence.
I monopolize. Be the most monolithic monumental monopolistic self. Self-monolog! Self-monomania! Self-monopsony! Self-monopolization!
I focus in the one, focalize in my central nuclear self, deodorize oneself. Be the most focal deodorant obstinate obstreperous self. Self-focus! Self-focalization! Self-deodorization!
Be my central nucleus. Be the most one and only absolute overwhelming superhuman existence.
Outrun all and transcend and is predominantly strong besides. Presence was overwhelming.
I rage, go on a rampage, rush headlong, animate self, urge a person to do some serious soul-searching, feel the urge to do. Be the most animal fierce predatory lippy animated self. Self-liposuction! Self-animation!
16 years old is the core of my heart, I can be younger if I put 16 years old in the center, even if sail it up and exist at equivalence time, make up for all mistakes in the life.
I fan out from the one, lull self into a false sense of security, lug around oneself, shoot to fame, familiarize. Good luck! Best of luck! / I wish you luck. Thank one’s lucky star! Be the most famed fancy lucky famous fanatic fanciful lucrative lugubrious hastily-built self. Self-lucubration! Self-familiarization!
自身から扇形に広がり展開し安心感 へ宥め自身引きずり回し運搬し名声を得る、親しませ広がって精通させる。幸運を祈る!成功を祈る!貴方に祈る。その人の幸運の星に感謝す!最著名有名狂信 空想奇抜幸運有名有利有益悲しげ急造自身であれ。自己研鑚!自己一般化!自己労作!自己精通!自己親好!自己親交!
Be the most dimorphic dimorphous one self.
Came to move the world. Be enriched as existence most. Again, to make bone marrow transplantation, to rescue father, to embrace that girl. Make a fresh start again in the one’s life.
Genius! Gift! Talent! Wizard! Prodigy! The most strongest! Be the most gifted talented prodigious self.
Became a super unique individual one-of-a-kind hero. Matured into a youngster of the gallant spirit that I swallowed and overwhelm.
Be the most galactic metagalactic self. Self-galaxy! Self-metagalaxy!
I start all matters that “should have done it this way then” from the past again.
I incident on 16 years old, incinerate one’s all traumas. Be the most inchoate incipient incessant self. Self-incidence! Self-incineration!
I eject an indecent feeling, get rid of one’s obstacle, oust one’s obstruction, hurry up oneself. After all a predominantly strong big shot is a man. There is a view of the world.
I realign my corps, reallocate the one’s unit. Appear on the stage! Play an active role with the whole world as one’s stage. Be the most real-life realizable realismistic self. Self-realignment! Self-reallocation!
Become a gigantic frame, reinforcing muscle, to the superhuman level, to the maximum, over a limit.
I drive away own more and drive it and train it well. I obtain an ease and room and can do my best. I probe self, prove oneself to be, proceed. Be the most provable self. Self-procession!
Be proud of! I boast of self, brag about oneself, repay my life, pay back one’s lives, return my central core, defend one’s dogma, plead one’s creed, justify one’s philosophy. Be the most phantasmagoric ever-changing self, proudly boastfully. Self-repayment! Self-deviation! Self-declination! Self-rollover! Self-rescheduling!
誇 れ!誇りに思う。自己自慢す、自身自慢す、生活にお返しす、人生返済す、人の生活を払い戻す、私の中核を返す、教義を守る、信条弁護す、人の哲学正当化 す。高慢鼻高々に誇らしげ最も走馬灯幻燈変幻自在の絶えず常に刻々変化自身であれ。自己弁済!自己偏差!自己逸脱!自己傾斜!自己転覆!自己再計画立案! 自己返済!自己偏差!自己赤緯!
I turn over, overturn one’s life, upset my history, turn self upside down, turn oneself inside out, reverse my historical life, altogether, to restart one’s everything my life. Be the most egoistic egotistic altruistic egocentric self.
完全に 丸ごと纏めて全く全体で概して合計して、引っくり返す返る、生活を引っ繰り返す、過去人生逆転す、歴史転覆す、自己上下逆さまにす、自身裏返す、裏返しに 自己を回す、人のを再開再起動する為に私の歴史上の生活をすべて逆にする。最も利己的自分本位利他主義自己中心自身であれ。
I ply self, plunge onward, pluralize and simplify the one, placate oneself, dive into my center, rush headlong, dash to one’s purpose, lunge to one’s aim, thrust one’s frame, plunge into to my destination, stick into my being, run into my beings, crash into my existence, engender one’s event. Be the most plushy single simple only one independent plural pragmatic placatory plutonic pneumatic plutocratic homogeneous pluralistic simultaneous unitary self. Self-placation! Self-placement!
私は自己を使い自身勉強し、前進的で突っ込み自己多元複数一元単一化す、自身懐柔す、 宥め慰む、私の中心に飛び込む、向こう見ずに急ぐ、人の目的に衝突す、人の目標に突きを入れる、人の構造を押し上げる、私の目的地へ突っ込む、人間に突き 刺さる、存在突入す、存在に突進す、人の出来事発生させ引き起こす。最豪華単一唯一独立複数実用的和解的火成深成含空気金権政治均質多元論的同時単一統一 元自身であれ。自己慰留!自己配置!!

morishun says:

Convert all that I harden one’s whole body with thick muscle and get armored.
I bear the one’s past, contain one’s record, include one’s personal history, hold one’s career, into self. Be borne in upon oneself wholeheartedly.

I have the advantage over, gain the upper hand, into the one. Get the knack! Self-gumption! There was the character that seemed to swallow all, drink, gulp, bite, chow everything exhaustively. Be the most hopeful boyish younger youthful youngster.
I import, export, reimport, reexport, to my center, to self, from my centre, from oneself. I exercise control over myself. Be the reverse triangular body. Be the most contrite contributive contributory controversial self. Self-control! Self-contrition! Self-contribution!
I arm self, militarize one’s existence, militate in favor of you, equip thou with tough strong muscles, outfit thee with stout massive muscular armor, make a general comment on yourself. Be the most fully equipped outfitted manic maniacal militaristic self. Self-arms! Self-equipment! Self-armaments! Self-militarization!
You became extremely surely strong. Enlarged both the opinion and the field of activities. Be tall, and muscles and bones became stout titanic huge giant. However, still inadequacy, bone marrow transplantation and a woman are more necessary.
I tie up my center with oneself, shake off the one’s yoke, lift my restraint, throw off my restriction. Be the most yonder self.
I try, serve, challenge, shoot up, for the one’s. I vomit one’s nausea, spit out one’s aversion, send up service, throw away the one’s hateful abominable disgusting servile detestable aversive mind.
I build the one’s barrier. I exude from the one. I take off one’s shackles, fetters, handcuffs, a yoke, the one’s brake, from one’s inside. I eject an obstacle, a hindrance, from within. I remove the one’s difficulty. I evict a handicap, one’s disorder, from the one’s interior. Be the most dispersive self. Self-exudation! Self-dispersal!
I reopen my life history from one’s birth, resume one’s wanted all things, package one’s beings, repackage my existence, repatriate thyself to my metacenter. Be the most reparable resourceful quick-witted self. Showed the outstanding resource in the fight in the martial art. Self-resumption! Self-reparation! Self-repatriation!
I convert my inherent all in the one, into my own oneself.
Explode self, rupture oneself doing, burst into the one. Self-blowout! Self-blowup!
Storm into a huge organization with empty hands alone, and say that own is more right in the specialized field of the partner, make an abnormal demand.
I stand for the whole area, represent the world. Be the most typical fluid liquid self. Self-representation!
I dote on self, leave oneself in the hands of Providence, contain my past’s all points, include total periods, in the one. Be the most dotty self. Be in seventh heaven.
I make a feat, pull stunts, rush to one’s goal. Be the most stuck sturdy studied studious stupendous stunning stubborn onrushing ontological self. Self-onrush! Self-ontogeny!
I strengthen own by power and move the world and change the history, vitalize, revitalize, regenerate, and wake up a revolution.
I dispatch troops, aerify self, postulate my central nuclear self. Be the most aerial potent postural disparate self. Self-aeon! Self-aegis! Self-posture! Self-aerification!

morishun says:

I procreate, I breed self, propagate oneself, conjure up own private ideal situation, I let every terrorists conk out. Be the most procreative self. Self-breeding! Self-procreation! Self-conjuration! Self-conformity! Self-divarication!
I make beautiful man, I precede oneself, I expel his hindrance, I eject hideous hideousness, I freeze up every terrorists, I place my demesne in self, I ease own precarious mind. Be the most preceding identical self. Self-precept! Self-identity! Self-precession! Self-precedence!

I rescue Kanno Kaishiro (Kaishiro Kanno) from traffic accident, in the past.
Be in good [fine] fettle.
I beseech to do, I besiege my Daesh with my pacifism, I beset my Islamic State by my force with my affectionate love.
I multiply self, have everything one’s own way, act high-handedly oneself. Be the most multiform multiple multiplex multiphasic multilateral multilingual multifarious multifunction multitudinous self. Self-multitude! Self-multiplicity! Self-multiplication!
I take the cake oneself, effectuate one’s all work, sterilize any terrorism, enfeeble all terrorists, enervate ISIL, Daesh, enfranchise in self. Be the most cagey self. Self-enfranchisement!

I gyp every terroristic property, gyrate oneself. Be the most gyratory gymnastic self. Self-gyration! Self-gymnastics!

I prognosticate the future. Be the most prognostic apocalyptic self. Self-prognosis! Self-apocalypse! Self-prognostication!
I bless oneself, I bleed away own body, anesthetize all terrorists. Be blessed self. Self-blessing! Self-bleeding!
I put diadem on self. Be the most conversant diabolic diacritic diachronic synchronic conversational self. Self-dialogue! Self-diabolism! Self-conversation!

We are the one, I am one. Be a openhearted bold daring man. Get courage. Gain pluck. Become a berserker.
We congeal in self, congest in oneself. Self-congeries! Self-congestion! Self-conglomerate! Self-congelation!
We hope you will favor us with your continued patronage. I set up, support the one, push forward, force out, have one’s dignified appearance, haul off, set off, show off, make a person’s beauty stand out, favor and patronize self, protrude oneself.
I wrap up the life history in own, renew it, act again from those days.
Become the central core, give off re-appearance of the whole historic life; do it again.
I title the one, relive own, tittup about the world, release myself, titivate self, titillate oneself, tyrannize my territory. Be the most mellow rich titled titular tyrannical titillating tyrant. Self-tyranny! Self-titillation!
I outgo, outdo oneself, outflank the world, outfit with self, outfight, outlast, outcrop myself. Be the most outlandish outbalance self. Self-outburst! Self-outbreak!
I outstep, outwork, outspread. Be the most outside outright overstretched self, outstandingly. Self-ovation!
I outmarch, outpour ourselves. Be the most outre outmost outrageous out-of-sight out-and-out self. Self-output! Self-outrage! Self-outpouring!
I thrust self into my central nucleus, elbow and plow one’s way through the crowd. Be the most outward outside outrange outrank overall self. Self-overthrust! Self-overstroke!
I outride, outshine, outguess, outgun, outrank, outgrow self, outline oneself, outreach. Be the most outre outsized outright out-of-body self. Self-outgrowth!
I connote my significance, one’s import, an implication, every nuance, all meaning, implicate in the one. Be the most mutinous mutual common meaningful impassioned connotative significant significative self. Self-impaction! Self-impactation! Self-signification!
I carry through, persist in real society, insist on my view, have one’s own way, stick to one’s opinions, rise out of a trapdoor on the stage, play an active role with the whole world as one’s stage, addict self. Be the most adnoun adolescent self. Self-addiction! Self-admonition! Self-admonishment!
Becoming gigantic! Connotation! Internal outbreak! Prominence! An implosive! Explosive growth! Innovation! A revolution!
I am pumping up my total muscular muscular muscles!
I champion self, shift one’s angered hated mind to my power. Be the most stern shifty convinced shambolic youngster.

morishun says:

I cure Mori Shuuichi’s Lymphoma by own cell transplantation.
I receive medical certificate to self.
I halt every terroristic behavior.
I launch out, I anneal own physique, symbolize self with my atomosphere.
Self-launch! Self-annealing! Self-symbolism! Self-assumption! Self-sylviculture!
I consist in self with my force. Self-consistence! Self-consistency!
I mobilize my total might. Self-mobilization!
Self-quietude! Self-quietism! Self-quietness!
I land on one’s both feet.
Be the most orderly consistent self. Self-landing! Self-lampoon!
Self-ordination! Self-orderliness!
I expedite my expanse. Be the most expedient expediential self. Self-expedite! Self-expedience! Self-expediency!

I coordinate oneself. Self-coordination!
Be derived. Be the most pandit. Self-pandect(s)!
I deprive all terrorists of every terrorism. Self-carving! Self-prescript! Self-subscription! Self-prescription! Self-glyptics! Self-glyptography!
I financialize one’s work. Self-Financing! Self-Financialization !


I intersect my earth with self, I intersperse own spermatozoa throughout my world, I intersplice my man with private personal partner. Be the most rigid self. Self-communication! Self-intersection! Self-interspersion!

I explode own personal epilepsy into one’s real physical power.
I hold communion with oneself, I bank up in my central self. Be the most communal gregarious self. Self-communion! Self-commotion! Self-community! Self-gregariousness!

I implode one’s emotional eruptive magma into own real spiritual energy.
I trump, play a trump, I turn up trumps. Self-truism!
Be the most androgynous self. Self-androgyny!
Self-remission! Self-anecdote! Self-anecdotage!
Self-anemography! Self-androcentrism!
I conscript a man, I exert oneself for self to do. Be the most effluent effulgent self. Self-effort! Self-exertion! Self-efflux! Self-effluence! Self-effulgence! Self-conscription!

I prefer oneself, vouchsafe private preferred partner to the person. Be the most covetous preferential self. Self-preference! Self-preferment! Self-covetousness!

I breed own sperm, propagate oneself, go out over the radio, go out over the earth.
We elect the Liberal Democratic Party nomination candidate as Okinawa prefectural governor.

I raise IKINARI steak in the United State of America.
I put my headstock, I lay my headstone, I place my headwaters and my headstream, in self, I peg oneself at my headquarters. Be the most headstrong self. Self-headship! Self-headway! Self-headwork!
I draft, I devolve upon my heaven from own chest, devitalize all terrorists, I devocalize total terrorism. Self-devolution!
下絵を描き起草選抜す、自身胸を我天上に譲り引渡し委任譲渡移行継承す、テロリスト全員活力を奪い総合テロリズム無声音化す。 自己啓発!自身移行!自己継承!段階的推移!(財産・権利)法定移転!(中央政府から地方自治体への)権限委譲!
I grant a concubine to self, I put my infinite intense concupiscence in the man. Be the most concupiscent self. Self-concubinage!
I overawe all over the world.
I damp any terrorists, I stall every terrorism, I pardon own personal traumas, I reverse private bilious bile, I subsist on one’s world, I detonate my innermost abyss. Be the most phantom phantasmal self. Self-pardon! Self-phantasm! Self-parenting! Self-detonation! Self-subsistence! Self-transfection!
如何なる破壊主義者をも挫き落胆させ(音を)消す、あらゆる破壊主義をも失速し自身個人心精神外傷容赦免除し胆汁癇癪逆転化し裏返し完全変化す、自己世界独自生存在す、最大内奥深淵爆発す。最も幻影幻想自身であれ。自己大赦!自身容赦!〔法〕恩赦!〔カト〕免罪!自己幻想!自身幻影!親子養育!親業! 自己養育! 自身爆発!自身独自生存在!自己核酸導入!自身形質移入!

morishun says:

He looks like a boy.
I invert own emotional explosiveness into personal physical power.
I attend upon one man. Be the most attentive self. Self-reliance! Self-attendance!
I strain every nerve to do, I cleanse own wicked thoughts, I clean up one’s squalidness, I eject selfish squalor, I exclude personal squalid squalidity. Be the most histocompatible self. Self-wicca! Self-bleeding! Self-cavitation! Self-histology! Self-thunderstroke!

I cater for one’s all desires.
I stuff up oneself, know one’s stuff, do one’s stuff. Be the most cardinal stubborn studied studious stud.
I serve one’s purpose, I purport to be, I purpose to doing, I realize own private purpose.
Be the most purposive purposeful self.
I fare oneself, take the consequence, extend over to a fare-you-well.
Be the entire whole altogether calmly composedly.
I nominate for self as my epicenter. Be the most stocky nomadic nominative nomad. Self-nomadism! Self-nomination!
I triplicate thy treble triple triplex alter ego. Self-triplicity!
I double own physical power, I duplicate one’s personal energy, I douse any terrorists, I drown out every terrorism.
一個人自身体精力二倍二重化し如何なるテロリストをも (水に)突っ込み(灯火等)消す、あらゆるテロリズムを溺死し掻き消す。
Be the most duple duplex doughty self.
Self-diary! Self-duopoly! Self-duologue! Self-dialogue! Self-duplicity!
I make private posterity, I hatch personal progeny, formulate a descendant, I survive and leave own offspring, fertilize selfish spermatozoon, inseminate one’s spermatozoa.
I intuit all everything, have an instinct for self to do. Be the most senolytic intuitive instinctive self. Self-senolysis! Self-constancy! Self-intuition! Self-intuitionism! Self-intuitiveness!
I make one’s own hair denser drastically.

I rebuild and revitalize MEDINET and tella, Inc with stock price.
I acquire all, merge Terra with Medinet, and solidify, achieve own personal blood donation continuously.

I upturn self, take an upswing, I upward oneself, turn upwards, do the uptake completely.
Be the most predisposed self.
Business is turning [looking] up. I put private stocks up, I raise personal stock [share] prices, I mark up one’s results, I grow own achievements, I increase earnings of my individual invested companies. Be the most upturned up-to-date up-to-the-minute self.
Self-precept! Self-upturn! Self-upswing! Self-rebound! Self-upthrust!
I extol self, I bounce out oneself, I reinstate my 16 years old.
自己激賞浮揚励起し己で飛び出す、我16歳を復活し元通り (元の地位等に)戻す。
Be the most bounteous bountiful boundless self. Be in equinoctial. Self-extollment! Self-equipoise!
最も気前よい潤沢豊富限りない自身であれ。昼夜平分春分[秋分]彼岸嵐にあれ。豊かな無限の自尊心をもて。 平衡状態にある。自己拡張!自身絶賛!自身賞揚!自身平衡!自己均衡!
I obliterate Islamic State and every terrorism.

I accept and receive pension and the welfare special ticket by self continuously, “medical certificate of doctor is needless and unnecessary”, I settle.

I obligate oneself, oblige for self, oblige with a man by doing, I convert my maddening mind into own physical energy, I produce personal posterity(posterities). Be the most abled able-bodied obliging tumultuous self. Self-ableism. Self-tumult! Self-retaliation!
I put out and extinguish Californian forest fire completely drastically.

morishun says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I apply oneself to self, I put my facility and all one’s facilities in a person. Self-facing! Self-facility! Self-appliance!
I reform one’s outbreak and personal outburst to own physical powerful energetic energy.
I overlay self with my force, I overlap in a man, I overleap by the guy, I overmaster the world, I overmatch all opponents, a rival, every competitors. Be the most overmastering self.
自己反応!【電気】【生物・心理・社会学】自身 帰還!セルフフィードバック《出力側のエネルギーの一部を入力側へ返還する操作》!
I commend to self my epicenter, I recommend oneself.
Be the most commendable recommendable self.
Self-commerce! Self-commendation! Self-recommendation!

I cede own body to my centre.

I grasp all everything from Tokyo Women’s Medical University and salvage one’s father from my past.
I substantiate all one’s long-cherished desires.
In the earliest stage, I resect rectal cancer of Mori Tsutomu as one’s father and rescue his life from the past.
I approve and apply Oncotherapy Science`s medicine and NanoCarrier`s drug, as soon as!
I bosom my 16 years old in you, I lend one’s bosom to my metacenter, straighten out, straighten oneself up, I cross self, I crossbreed a man, I ruin Islamic State, I enrich my ruined ravaged mind. Be the most ruling vaulting self. Self-ruling! Self-crossbreeding!
Be the most defiant furthest compassionate thorough thoroughpaced thoroughgoing self. Self-defiance! Self-compassion! Self- thoroughness!
最も反抗最遠完全徹底綿密自身であれ。 自身傍若無人!果敢な抵抗!反抗[挑戦的]態度!自己反逆!自己挑戦!自己同情!思いやり!自身完璧!綿密!自己完全徹底!

I comprehend all from Yokohama City Library drastically.

I will know everything from the RIKEN library completely.
I raise ZWEI and Sanko marketing foods and its stock price rises.

Be the most gentle genuine conspicuous self. Self-gentleness! Self-Genuineness! Self-Conspicuousness!
I revive and vitalize Ikinari Steak and Pepper Food Service Co. Ltd. in the United State of America.
I restore and recover Mac-House, and its stock price rises.

I raise ZWEI and Sanko marketing foods and its stock price rises.

I work in possessed man with irresistible force furiously.
I attract all, I inaugurate by self, I attribute oneself to 16 years old, I put my attribute into a man. Be the most inaugural attractive attributable self. Self-attribution! Self-inauguration!

I figure oneself, I filch every terroristic assets. Self-figuration!

I attend in such as one’s wanting symposium and the get-together or a party without any trouble by self.
I conquer oneself. Be the most connubial conqueror. Self-conquest!
I raise one’s consciousness, put the stream of consciousness in self.
Be the most conscious conscientious self. Self-consciousness. Self-conscientiousness!
I extrapolate oneself. Be the most extralegal extrajudicial self extraordinarily. Self-extrapolation! Self-extraordinariness!
I interpret my history, I interpolate in my past sentence. Self-interplay! Self-proselytism. Self-interpolation! Self-interpretation!
I include my all degree in self, I extradite own personal chest to my centre, I degauss any terrorism, I degenerate every terrorists. Self-extradition!

I vouch for self. Be the most votive proficient votary. Self-profession! Self-proficiency!
I desolate Islamic State, I enrich and fertilize thy inner desolate desolation.
Be the most light nimble cautious cavalier oneself. Self-caution! Self-covenant! Self-Covenant! Self-cavalcade!
I frighten all terrorist out of any terroristic action, I evaporate own personal inferior worst frightful frightfulness. Self-ostracism!
I prevent tooth decay, I ostracize own despicable detestation, I flick one’s cumbersome cumber out, I drive my mental and physical chest trouble out, I drive personal malaise away, I disperse human malady, I despond every terrorists, I solve private worse despondent despondency.

morishun says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I circle over my sky.

I drum up own total energy, I drum out one’s dirty innards.
Be the most innate drudge. Self-drudgery!
I cease every terroristic behavior. Be the most theoretical behavioral self.
I institute my creed, institutionalize own private desires. Be the most institutional self. Self-institution!
I recondition one’s body. Be the most recondite self.
Be the most oceanic oceangoing traveler. Self-oceanology!
I evoke my 16 years old. Be the most evocative self. Self-evocation!
I ride herd on the world, I vomit own grumpy grudging grudge. Be the most hereditary self.
Self-heresy! Self-heredity!

I cohere in my central self, adhere oneself. Be the most coherent adherent self. Self-cohesion! Self-adhesion!
私は我中心自身内に纏まり凝集結合し自己固守す。 最も首尾一貫忠実粘着性地震であれ。 自己結束!首尾一貫!自己粘着!


I harmonize one’s feeling, I match self with my universe. Be the most matching matchless self.
I deprive every terrorists of total energy, and take it into my private personal power.

I dignify my man, make self rich, enrich oneself, fertilize own dilapidated dilapidation. Be the most dignified self. Self-dignity! Self-fertility! Self-fertilization!
I search and research from Yokohama City University Library & Medical Information center.
I revolutionize own personal life.
The features are also great.
I figure out my track.
I turn inside out oneself, I turn over my historical one’s career.
I tend all over my field, I tend on self, have a tendency to do. Be the most tendencious tendentious self. Self-tendance!
I prevent private tragedy, I keep off one’s tragic tragical all things eternally. Self-tragicomedy!
I transit by a man, I transition self into my epicenter, I transfigure personal fiasco(~(e)s). Be the most transformational self. Self-transit! Self-transition!
I ring out, I resonate, I resound through the universe with my fame and private repute(reputation).
I hook up self with my field on one’s own hook.
I chill any terrorism, I disappoint total terrorists, I frustrate every terroristic plan.
I carve out, I carve for oneself, I engrave one’s words all over the world.
Be the most noted reputed resonant reputable resounding resourceful self. Self-resonance! Self-resourcefulness!
I revolve around a flesh body. Be the most evolving revolving evolutional revolutionary self exceptionally.
I formalize one’s work, I formulate formula, formulas, formulae, I equate self with my centre, I forsake own dirty chest.
Be the most formal official self.
Self-formality! Self-equation! Self-formulation! Self-formalization!
I except own revulsion, I leave out one’s exacerbation, I extradite individual chest to my heaven.
Self-exception! Self-extradition!

I repeat and sublimate my trace from the big great bottom.
I even return the time, rewrite the history, rescue own father, embrace that girls, rework personal marrow transplant, replay one’s bone marrow transplantation.

Be the most manly manlike man jack as stripling. Self-manliness.
最も逞しく男らしい若者, 青年としての個人男性であれ。男らしさ!自身剛毅!
I screen oneself, I screw up one’s courage, I screw all energy out of total terrorism and every terrorists. Self-screening!
I radiate oneself. Be the most radiant radiate self. Self-radiance! Self-radiation!

I soar oneself. Be the most soaring self. Self-soaring!
I apply approval of OncoTherapy Science, Inc.’s medicine and NanoCarrier’s drug, and its stock price soar, always during next week. They refrain and abstain increasing newly issued stocks in the future.

I lave own innards, internalize my universe.
Be the most trustworthy self. Self-trustworthiness! Self-internalization!

I approve 「EGFR-NGS check」 of DNA Chip Research Inc.
DNAチップ研究所「EGFR-NGS check」承認す。
Self-safety! Self-security! Self-safeguard!

Be existing till the end of the chapter at full tilt. Self-session!
I evacuate own chest, I put my viaduct to private heaven in self, I own one’s vitality oneself, I possess my vibrancy by one human being, I place personal viability into a man. Be the most vital viable vibrant self.
I mend and improve Ikinari Steak, and its Pepper Food Service’s stock price rises.

Self-sturdiness! Self-constitutionality!
I land on one’s both feet, I transform personal rowdy rowdiness into own physical power.
Be the most royal landed land-based landholding self. Self-royalty!

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