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October 11, 2017
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In Healthcare, It Takes a Community

Without the right knowledge at the right time in the healthcare industry, there can be dire consequences for many people. This means no one person or organization can monopolize knowledge, and the only way to ensure the transference of information is accessible data.

Nothing is Solved in a Silo

On Monday, we discussed how predictive analytics allows healthcare organizations to better serve their members. Data silos and lacking the ability to share information across networks, between hospitals, and among doctors prevents healthcare organizations from providing the best possible care. With a history of connecting its members to solutions that improve the business and deliver exceptional care, Vizient prides itself on ensuring a sustainable cost structure, reducing unnecessary clinical and operational variation, as well as improving clinical outcomes. Vizient is the United States’ largest member-driven health care services company. Backed by network-powered insights in the critical areas of clinical, operational and supply chain performance, Vizient empowers members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care.

With such a demand for business, operational and clinical excellence, Vizient understands that in order to provide the right treatments, hospitals must have the right data. A single analytical picture of patients cannot be solved using traditional tools. This is why Vizient chose Hortonworks for its Big Data needs. It takes a community of experts from all over the world who can come together to build a useful solution for predictive analytics, data virtualization, and other data challenges. The open source approach to Big Data projects enables businesses and organizations to leverage the most expansive array of solutions to fit their specific needs. With a platform that is 100% open source, Hortonworks is able to take massive amounts of structured and unstructured data for a business to quickly gain actionable intelligence, all in a modern data architecture.

More Brains are Better Than One

It is undeniable with complicated and complex issues as healthcare, it is always best to have the best and brightest working together to find solutions. In today’s even more multifaceted data landscape, the variety of sources that generate data creates a challenge for any organization to wrangle the data in motion, combine it with the data at rest, and make an intelligent decision. With Hortonworks, the ability to take in data from a wide range of different sources enables Vizient to move quicker and become nimbler. For instance, Vizient can take lab and patient data, recognize patterns within, and provide this data to advisors in the field working with its members. With this capability, medical professionals can then provide recommendations for how members can improve their health.

Having the best doctors collaborate with each other using the right tools improves quality of care. This also means that the tools they use should be built by a community of experts as well, which is why the open source approach that Hortonworks provides empowers organizations like Vizient to transform their business, and the lives of people they are dedicated to helping each day.

Watch Chuck Devries, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture & Strategic Technology, talk about why Vizient chose Hortonworks to help with their Big Data needs.


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