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August 03, 2012
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Introducing Apache Hadoop YARN

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Introducing Apache Hadoop YARN

I’m thrilled to announce that the Apache Hadoop community has decided to promote the next-generation Hadoop data-processing framework, i.e. YARN, to be a sub-project of Apache Hadoop in the ASF!

Apache Hadoop YARN joins Hadoop Common (core libraries), Hadoop HDFS (storage) and Hadoop MapReduce (the MapReduce implementation) as the sub-projects of the Apache Hadoop which, itself, is a Top Level Project in the Apache Software Foundation. Until this milestone, YARN was a part of the Hadoop MapReduce project and now is poised to stand up on it’s own as a sub-project of Hadoop.

In a nutshell, Hadoop YARN is an attempt to take Apache Hadoop beyond MapReduce for data-processing.

As folks are aware, Hadoop HDFS is the data storage layer for Hadoop and MapReduce was the data-processing layer. However, the MapReduce algorithm, by itself, isn’t sufficient for the very wide variety of use-cases we see Hadoop being employed to solve. With YARN, Hadoop now has a generic resource-management and distributed application framework, where by, one can implement multiple data processing applications customized for the task at hand. Hadoop MapReduce is now one such application for YARN and I see several others given my vantage point – in future you will see MPI, graph-processing, simple services etc.; all co-existing with MapReduce applications in a Hadoop YARN cluster.

Implications for the Apache Hadoop Developer community

I’d like to take a brief moment to walk folks through the implications of making Hadoop YARN as a sub-project, particularly for members of the Hadoop developer community.

  • We will now see a top-level hadoop-yarn-project source folder in Hadoop trunk.
  • We will now use a separate jira project for issue tracking for YARN i.e.
  • We will also use a new mailing list for collaboration.
  • We will continue to co-release a single Apache Hadoop release that will include the Common, HDFS, YARN and MapReduce sub-projects.

If you would like to play with YARN please download the latest hadoop-2 release from the ASF and start contributing – either to core YARN sub-project or start building your cool application on top!

Please do remember that hadoop-2 is still deemed alpha quality by the Apache Hadoop community, but YARN itself shows a lot of promise and we are excited by the future possibilities!


Overall, having Hadoop YARN as a sub-project of Apache Hadoop is a significant milestone for Hadoop several years in the making. Personally, it is very exciting given that this journey started more than 4 years ago with It’s a great pleasure, and honor, to get to this point by collaborating with a fantastic community that is driving Apache Hadoop.

Kudos to everyone!



Neeraj says:

Though, it’s a bit late to read out this blog from Hortonworks. I’ve just started my journey to explore more on Big Data from Hortonworks. However, this is the nice article. I would love to read all of these and continue my journey with YARN and related technologies.

Purushottam Naik (PG) says:

Hi Arun Murthy:
I am totally new to Apache Hadoop/CouchDB and as well as HDP2. My question to you is that with HDP2 do you still have to look for Apache CouchDB? In other words, does HDP2 supports JSON documents and interactive queries with near real-time responses? Please shed some details here when you get a chance.
Many thanks

Abhijeet Sarthak says:

What is the new feature in YARN?
Isnt it HDFS Federation and Web Services REST API

sreedhar says:

I just started my Hadoop administration journey the above article is give the great info and insights. Thanks,

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