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June 12, 2012
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Introducing Hortonworks Data Platform v1.0

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some important news. Today, Hortonworks announced version 1.0 of the Hortonworks Data Platform, a 100% open source data management platform based on Apache Hadoop. We believe strongly that Apache Hadoop, and therefore, Hortonworks Data Platform, will become the foundation for the next generation enterprise data architecture, helping companies to load, store, process, manage and ultimately benefit from the growing volume and variety of data entering into, and flowing throughout their organizations. The imminent release of Hortonworks Data Platform v1.0 represents a major step forward for achieving this vision.

You can read the full press release here. You can also read what many of our partners have to say about this announcement here. We were extremely pleased that industry leaders such as Attunity, Dataguise, Datameer, Karmasphere, Kognitio, MarkLogic, Microsoft, NetApp, StackIQ, Syncsort, Talend, 10gen, Teradata and VMware all expressed their support and excitement for Hortonworks Data Platform.

Those who have followed Hortonworks since our initial launch already know that we are absolutely committed to open source and the Apache Software Foundation. You will be glad to know that our commitment remains the same today. We don’t hold anything back. No proprietary code is being developed at Hortonworks.

Hortonworks Data Platform was created to make it easier for organizations and solution providers to install, integrate, manage and use Apache Hadoop. It includes the latest stable versions of the essential Hadoop components in an integrated and tested package. Here is a diagram that shows the Apache Hadoop components included in Hortonworks Data Platform:

Hortonworks Data Platform also includes a new Hadoop installer, part of Apache Ambari, that simples the installation and provisioning of Hadoop clusters. It also adds important enterprise services that make it easier and more reliable to deploy Hadoop into their existing data architectures, including the following:

Data Integration Services – Hortonworks has helped to improve data integration via WebHDFS, HCatalog APIs and now a tight integration with Talend Open Studio for Big Data, the industry’s leading open source data integration platform. Talend Open Studio for Big Data addresses the needs of data managers, operators and analysts by providing a graphical tool for integrating data between Hadoop and hundreds of enterprise data systems, all without having to write a single line of code.

Metadata Services – Hortonworks Data Platform includes Apache HCatalog, a metadata and table management system that simplifies data sharing between Hadoop applications running on the platform and between Hadoop and other enterprise data systems. HCatalog also offers an open metadata infrastructure, which allows for deep integration with third-party tools.

Management & Monitoring Services – Hortonworks Data Platform adds Hortonworks Management Console, based on Apache Ambari. This is an open source and extensible management and monitoring tool with web-based dashboards that make it easy to monitor clusters and create alerts.

High Availability – Hortonworks has been working closely with leading providers to ensure that Hortonworks Data Platform can seamlessly integrate with proven HA solutions in order to improve reliability and avoid the potential for data loss.

Hortonworks Data Platform v1.0 is based upon Apache Hadoop v1.0. It is not simply interface compatible with Apache Hadoop, it is binary identical. As such, Hortonworks Data Platform is the ideal choice for enterprises and solution providers that need a proven, stable and feature-rich platform that is in complete synchronization with the Apache Hadoop releases, as defined by the Apache Hadoop community.

While Hortonworks Data Platform has been tested by a number of Technology Preview participants since November, it will be made available to the general public on Friday. If you would like to learn more about Hortonworks Data Platform before Friday, please visit the Hortonworks Data Platform page, where you will find a number of educational tools including videos, product demonstrations and an HDP data sheet.

If you are attending Hadoop Summit this week, please stop by the Hortonworks booth to learn more about HDP and to see a demonstration. We look forward to connecting with you.

~ John Kreisa


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