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February 22, 2016
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Top 3 articles for every Hadoop Developer

Top 3 articles this week: (or see the whole list here)

  1. Cheat Sheet and Tips for a Custom Install of Hortonworks Data Platform like a Pro. Some great tips and tricks on helping your install go flawlessly. A must read for anyone installing HDP. Recommended reading for anyone looking at Hadoop distributions. 
  2. How to install ambari-shell Need to install Ambari on Centos, start here and you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes. 
  3. How to create user generated keys for securing NiFi. Need secure data in motion? This article provides the steps needed to create your own certificates for securing your NiFi instance(s).

Top 3 questions last week: (Or see the latest question here)

  1. Am I stupid or does anyone else have constant issues settings up projects in the Hadoop ecosystem? I really feel Kevin’s pain in this one. He, like most of us, is experiencing some issues in setting up Hadoop. Some great advice in the answers. 
  2. Ambari Metrics – Switching from Embedded to Distributed Mode Fails. Seeing somer errors, the experts on HCC solved this quickly noting that heap size might be the issue.. Fixed! 
  3. Lab 0 – Setup: Start the Sandbox VM and Open Ambari Issues with sandbox install solved! 

That’s all for this week. Please browse and join the conversation.!


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