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July 15, 2015
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It’s Back to school for aspiring UK data scientists

The world is now estimated to be churning out quintillions of bytes of data every day, which goes to show why the industry is struggling to keep up with the ever increasing demand for data scientists to pinpoint those insights that can increase company revenues, or better manage their resources.

The McKinsey Global Institute predicts the industry will need at least 190,000 more workers with analytics expertise and 1.5 million more data-savvy managers by 2018 in the US alone. It is clear that we need highly skilled, business-savvy data scientists to sustain future demand and keep pace with industry growth and that’s why Hortonworks has renewed our support for “Science to Data Science” (S2DS), a five-week course in London that arms science PhD students with the technical and commercial skills needed to be hired into data science roles.

The initiative, led by Pivigo Academy provides a mix of lectures, workshops and practical exercises giving participants hands-on experience solving real life data problems, whilst obtaining a solid background on a range of technical, management and business topics. Over the years, S2DS has welcomed brilliant minds from a variety of backgrounds, not necessarily related to data analytics per se. To give you a flavour, Andrew Burgess’s background is astrophysics, Helen Ramsden’s research concerned neuroscience and gene expressions, whereas Juan Pablo Maldonado Lopez’s PhD was in mathematical game theory.

Last year’s course has helped all these students find rewarding jobs outside their respective academic roots. Amy McQuillan, for instance, was able to join Royal Mail as a business modelling analyst, after years of academic research in stellar physics. “Thanks to an excellent pool of big data experts, insightful management lectures and networking sessions, I was able to develop a commercial mind-set which allowed me to find a rewarding job outside my academic roots”, said Amy.

Building on this success, we will extend our mentoring role by leading an engaging workshop exploring key technical and business aspects of data science including Apache Hadoop, SQL, machine learning, coding and data visualisation.

At Hortonworks, we believe big data isn’t just about technology; ultimately it’s about smart people asking the right questions. S2DS is a great opportunity for us to welcome and support new talent coming to our industry, and to focus their minds on some of the business problems our customers resolve with the big data analytics.

S2DS will take place in London from the 3rd of August until the 4th of September 2015.

From the team here in London – we look forward to seeing you there!

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