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August 30, 2017
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How the Leading Transportation Tech Provider Conquers Every Mile, Including the Last – Part 2

Big Data Transportation and LogisticsLast week we published a story on how the leading transportation tech provider is able to solve the last mile problem for the carrier industry. This article expands on this and how companies need to have clean data.

How Clean Is Your Data?

By now, we all know that data is Big. We know that it is growing exponentially and companies demand a solution that will scale to match the size problem. We also know that with the Internet of Things, data is coming from a number of new sources. With all of this talk about the size of data, and the problems becoming compounded when we talk about the speed at which data is moving, what gets lost in the conversation is whether or not the data is clean in the first place.

TMW Systems is addressing all of this for their customers.

Big Problems Even in Small Data

TMW Systems is a developer of enterprise management software for the transportation services industry, including logistics, freight, trucking and heavy-duty repair and maintenance. As Tim Leonard, COO/CTO of TMW Systems, addresses in our new video below, data is critical and central to their business. Just as companies in many sectors face the challenge of addressing consumer demand, optimizing business processes, or proactively maintaining equipment, TMW Systems must make sure they leverage the most out of their data to meet their business demands.

Take a subset of Big Data for any organization. Let’s use fuel usage as an example, and narrow that down even further to fuel usage for one weekend. The wrong data at the wrong time can cost a company thousands, if not millions of dollars across an entire fleet. When this “dirty data” grows, the problem only becomes more exacerbated. Consumers and clients require absolute trust in the companies that they do business with, which means data management cannot be a passive affair.

Double Digit Successes

Data cannot just grow without being checked. One of the pillars of Hortonworks technologies is to have data governance that ensures data is reliable and trustworthy. Actionable intelligence means nothing if you have the wrong information. Predictive Analytics will lead you down the wrong path if the data is wrong. Hortonworks empowers companies to ensure the transparency, reproducibility, auditability and consistency of their data

With Hortonworks, TMW Systems is able to clean their data and turn that into business value for improved pricing and efficiency for their customers’ businesses. In the transportation and logistics industry, being able to understand fuel costs, freight movement, lane movement and an array of other aspects of the business that they could not track before opens up the opportunities for the company to cut costs by improving upon inefficient processes. Not only that, but TMW Systems can now provide more beneficial services to their customers, which ultimately led to a double digit increase in revenue.

Watch our latest video featuring Tim Leonard of TMW Systems:

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