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September 01, 2017
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How the Leading Transportation Tech Provider Conquers Every Mile, Including the Last – Part 3

Last Friday, I wrote about how TMW Systems leverages Hortonworks to crack the last mile problem. TMW, the leading transportation technology provider, consolidates the data of their carrier customers to deliver fresh analytical insights to these small carriers, thereby giving them the legs to walk the last mile.

TMW’s use case also highlights the importance of a key pillar of data governance: cleaning the data. On Wednesday, Kevin blogged about how cleaning data ensures reliability. This improves and enriches the quality of the analytical insights, and can even unlock fresh new insights.

In the video below, Tim Leonard, COO/CTO of TMW Systems, talks about TMW’s first major Big Data with Hortonworks to initiative to clean the company’s data. This initiative resulted in one major retailer’s substantial improvement in delivery, as well as pricing structures. Improved delivery and pricing are the goals of any company moving goods from one place to another.

In this video, Tim mentions additional, critical factors of any Big Data implementation, and why TMW chose Hortonworks:

  • People
  • Technology
  • Relationships

As Tim points out, “The people provide real time solutions, near real-time capabilities, and helped us understand the technology. They took the time to learn our business, apply the technology, and they built our relationship through training and mentoring.”

A Big Data implementation is a journey, and the companies that choose Hortonworks rely on Hortonworks Professional Services to help them realize their full Big Data potential. Every business challenge has specific technology needs, and the deep expertise and proven methodologies of Hortonworks Implementation, Advisory and Managed Services (IAM) collaborate directly with customers across every industry to address these challenges.

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