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August 25, 2017
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How the Leading Transportation Tech Provider Conquers Every Mile, Including the Last – Part 1

In many industries, the last mile problem is the most difficult problem to crack. This is especially true in the carrier industry, where 91% of the total carriers operate fleets of six vehicles or less. TMW Systems (TMW) solves the last mile problem, and an array of other transportation and business challenges, by consolidating the data of small carrier companies for the benefit of all of their customers.

TMW is now the leading Big Data transportation technology provider and uses Hortonworks to develop business intelligence and Big Data tools that offer valuable business insights to transportation application users. Several thousand customers now rely on TMW’s ERP system to manage up to four million trucks daily. This management includes integrated dispatch, fleet maintenance, fuel optimization, and last mile routing in both cities and on highways. TMW’s specialized product and business intelligence optimization is used by many major corporations and Big 5 companies today.

Back in June, we announced that Tim Leonard, COO/CTO of TMW Systems, was our Data Hero winner in the Data Visionary category. In our new video below, hear from Tim as he talks about TMW System’s Big Data journey, and why the company chose Hortonworks.

Hungry for more? Tim also presented a keynote at our DataWorks Summit in June. You can watch his keynote, Commoditizing Your Data to Sell – a Transportation Example, below.

We have more customer keynotes and technical presentations lined up for our Sydney DataWorks Summit, September 20-21. Register now!

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