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August 15, 2018
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Leveraging Diverse Datasets Across 65 Million Devices to Derive New Insights

We’ve just published our most recent case study! This story gives an in-depth look at how Pinsight Media is leveraging diverse datasets to drive new insights.

Pinsight Media (Pinsight) is the mobile data company that uses verified, network-level data to fuel intelligent brand decisions. Its data management platform ingests over 60 terabytes of data coming from 65 million devices across multiple mobile network operators. Network-level data provides right-time advertising, capturing those with the highest propensity to respond.

The company required an agile, scalable platform to help address the challenges of volume, veracity, velocity, and variety of the data it ingests.

Partnering with Hortonworks and Datameer allows Pinsight to monetize telecommunications data. This data, which is billions of records per day, is ingested into Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), and processed to generate actionable insights. Datameer, a Hortonworks partner, delivers an automated, scalable, and cohesive way to democratize and organize the vast amount of information in its data lake. The data is sent to external partners, and drives the success of Pinsight’s business.

Through this modern data architecture, the company creates and curates data, distills and sorts information, and elevates strategic knowledge from its massive data lake. The platform provides significant value, helping clients understand new markets, inform decisions, and reach customers in meaningful ways.

Pinsight collects network based location events from mobile devices as those devices move throughout town. Every time they connect to a network tower, an event is generated. That data, if processed, can be used by companies to gain a much clearer understanding of how people are interacting with their brand. This greatly aids important long-term decisions, such as determining where to build new store locations and place advertisements.

“Only Hortonworks Data Platform provides both the scale and agility we need to let our clients be more precise in their targeting and more efficient with their ad buys.” -Jason Delker, Chief Technology & Data Officer at Pinsight

Processing large sets of data faster and more effectively is not just important for Pinsight, but it’s also important for all the industries the company is serving today.

To read the full story of Pinsight’s use case, visit:


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