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May 04, 2017
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Liberty Mutual Insurance’s Data Lake Journey

With the San Jose DataWorks Summit (June 13-15) just one month away, we’re busy finalizing the lineup of an impressive array of speakers and business use cases. This year our Enterprise Adoption Track will feature Mike Klein and Yiqing Wang, Director and Big Data Architect, respectively, of the Enterprise Analytic Platforms department at Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. Also present will be Cindy Maike, General Manager, Insurance at Hortonworks, to bring perspective on general trends within the Insurance Industry.

The Insurance Industry is undergoing massive transformation as changes in technology and customer expectations create new challenges for how insurers engage their customers, manage risk information, and control the rising frequency and severity of claims. Carriers are tapping Hortonworks to help manage massive data lakes of mission critical data to thrive during this transformation.

Join Michael and Yiqing on Tuesday, June 13th, at 4:10pm, as they present:

The Liberty Mutual Insurance Data Lake: Security, ETL, BI & Analytics, Software Integration

By building a data lake, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Enterprise Analytics department has created a platform to implement various big data analytic projects. We will share our journey and how we leveraged Hortonworks Data Platform and other open source technologies to meet our project needs. This session will cover our data lake architecture, security, and use cases including: Security, ETL, BI & Analytics, and Software Integration.

Mike Klein is the director of the Enterprise Analytic Platforms and Services department at Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. Mike’s department built the enterprise Data Lake and shared technology platforms using Hortonworks HDP cluster to make advanced analytics solution simple and accessible to data scientists. He also leads other BI and analytics systems such as Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Cognos, R Grid, as well as big data analytics platforms and solutions in Cloud.

Yiqing Wang is a Big Data architect in the Enterprise Analytic Platforms and Services department, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, where he has been working for 16 years. He designs and builds Big Data analytics solutions on Hortonworks HDP data lakes on-premises and AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud. He uses open source tools to provide customer solutions and minimize the capital spending.

Be sure to 
register for the DataWorks Summit to catch this presentation and many others!



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