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June 29, 2016
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Hive LLAP Technical Preview enables sub-second SQL on Hadoop and more

The most significant new feature in Apache Hive 2, to be included in the upcoming HDP 2.5 release is a technical preview of LLAP (Live Long and Process). LLAP enables as fast as sub-second SQL analytics on Hadoop by intelligently caching data in memory with persistent servers that instantly process SQL queries. Since LLAP is an evolution of the Hive architecture it does all this with the same comprehensive ANSI standard SQL support and proven scale that Hive has long been known for.


LLAP Key Benefits

  • LLAP enables as fast as sub-second query in Hive by keeping all data and servers running and in-memory all the time, while retaining the ability to scale elastically within a YARN cluster.
  • LLAP, along with Apache Ranger enables fine-grained security for the Hadoop ecosystem, including data masking and filtering, by providing interfaces for external clients like Spark to read.
  • LLAP is great for cloud because it caches data in memory and keeps it compressed, overcoming long cloud storage access times and stretching the amount of data you can fit in RAM.

LLAP at 2016 Hadoop Summit, San Jose

Hadoop Summit gives you a unique opportunity to learn about this important new technology from the experts building it. Learn more about LLAP technical preview in these sessions:

  • Wed 6/29 3-3.40pm Ballroom A: “Apache Hive 2.0: SQL, Speed and Scale” by Alan Gates provides a high-level overview of what’s new in Hive 2 and how it benefits SQL on Hadoop.
  • Wed 6/29 4.10-4.50pm Room 210A: “Fine-grained security for Spark and Hive”. Learn how LLAP enables row-level filter and column-level masking for the Spark and the rest of the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Thu 6/30 12.20-1pm Room 210A: “LLAP: Sub-Second Analytical Queries in Hive” by Gopal Vijayaraghavan will cover the deep technical details of how LLAP delivers sub-second SQL.
  • Thu 6/30/2016 5-7pm Room 210C: BOF: Apache Hive & Apache Pig

Even better, you can try the LLAP technical preview for yourself in the HDP 2.5 Technical Preview Sandbox, get started here

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