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April 18, 2017
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Major Japanese Telco Improves Efficiency, Secures Data

You may have read yesterday’s blog post that summarizes how Yahoo! Japan, the largest web portal in Japan, scaled its business analytics with access to over 75 petabytes of data in Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). You can read the full English translation of that Japanese case study here.

This post is about SoftBank Corp, another leader in the Japanese economy, but this time in the telecommunications industry.

SoftBank faced many of the same challenges faced by other telecom customers of ours in Europe, North America and South America:

  • The need to securely store and process an ever-increasing volume of data
  • The desire to internally disseminate Big Data technical skills
  • The mandate to improve the efficiency of its analytics systems

Read the full English translation of the SoftBank case study here.

Security at Scale

SoftBank, like others, needed to address these Big Data challenges while also maintaining the highest levels of security to protect customer identities among its confidential communication records. HDP’s enterprise-grade, integrated security helps SoftBank confidently use the data assets generated by its operations—without having to worry about misuse of that data.

Internal Knowledge Transfer

One of SoftBank’s objectives for adopting HDP was to improve employees’ skills in the area of Big Data. To meet this objective, the scope of the deployment of Hadoop was not confined to any particular focus area. SoftBank first started from a test environment and tried analyzing data from its existing data warehouse for testing.

System Efficiency

The SoftBank team has high praise for Apache Ambari’s power to improve operations and management efficiency across the platform. Shin Matsuura, Acting Manager of the System Infrastructure Development Section, sums it up this way:

“We find Ambari most useful. When Ambari was first installed, we thought it was a typical feature but now, we feel that it provides the capability that we want. The centralized log consolidation feature is great. Without it, we would have had to collect these logs ourselves and store them somewhere, but Ambari automatically consolidates the logs and presents them in an easily viewable format. We hope that more such features will be added in the future.”

As SoftBank continues to reap new business value with the analytic capabilities made possible by HDP, and the Apache open source community develops new capabilities, Hortonworks looks forward to helping Softbank reap the benefits of that innovation.

Read Other Examples from Hortonworks Customers in the Telco Space

  • Pinsight Media ingests data streaming from 65 million mobile devices
  • Prescient delivers location-based traveler safety alerts to mobile devices
  • T-Mobile Austria chose Hortonworks for enterprise-grade security and governance
  • Rogers delighted mobile customers with a 360-degree view
  • Neustar saved millions in recurring expense with an active archive of network log data

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