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June 14, 2017
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How to Make Big Data Projects Successful

The path to a successful big data implementation isn’t straightforward. There are many decisions and considerations along the way – from technology, to people to process – all these need to come together for a successful outcome. Hortonworks is in the business of helping enterprises achieve their desired business outcomes with big data as effectively as possible.

As we just launched our newest offering – Hortonworks Flexible Support Subscription and we thought we’d share some of the reasons we make enterprises more successful with Big Data.

We’ve done it over 1000 times. Literally. Case studies here.

Hortonworks Has Over 1000+ Hadoop Big Data Deployments

We have proof of successful big data projects.

Proven Big Data Projects Success with Hortonworks Fortune 100

We harness the power of community.

Hortonworks Community Over 2100 Partners 380 Repos 56000 Technical Artifcats 11000 Participants

We really want to help you.

Hortonworks Support and Services is Excellent

For more details on how we power big data success, please see the infographic below.

And when you’re ready to start on your journey to big data success, we have the people, products and support you need.

Powering Big Data Success Hortonworks

Comments says:

Actually we have been all looking for this.

misthi chakra says:

Surely, i would like to give many credits for this post due to this post picture greatly explained what you come to say in your content. I agree your effort that will be effective to all IT people.

abimanyuarjun says:

Wow! Great article before read above i don’t have enough idea about big data. here concepts explain by attractive info graphics credit goes to designers instead of confusing with paragraph now i am learning big data hadoop training courses it will be adding extra reference to my learning. thanks a lot keep updating.

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