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October 25, 2013
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Meet the Committer: 3 Minutes on Apache Ambari with Mahadev Konar

We’re continuing our series of quick interviews with Apache Hadoop project committers at Hortonworks.

This week Mahadev Konar discusses Apache Ambari, the open source Apache project to simplify management of a Hadoop cluster.

Mahadev was on the team at Yahoo! in 2006 that started developing what became Apache Hadoop. Since then, he has also held leadership positions in the Apache Zookeeper and Apache Ambari projects. He is an architect and project management committee member for Apache Ambari, Apache ZooKeeper and Apache Hadoop.

In this brief video, Mahadev describes the challenge that Ambari solves: configuring the array of services in the Hadoop ecosystem so that they all run together in coordination. Ambari provisions, manages and monitors the Hadoop cluster.

Mahadev also describes the future of Ambari and his favorite moment in the history of the project.

Learn more about Ambari here or at the Apache Ambari project site.


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