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March 15, 2017
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Microsoft and Hortonworks Empower Azure HDInsight Customers to Be First to Benefit from Innovation

Streaming on Apache Spark and Interactive SQL on Apache Hive now runs even faster

In 2016, Hortonworks announced Microsoft Azure HDInsight as its Premier Connected Data Platforms cloud solution to give customers Apache™ Hadoop® in cloud environments. Microsoft and Hortonworks have been pioneering cloud solutions for the past four years together through a strategic partnership spanning joint engineering and go-to-market motions, giving customers the most flexible big data environments.

The Forrester Wave™ Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016 report calls out that “enterprises of all types and sizes are increasingly embracing the cloud as an important catapult for their business technology agenda.” Microsoft received the highest score for current offering and strategy in this report.

“At Hortonworks we have seen more and more Hadoop related work loads and applications move to the cloud. Starting with HDP 2.6, we are adopting a “Cloud First” strategy in which our platform will be available on our cloud platforms, especially HDInsight, before it is available on traditional on premise settings. With this in mind, we are very excited that Microsoft and Hortonworks will empower Azure HDInsight customers to be first to benefit from our upcoming release HDP 2.6,” said Arun Murthy, co-founder of Hortonworks.

“Operating a fully managed cloud service like Azure HDInsight, which is backed by an enterprise grade SLA, requires that we can deploy the latest bits of Hadoop & Apache Spark on demand,” says Dharma Shukla, Distinguished Engineer and General Manager (Open Source analytics and NoSQL) at Microsoft. “To that end, we are excited that the latest Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6 will be continuously available to Azure HDInsight even before its on-premise release. Hortonworks’ commitment to being cloud first is especially significant given the growing importance of cloud with Hadoop and Spark workloads.”

Microsoft Azure HDInsight has made SQL and Spark workloads simple with lower manageability costs and higher developer productivity.  Today, with LLAP execution engine on Apache Hive 2.1, customers can expect sub-second query performance for BI tools. This is particularly useful for business analysts and Line-of-Business users who want to run their favorite BI/analytics tools directly on Hadoop without replicating data into RDBMS/analytic databases and expecting an interactive speed-of-thought response time.

With the latest release of Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight, customers can leverage the fully managed, 99.9% SLA-backed Spark 2.1 clusters in the cloud with significant improvements in production readiness and security. Azure HDInsight customers can use Apache Ranger to provide a central policy and management portal to author and maintain fine-grained access control. In addition, customers can now analyze detailed audit records in the familiar Apache Ranger user interface.

By embracing Azure HDInsight, which delivers Apache™ Hive with LLAP and Apache Spark™ powered by Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®), organizations can future-proof their connected data architectures with a solution that is easy to manage and quick to deploy. Teaming with Microsoft, Hortonworks has pioneered cloud solutions for over four years and has seen great customer traction as organizations have turned towards HDInsight to help power their data-centric operations.

For more information, please read Microsoft’s blog from Dharma Shukla, Distinguished Engineer and General Manager.

For more information about Hortonworks’ cloud offering, please go here.
To get started on with a free trial for Microsoft Azure HDInsight powered by Hortonworks Data Platform, go here. For more information, please refer to the following links.

Product Webpage
Azure HDInsight Tutorial
Forrester Wave Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions Report



Roy Kim (Microsoft MVP) says:

Excited but when will there be HDInsight with spark cluster type that supports HDP 2.6 with apache ranger and perhaps with apache atlas. I see that Hadoop cluster type has this support.

laxmi says:

Nice article. Thanks for sharing..

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