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September 04, 2014
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MicroStrategy and Big Data Innovations for the Modern Data Architecture

In case you missed it — earlier this week, Alan Gates and team provided some insights into roadmap around the delivery of Enterprise SQL and Hadoop Scale. We’re excited to continue the conversation and include some of our key partners around their excitement on this important initiative. Today’s guest blogger, Michael Hiskey, Chief Product Evangelist & Product Marketing, from MicroStrategy, provides some insight on the initiatives and how this will benefit MicroStrategy customers and the overall Big Data and Hadoop community.

As the thriving open-source community works to improve and expand the Hadoop ecosystem, Hadoop continues to mature into a much more feasible big data solution for a widening user base, and, as it gets easier for companies to manage streams of unstructured data, more users will want to leverage this data to boost their business. This is a huge opportunity for our customers.   For years now (since about the first Hadoop Summit!), MicroStrategy has been closely following, investing in, and supporting the development and expansion of Hadoop—and HIVE in particular.

The recently wrapped-up Stinger Initiative, an open-source effort to renovate Apache Hive, delivered huge improvements in speed and was another step towards making Hadoop the top multi-tool system for data processing and big data analytics. We’ve been very pleased with the improvements that came from the Stinger/HDP 2.1 Initiative, as it yielded an enhanced integration layer that enables the majority of use cases for our customers to use interactive analytics on top of Hadoop.  However, there are still gaps. MicroStrategy customers cannot easily implement some use cases today due to holes in the SQL support.  We’ve been working closely with the Hadoop community and Hortonworks to communicate the needs and desires of MicroStrategy customers…and, once again, they’ve stepped up!

We are excited about the latest Hortonworks initiative——because it promises to expand and enable common workflows that our customers depend on. With the roadmap, Hortonworks is pushing ahead to plug capability gaps in Hadoop, leading to an enhanced framework that reaches beyond batch processing to support interactive data exploration and smooth interoperability between MicroStrategy and underlying Hadoop clusters. Running MicroStrategy applications on top of a more capable and flexible enterprise Hadoop architecture will allow users to more quickly and easily access, manipulate, and analyze data using our powerful visualization and analytics tools without getting bogged down in the complexity of an unfamiliar batch-processing system.

MicroStrategy MDA

More specifically, here are a couple features that really grab our attention:

  • Sub-second queries with LLAP. In analytics, it’s often said that speed kills. Faster queries with the LLAP engine are a boon to MicroStrategy users looking for timely insights.  Getting the right insights at the right time is the crux of high-value business intelligence.
  • SQL: 2011 Analytics. Greater SQL compliance brings expanded functionality and boosts response-time, leading to faster deployment of reporting workloads, more interactive dashboards, and faster explorative ad hoc analysis.

The initiative will address most, if not all, of the requirements needed for MicroStrategy to push all of its analytics capabilities to the Hadoop platform. With a fully-functioning MicroStrategy platform running on Hadoop, users will be able to quickly and easily power through their most difficult big data analytic workloads to gain insights and snag competitive advantage.  MicroStrategy is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive, easy-to-use analytics platform for governed data discovery and production-grade BI, and smoother integration with partner technologies is an important part of this commitment. We’re impressed with what Hortonworks has done to date and look forward to what’s coming next.

Keep up the good work!

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