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August 07, 2017
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Mobile Data is a Bullseye for Purchasing Decisions

It had been multiple hours since hearing from my wife. Usually we check in a couple times with each other via texting during the day. I shrugged it off, figuring she was just having an extra busy day at work.

A few hours later I received a message, “Sorry, I forgot my phone at home, it’s been a rough day without it.”

How does that happen?

“I’d be more likely to forget to wear pants than forget my phone,” I texted back, chuckling.

After realizing what I had said, I took a step back to reevaluate. As crazy as the statement was, it wasn’t far from the truth. This is a perfect example of how engrained the smartphone is in our society, we feel incomplete without it.

You see it everywhere, people’s necks bent down staring at the small screen in the palm of their hand as life goes on around them. We instinctively grab for our phone with any vibration, text alert, or notification that flashes across the screen. There’s even a concept called “phantom vibration syndrome,” for those times when we grab for our phone thinking there was an alert, and it ends up being a false alarm.

Studies show that the average person spends 4-5 hours per day using mobile devices, and another 4-5 hours per day watching television. We’re connected all the time, on an hourly basis. This offers significant opportunity for companies to advertise and work their way into their customer’s subconscious if they position themselves effectively.

Mobile Data Leaving a Digital Trace

Smartphones and the Internet have made data more abundant and more valuable to companies. Everything we do creates a digital trace. The social media posts we write, accounts we follow, what we click on, how long we linger on a page, what we purchase – all these actions result in data. This data leads to more accuracy and personalization for companies’ future interactions with their customers.

Companies are using Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms to ingest data and gain actionable insights. This leads to processing and storing data more efficiently at a lower cost. They can then use this information to create targeted ads across social networks, webpages, and email to more effectively reach customers.

By having the advertisement show up in multiple places throughout a potential customer’s day, it slowly seeps into their subconscious. A big question companies are looking to answer is, “how many times does a user need to see an ad before it leads to a purchasing decision?”

Advertising used to be centered around TV commercials and billboards. The cost for these methods vary, but some commercials can run for hundreds of thousands of dollars. These methods also have little control over who sees the advertisements. The commercial can be run during a specific TV program or time of the day, but that’s as segmented as it can get.

With the new age of social media and our society’s dependence on smartphones, targeted ads have become paramount to a company’s success. Companies can target a specific demographic at an extremely detailed level, for example an 18-year old girl who lives in Southern California and likes Taylor Swift. These targeted ads can lead to much higher conversion rates.

Insights from Big Data are an integral part of properly refining these targeted ads, leading to quicker purchasing decisions and more personalization for each customer.

To learn more about how companies are using Big Data and Hortonworks in the advertising industry, visit:


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