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August 14, 2017
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Mobile Data Helps Telecom Companies See the Whole Picture

Last week I wrote about how mobile data allows companies to gain a better understanding of their customer’s preferences and buying habits. Targeted ads can be better refined, and in turn lead to higher conversion rates. However, gaining insights from mobile data leads to much more than effective advertisements.

The first iPhone was released a little over 10 years ago, and in that short time the smartphone has become engrained in our society. For some people, it’s hard to remember a time without them. Various studies show that the average smartphone user spends between 4-5 hours per day glued to their phone.

Smartphone users are getting even younger, with 10 years old being the average age for receiving a first phone. As a society, we’re using more data than ever before, now between 2-3 GB’s per month (up from 450 MB’s in 2012). That number continues to rise with each year that passes. To keep up with this demand, unlimited data has become the norm, with all the major players in the space offering the option for cheaper than it’s ever been before.

Mobile data has exploded, and continues to grow at remarkable rates. Not only in the form of millions of phone calls per second, but now web browsing, video streaming, text messages, and email. Telecommunications companies have the extreme challenge of dealing with these huge amounts of data. They realize the need to adapt to keep up with customer demand and usage patterns. They also need to be able to connect with a wider range of ages, since younger generations are leading the charge of generating mobile data.

More data means more opportunity for telecommunications companies to learn about their customers. Companies utilize Hortonworks Connected Data Platform to ingest data and transform it into insights. They’re able to store new types of data, retain data longer, and use diverse datasets to drive growth. This can all be done at a more affordable rate than traditional methods.

With these insights, cross-sell opportunities are opened through “next product to buy” recommendations. The data is also used by product managers in developing new products, thanks to Apache Hadoop delivering the most impactful data to their fingertips. Call quality, customer satisfaction and servicing margins can all be significantly improved through analysis of call detail records.

A prime example of this is Rogers Communications, who uses Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to gain a 360-degree view of their customers across their various channels and businesses to better serve their needs.

Leveraging data opens worlds of possibilities for telecommunication companies to gain insights about their customers.

To learn more about how companies are using Big Data and Hortonworks in the telecommunications industry, visit:


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