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March 17, 2016
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Modern Data Platform for the Connected Vehicle 

Big Data, the Internet of Anything (IoAT) and the Connected Car have created a new Information Superhighway that fundamentally changes the relationship between automakers and drivers. Previously, automakers had an incomplete feedback loop after they sold a vehicle but the connected car has changed all of that. Now, automakers can establish a complete feedback from each vehicle that can constantly send sensor data from each car on how it is driven, how it responds to driving conditions, and how it might be improved in future models.

With today’s Information Superhighway, one of the key determinants of future success in the industry will be speed: how quickly and accurately can automakers capture and understand data, then use that insight to innovate the kinds of vehicles and mobility services that consumers expect?

Another key factor will be security. Automakers must secure vehicular data as it flows from connected cars to its final destination.

At the upcoming Automotive Cyber Security SummitI will be speaking about how Hortonworks delivers both speed and security with a Modern Data Platform for the Connected Vehicle.

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