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September 30, 2014
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Moving Ahead with SAP

It’s been just about a year since SAP signed up to be a strategic reseller for the Hortonworks Data Platform and what a year it’s been — we’ve worked on enablement, engineering and marketing efforts.

Enablement and Support Milestones

As part SAP’s Big Data strategy, the SAP sales force can resell the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) as a Strategic Reseller. This means that a SAP customer can purchase HDP from SAP using the same purchasing vehicles and agreements they already have in place. Hortonworks has been invited numerous times to enable the SAP sales force and industry teams to help them understand the integration with SAP solutions and the use cases that Hadoop solves. There have been a number of joint successes that have resulted from these efforts including brand name, Fortune 500 Oil and Gas, Retail and Pharmaceutical companies. Not only does SAP resell HDP, SAP also provides Level 1 and 2 Support, so that customers can have just one support organization to help with troubleshooting. Should a customer have an issue, Hortonworks will be there to provide Level 3 and 4 support to SAP. Since we’re fully integrated into SAP’s Solution Manager, SAP customers can be assured that they will receive the highest level of support to solve their issues.

Engineering Milestones

As part of this relationship, there have been joint engineering efforts between the two teams with a roadmap in place that will provide deeper integration between Hadoop and HANA and other SAP products. Over the last few months, there have been several milestone achievements in the integration efforts:

  • SAP HANA SP08 has been certified on HDP 2.1
  • SAP InfiniteInsights (formerly the KXEN Predictive Analysis) has been updated to work with Hive 11 and 12
  • SAP Lumira has announced roadmap intentions to integrate with Hadoop 2 and Hive 13


Marketing Milestones

Hortonworks was pleased to have SAP as Platinum sponsor at both Hadoop Summit – EMEA and Hadoop Summit – US, where SAP also participated in the Cube. SAP is also a Platinum sponsor at the Hortonworks Modern Data Architecture Road Show in two cities — San Francisco on October 9 and London on December 4.

Hortonworks exhibited at last year’s TechEd event and this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW! event. Hortonworks will be busy in the new few weeks with SAP events:

It’s been a great year with SAP, and we look forward to another great year as the relationship continues to deepen.



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