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February 16, 2017
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The New Coin of the Realm – Data as Market Currency for Our Customers

Last week we announced fourth quarter and full year 2016 results. Take a look at Rob Bearden’s previous 2016 Year in Review post for more from our CEO on all the great ecosystem, product and business momentum that Hortonworks delivered last year.

My team focusses on our customer stories—sharing the real-world details on how Hortonworks subscribers work with us to transform their businesses and industries.

In 2016, we established a habit of including compelling customer stories along with our financial results. After all, our customers’ success transforming their businesses is the foundation of our company’s success. Stay tuned for more on this front with the new Data Heroes program. For Hortonworks, as for our customers, data is the new “coin of the realm”.

When customers treat their data like currency, they invest in new opportunities for their investors, employees, partners and customers. Here are the Hortonworks customers that we mentioned specifically as part of our earnings announcement last week.


Black Knight Financial Services, a trusted, long-standing business partner to many of the nation’s leading lenders and servicers, is using HDP and HDF capabilities to provide its clients with a Big Data technology solution, which Black Knight calls the LoanSphere Data Hub, that will enable its clients to better manage risk, improve financial performance and drive greater efficiency.

Scotiabank, the third largest bank in Canada, has been a Hortonworks customer since 2015. One of the bank’s strategic initiatives focuses on becoming a data-driven organization. To that end, Scotiabank began with Hortonworks by consolidating multiple data repositories into a shared HDP data lake to streamline the company’s data management processes. This has improved the efficiency of regulatory reporting, one of the multiple business benefits that a Scotiabank speaker shared in a keynote presentation at the Hortonworks Future of Data Roadshow in Toronto this past October 2016.

We recently highlighted LendingPoint’s use of HDP to build a modern, real-time loan request platform. LendingPoint and Hortonworks continue to partner and develop new use cases to enable LendingPoint to accept more applications and to price loans appropriately.


Clearsense, a company dedicated to helping the healthcare industry unlock the power of Big Data, is leveraging HDF to ingest data from several hospitals and health systems across the United States. Data lands into HDP, where Clearsense runs analytics and data science for applications that provide for the real-time intelligence to proactively address clinical, operational, and financial challenges at the point of decision or influence. With the help of Apache NiFi, Clearsense is also using HDF for Sepsis Management by monitoring key vital signs to detect symptoms of this common life-threatening infection before it becomes fatal.


QSight IT leverages HDP and HDF to secure organizations against cyber threats and malicious activity on a global scale by creating information that allows customers to clearly understand and effectively remediate security incidents. Data is collected from log sources and network streams through sensors and securely sent to a central platform. It is enriched and correlated and, through intensive use of Artificial Intelligence, transformed into Actionable Intelligence which is presented through an online customer portal. Over a million events are collected per customer per day, resulting in terabytes of data pertaining to fraudulent user activity, cyber-attacks, data protection and company reputation indicators. For QSight IT, Hortonworks is the enabler for a flexible and scalable cybersecurity platform for its customers.


Soleo Communications, a digital media company dedicated to connecting people to local businesses, adopted HDF to process up to 20 million calls per week. Soleo ingests this data from telecommunication data centers nationwide and analyses it in real time to identify patterns and to optimize their service. Soleo’s need to interact with this streaming data in myriad, simultaneous ways made HDF the ideal processing platform.


The California Natural Resources Agency’s mission is “To restore, protect and manage the state’s natural, historical and cultural resources for current and future generations using creative approaches and solutions based on science, collaboration and respect for all the communities and interests involved.” This mission requires increasingly detailed analysis, using ever-growing datasets and collaboration with its member Departments and with a wide variety of stakeholders, constituent groups and the public. HDP will be the core environment for this collaboration.

For more about Hortonworks customers across many more industries than mentioned here, head to

We look forward to working with all of our customers to accomplish great things in 2017, and we thank them for helping us deliver a great fourth quarter and 2016.

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