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April 02, 2015
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New HDP Certified Developer (HDPCD) Performance-Based Exam

Hortonworks is excited to announce that our first hands-on, performance based certification exam is now available! The HDP Certified Developer (HDPCD) exam is designed for Hadoop developers working with frameworks like Pig, Hive, Sqoop and Flume. This new approach to Hadoop certification is designed to allow individuals an opportunity to prove their Hadoop skills in a way that is recognized in the industry as meaningful and relevant to on-the-job performance.

Instead of multiple-choice questions, the exam consists of tasks executed on a live, three-node Hortonworks Data Platform cluster:


Exam Objectives

The exam has three main categories of tasks that involve:

  • Data ingestion
  • Data transformation
  • Data analysis

Click here to view a detailed list of objectives for the HDPCD exam.



Balaji Sundaravadanam says:

Can i have the exam fees details to take up the certification exam ?

Rich Raposa says:

The exam is $250 USD, and all the details for registering can be found here:

Guru says:

Do you have this new format exam for hdp certified java developer? ?

Rich Raposa says:

Not yet, but soon! The HDP Certified Java Developer exam is scheduled to be available sometime in June. We are hoping to have the new Administrator exam available sometime in May.

Arpan R says:

Excellent Idea to make the exam based on practical knowledge.
I currently see that exam can be taken from home unlike other exams where in which you can go onsite/exam center and take up. It would be great if you can provide this exam also onsite/exam center.
What is the examination success criterion? Like other exams 75%?
How do you plan to access the exam/score?
Based on number of tasks done successfully?
How many tasks will be there in the actual exam?
Do we have any sectional weigh-age?

My two cents!

Rich Raposa says:

Good questions! The ability to take the exam from anywhere at anytime is a huge benefit over trying to schedule and then travel to a testing center. All you need is a webcam and good internet access. We have no plans currently to offer the hands-on exams at a testing facility.

A passing exam is one where the candidate successfully completes a certain number of tasks. It is not a specific percentage because the exam questions vary from candidate to candidate. You might get 7 tasks while another candidate might get 9. In general, you can expect to see 7 to 10 tasks, depending on the accumulated time it takes to complete the tasks.

I can’t emphasize enough that the practice exam is an extremely useful study aid. I would highly recommend any candidate to attempt it.

Nilambari says:

What is the success criteria? what if tasks are not executed successfully due to syntax errors? but logic is written in the solutions?

Leotis says:

For the HDP Certified Java Developer , do I have to take the 4 days course, its really a lot of money on a student budget

Rich Raposa says:

You do not need to attend our training courses to attempt our certification exams. It is highly recommended, but not required.

Guang ZHao says:

Is this certification a replacement of previous certification “Hadoop 2.0 Developer Certification”? Is the old one still available? Which one should I take? Any suggestions?

Rich Raposa says:

Yes – this new hands-on certification exam replaces the old “Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop 2.0 Developer” exam. The old certification is no longer available, so you need to sign up for the new exam at In order to distinguish the old certification from the new one, we have changed the name to “HDP Certified Developer (HDPCD)”.

Aniket Datir says:

hello Rich

so that means ….there is no theoretical or MCQ type q , is it?

exam task means , do we have to write map-reduce code or we have to write hive queries and so on like this?

without taking hortonworks hadoop course , is it possible to clear HDPCD exam?

if we clear the HDPCD exam, do Hortonworks offer employment?

thanks n warm regards

Rich Raposa says:

You are correct – there are no multiple-choice questions. You are given tasks to perform that require you to write a Pig script, a Hive query, a Sqoop command, etc. You do not need to attend our training courses to attempt the exam. Just make sure you can perform all of the tasks listed in the exam objectives here:

And be sure to take the practice exam! I highly recommend it:

As far as getting a job at Hortonworks (or anywhere else), being an HDP Certified Professional can open a lot of doors for you! We have a thousand partners – and they all need Hadoop talent. Passing an exam like ours demonstrates real knowledge and ability that goes way beyond answering multiple-choice questions.

skr says:

what happens if my internet connection goes down in between?. Please advice.

Rich Raposa says:

If your console freezes or a technical issues occurs, the proctor will pause the timer so that it does not count as part of your two hours to complete the exam. If you completely lose a connection to the exam and cannot get logged back in for some reason, then we handle that on a case-by-case basis depending on how far into the exam you are and other factors.

Haider says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Doesn’t seem like a good idea, the certification should be about having knowledge not performance of real world task completion basis which is much more advanced thing. It will take a lot of experience than just understanding and there too many complexities and cases when solving real-world problems, One can’t go through all of them and thus will never be fully prepared.

Haider says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

It would be great if exam is based on very generic checking of skills sets otherwise it wouldn’t be useful. Just a tool like Sqoop has some 10 different variations for importing and exporting data.

Vipul Pathak says:

Answer to the one of the previous question, didn’t clearly tell how success is concluded in the exam. Take an example of exam with 10 tasks and an examinee was able to complete 7 tasks successfully. Is that a success ?

We need to clearly define success criteria.



Rich Raposa says:

The passing percentage is around 70-75%, depending on the number of tasks. For example, 7 out of 10; or 5 out of 7.

Arvind says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

One of the hardware requirement for xertification is
◦A monitor with screen resolution larger than 1600 x 900

This resolution seems to be to high and not available very easily. What would be the impact if we take test from a low resolution monitor? Will the test start?


Srikanth Daggumalli says:


1. Could you please let us know is the new patterns on Live yet? Can we take up the exam ?

2. could you please also let us know is it sufficient to prepare the course content which were listed in HDPCD page ?? or do we need to refer any other books/blogs/sites etc.

3. I understand the Minimally Qualified Candidate meaning but could you please also explain other qualification layers like highly qualified/average/distinction etc ??

4. Could you please also explain the reason behind the tasks variation between the candidates ?? Is it depends upon the complex levels of the tasks ?? or is it depends upon the time taken to complete the task by a candidate ?? or any other ??

Thanks in advance.

Srikanth D.

Vittal Jadhav says:

Hi Rich,

Can I take this exam from home?
As its performance based will there be any sandbox we need to download?
What is the configuration of laptop i.e RAM, CPU, and internet bandwidth required?

Vittal Jadhav

Rich Raposa says:

Yes – you can take the exam from any place at any time. The only requirement is that you have a webcam (the built-in one on your laptop works fine) and good internet access. You do not need to download the Sandbox. Here is a tool that verifies your computer matches the necessary requirements:

Dinesh Priyankara says:

Hi Rich

Is it possible to follow the course related to this online? If not, are there any books recommended to this exam?



Rich Raposa says:

Yes. Most of the exam objectives are covered in our HDP Developer: Pig and Hive course:

nikhil aggatwal says:

If a task is partial complete, will that be counted?

Rich Raposa says:

No. Each task is worth 1 point, and a task must be complete and execute properly for it to be marked as successful.

nian zhang says:

I just completed a bunch of tutorials on HDP 2.3 sand box. But just noticed the exam uses 2.2. Will there be much differences between the two? Should I get 2.2 to prepare or I can just fine to go? I will need some time to learn more of course.

Jordan Moore says:

The Pig, Hive, Sqoop, etc. syntax does not change significantly between HDP versions. As long as you stick to the basics, and don’t use new features of those tools, the only problems you may run into by using a newer HDP version are deprecated syntax. Deprecated doesn’t mean it won’t work, just that there is now a newer way to achieve the same goal.
As long as you reference the provided documentation on the exam and from, you should be fine.

Praveen says:

Would it be a problem if I use a PC with 1366 * 768 screen resolution for taking the exam?

Rich Raposa says:

Yes – that would be very inconvenient. You would have to scroll the window through the entire exam. You need a higher resolution – I would recommend an external monitor.

Sanjay says:

Had a chat with the one of the help chat guys,he said laptop with 1366 * 768 resolution is absolutely fine.
Also my laptop passed the compatibility test on their site with 1366*768 resolution.

So I am still confused if I can take the exam on my laptop.

Rajesh says:


Is the Live exam as slow as the practice exam(AWS Mock Exam) ?
The VNC viewer took 2 seconds for me to refresh whenever I used to fire any command.I found it bit annoying and slow. Please let me know


Nian Zhang says:

I have did the test in Amazon AWS. I noticed in the Ambari in AWS there is no views (hive, pig, HDFS files or local files). So I did all the exercises in the terminals using commands. Is this intended (to force testers to use commands and typing instead of GUI and mouse operation)? If so, why there is a Ambari shortcut there, what’s that for?

Sam says:

Can I use lesser resolution 1366 * 768 and make the web browser small using Cntrl — ?

aashish soni says:

Would it be a problem if I use a laptop with 1366 * 768 screen resolution for taking the exam? and I can’t set it to 1600×900.
and also i dont have any external monitor ,I know it would be inconvenient , but my question is still am able to use 1366*768 Screen resolution for my exam or not?

Mike Dobing says:

How do you save pig scripts from the command line? I’m doing the practice exam but I don’y know how to save the script into the solutions directory. If I try and create a file manually in the local file system through “filemanager” I get permission denied.

Can you advise please?

Harshal says:


I was looking for Pig and Hive certification on, but I can’t find exam there when I search “Hortonworks” nothing appears.

prabu says:

hello Rich,

I am not able to connect EC2 for hdpcd practice exam . the instruction is given in the web is for MAC os. but I am planning to connect Window.

Kindly share the docs for how to connect ec2 from windows HDPCD Practice Exam.


Adi says:

Can we use online help or books during the exam ?

Rich Raposa says:

Not books, but you can use the online documentation for Pig, Hive, Sqoop and Flume. You can see exactly what is available by taking the practice exam. You can not use notes or books or have anything on your desk in front of you during the exam.

Shrirang Garge says:

Hello Rich,

I had prepared my notes on google docs for every topic for a better understanding which carries the syntax as well and the significance of every argument/parameter. Is it allowed to be used for ready reference through the or my local browser.

Nitin says:

Practice Exam has only one Task, how many should we expect in the real exam ?
How we supposed to submit the code and output details ? as these details we will required while verifying the work in exam ?

Thanks, -Nitin

yuvaraj mani says:

HI There,

you mentioned in the above that we will be able to refer the documentation during the exams, will the same set of documentation which are present on the practice exams also be available in the actual practical exam that we take. I still havent taken the practice exam , thats the reason this question has poped up.


Harshal Lagvankar says:

Yesterday(September 21, 2015) I appeared for hortonworks developer certification with following details. I encountered error “unable to resolve dns” due to which proctor had to cancel the exam. He told me hortonworks will contact me and I need to reschedule the exam. I see my exam marked as “System Error” on my examslocal account.

Can you please let me know how much time will it take to reschedule the exam and what would be the resolution if I encountered same error again? Will I get same time slot or I need to choose again?

Please reply asap.

Exam Sponsor: Hortonworks
Exam: HDP Certified Developer
Exam Code: HDPCD
Total Amount: $250.00
Scheduled Date: September 21, 2015
Scheduled Time: 10:30 PM (UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi
Confirmation Code: 005-AB7

ranjit says:

Hi Rich,

Do we have to run the given task and produce the result or just write the solutions for the tasks provided. Also, would it be allowed to run the tasks if we need to and after we are satisfied write the solutions for review.

Subramani says:

if we failed the exam, do we need to pay 250$ again for the second attempt?

Harshal says:

Hi Rich,

I have given my HDP certification for Pig and Hive yesterday (23/09/2015). When can I expect my results? Can I check it online or it will be delivered through mail only?

Mani says:

if we failed, do we need to pay 250$ again to retake the exam?

Krunal says:

Hi Rich,
In Test Exam, Document links to Pig, Hive etc does not open in browser. Is there any proxy settings. In Real Exam also We will have access to virtual instance by VNC Viewer ? Document links are not opening as there is no internet access. Thank You

Prabu subbiah says:

Hi Rich,

I have taken exam recently. The exam screen is not displayed properly. But my screen resolution set as per the instructions and also instructor checked. But it’s not display properly.


Bhumi says:

Do we have 2nd attempt from same exam fee?

Rich Raposa says:

The exam is $250 per attempt, and you can attempt the exam as many times as necessary.

Krunal Sabnis says:

One month old comment is still waiting for approval ! I need answer to this please. As I need to plan my exam

My Question:
While trying Practice Exam on Amazon EC2, I observed an Issue. I am not able to open the documents link. But when I try to open google, gmail etc it works perfectly. It is stated that other access are blocked and only documentation links are open. However I feel its otherway around. How can I be sure that if i need I will be able to access documentation link in real Exam. Please reply. Thanks !

Rajlakshmi says:

How is the passing percentage calculated for HDPCD Java Exam

Krunal Sabnis says:

While trying Practice Exam on Amazon EC2, I observed an Issue. I am not able to open the documents link. But when I try to open google, gmail etc it works perfectly. It is stated that other access are blocked and only documentation links are open. However I feel its otherway around. How can I be sure that if i need I will be able to access documentation link in real Exam. Please reply. Thanks !

Krunal Sabnis says:

Hi Rich,

I appeared for Exam via The compatibility tool gave go ahead for Internet bandwidht. I could type and communicate well with Proctor over my browser. But in VNC – that is for Actual Exam each key stroke was taking more than 2 -4 seconds !! I had horrible experience. Proctor asked me to refresh window, Reconnect etc . All tried and no luck. I was so confident that I am aware of all the concepts, but for Syntax when I started looking for Document I felt Its useless to have document access. for me Practice Exam VM was faster. I am sure there was some VM provisioned with Low Memory. I am not happy with this experience and It has impacted my attempt. I gave exam half an hour before – very much disapointed with such experience. I have good internet speed, Streaming videos working fine. I am sure about VM issue but in 2 hours what options you have once you pay for exam ? I am not sure if Examslocal has control over provisioning cloud machines or what ?

Munish says:

In the real exam, are we going to write everything on the terminal like window or will we have hue based window.
and second question: according to the tasks given for HDPCD exam there is no mention of mapreduce and yarn. So is it just Pig, hive, sqoop and flume or we can expect questions from mapreduce and yarn also in the exam…

Rich Raposa says:

The exam is run on an environment with HDP installed, which does not include HUE. Code can be written using gedit or vi, then executed from a command line. I would highly recommend taking the practice exam to familiarize yourself with the environment.

You should be able to perform all of the exam objectives listed on our website, and keep in mind that the exam consists of tasks, not questions. When you execute a Pig script, that runs a MapReduce job on YARN, so it is hard to answer your second question because I am not sure what exactly you are asking. You do not have to write any Java code, if that is your question.

Rahul says:

Hi Rich,

In the exam is it possible to have tasks specifically based on mapreduce or yarn so is it just limited to pig, hive, sqoop and flume

satish says:

HI Rich Raposa,
How are you? I just wrote the exam. The questions are fine. I wrote the exam today. Even though my laptop screen is big with max resolution settings of whatever the exam recommended 1600X900, it is very uncomfortable to move the screens up and down.

On the other hand the GUI which displays the exam is occupying more than 1/4 of the display, when the examiner needed to communicate with the examine through chat window it comes up right disrupting the flow. I have a huge doubt once the window which displays the questions if accidentally closed , is it easy to navigate back into it. The window displaying questions has a corner closed button and no minimize and max buttons shown to play with it

Getting used to the display environment/getting used to GUI seems taking little time which is at the cost of time expense in two hour window with is playing a drag effect on thinking in successful execution of the exam.

I wrote all the the questions and saved in the scripts, while executing due to minor syntax errors not able to ace them. I am not sure how the examiner (horton) will evaluate them. will they see the scripts or not. I guess if the same exam is written at a client location with no GUI constraints that would be wonderful.

And execution on cluster is always good but debug on syntax error on minor issues sometimes takes time. I am positive that there are only minor errors .what is hard rule to say that a examine wrote it successfully? I hope you are employee of horton networks who is in charge of HDPCD certification division and understand the above written. Hope the examiner who is correcting them does understand the hard parts.Again i wrote all the questions given but how far will i go.

Syam Devendla says:

Does online training available for HDP developer in Hortonnetworks?
Would you please suggest , how I can register for online training and how I can setup a test environment for my study purpose, before taking the demo certificate test.

vinayak says:

Whats the cost of AWS mock test isntance per hour

Haider says:

It depends on the EC2 instance you choose. 3.x costs about 0.3$ while the recommended 3.2x costs about 0.55$ per hour. I used both and found 3.x works fairly good.

krishna says:

If I register for the exam and paid the fee of $250.What if I fail for the first time and how many times can I take the exam with the same fee and how many days is it valid? and also the certification?

Rich Raposa says:

The cost of the exam is $250 per attempt. You can attempt the exam as many times as necessary. The certification is valid indefinitely, but keep in mind your digital badge shows which version of HDP you passed the exam on. So over time, we expect candidates will want to update their certifications every few years as Hadoop evolves and grows.

Krit says:

Hi, how would I access the HDFS and MR UI when doing the certification exam

Krit says:

Hi, how would I access the HDFS and MR UI when doing the certification exam. When doing the practice exam, I couldn’t understand how do I access these UI, in case I dont want to validate HDFS filesystem through terminal.

Krit says:

I am new to Big data and aspire to do HDPDC Certification. However when doing practice test, I could find any HDFS file browserUI and Job Browser UI on Ambari. It is very essential to see HDFS file structure and Job UI. Can you please guide as to how I can access these UI on the practice and the real exam.

Krit says:

I am new to Big data and aspire to do HDPDC Certification. However when doing practice test, I COULD NOT find any HDFS file browserUI and Job Browser UI on Ambari. It is very essential to see HDFS file structure and Job UI. Can you please guide as to how I can access these UI on the practice and the real exam.

Anil Kumar says:

How many Tasks will be there for HDP – Java certification, in the the practice exam there is only one task, if there is only one task in real exam then how is the passing score calculated?

Hesham Rafi says:

I am planning to give HDP CERTIFIED DEVELOPER exam. Can you please suggest any reference material or “HDP DEVELOPER: APACHE PIG AND HIVE” program is enough for the exam?


Arunachalam says:


I wrote my HDPCD exam on last Friday 09/09/2016. When can i except the results and how will I receive the results?


anisha says:

i faced lot of issues while taking the exam i have asked proctor many times but reply was not immediate and connection was lost at your end den whatever i did all tasks were not saved which wasted lot of time.i have dropped message to support team.please do reply me any solution?

Himansu says:

Hi Anisha,

Was there any response/actions taken by Hortonworks after this to resolve/help you?

Jegatheeswaran Pandian says:

I took a exam yesterday, I faced at least 6 -7 times connection lost while taking exam. I wasted time and flow of working got distributed many times, in fact I got only 5-10 grace time though the system got interrupted multiple times. one point of time really I felt its waste of time taking exam at Horton work.

Himansu says:

Hi Jagatheeswaran,

Was there any response/actions taken by Hortonworks after this to resolve/help you?

Hien says:

I passed the exam today and I had a problem with the screen size. Even I changed the resolution to 1920*1080 or 1600*900, it did not help to expand the exam screen to full screen (my window screen size). The exam screen size is just half of my window screen. It appeared as a small window in the center of the examlocal siteweb. Is this normal? Did I miss something? That bothered me so much to see the small screen during the exam.

Hien says:

For HDPCD practice exam, I can not connect to AWS instance with VNC view at my office. (I can do it at home). Maybe the firewall of my company network blocked 5901 port. Will this be my problem for actual exam if I’ll pass it in my office?

Anubhav says:

Hi I am having this same doubt.

Soumava Bhattacharjee says:


I have 2 questions.

My laptop has screen resolution 1600 x 900. Would it fit the full screen of the hdpcd aws? I see for the practise exam on aws it fits.
Would the laptop webcam be good for the test or do we need a separate one.

Thank you for your suggestions in advance.

Himansu says:

Hi Rich,

Hortonworks being such a renowned framework, How come the resources provided for the certification provided is such worse & cheap. Its just playing with our money & taking away all the confidence & trust.

i. The test environment was soooo Horrible, that, adjusting to the environment itself will consume time, every mouse stroke is taking 6-7 sec of time to respond.
ii. There is no option to zoom/make full screen.
iii. Screen resolution requirement is set to very high. Even if we dont have, why the tool is certifying the hardware requirements ?
iv. switching tab, minimizing/browsing is ridiculously slow.

Its such a worse experience. Hortonworks, should seriously think of its own reputation to conduct such tests. If it doesn’t have capability to afford for a better testing environment, why to conduct the test itself ?

It was not a certification test, rather a test of your patience to check how much time it takes to respond to your every key stroke… Its a test of patience of the students.

I am really disappointed & lost trust from Hortonworks.

Guys, I would say, just don’t waste your money & time preparing for Hortonworks certification. Better to go for claudera rather than Hortonworks.

Here in this blog also, there is no response to every complaint by aspirants. Neither any improvements in providing better & responsive environment for aspirants since almost a year.

I had raised many complaints regarding the same issue. Even proctor has submitted a report about it. However there is not a single response from Hortonworks certification team.

Seriously, Hortonworks shpuld be ashamed of its way, it conducts the certification test & steals money from people.

Oraz says:

I thought I’m alone who has such terrible experience. Yesterday I tried to pass exam provided by HW, it was HORRIBLE! Connection was lost constantly. Proctor was not able to help, he was absolutely useless, actually. Don’t waste your time, money and nerves. Seriously, don’t. I wrote an email to support-team asking give money back

Haider says:

What was their response to that? Can they reschedule if this happens or do they give money back?

Anshika says:

Hi Oraz,

I faced the same problems while giving the exam. It was so frustrating and discouraging. Did you hear back from them? I would certainly want my money back or ask them to reschedule with a better environment.

Nikita says:


When my exam started in AMBARI interface I had Pig and Hive in red, and datanode was not even live. Took 40 min just to get everything running. Instructions for tasks are confusing and prone to typos. DO NOT PRESS CTRL, or you will have a fun ride with mozilla zooming in and out when you try to scroll a page, but latency is so horrible that it keeps ctrl pressed. Waste of time and money. Also I had a reliable 120mgbit connection, so it was not on my end.

Adding icing to the cake, when I was finally able to get my pig and hive shells to start, with some help from the HWX team, the dumps would not work AT ALL, even for small data sets, no way to validate my data. But that does not compare to PigStorage being bugged, and refusing to do anything, leading me to believe I had an error in my script and waster time on pointless debugging of correct chunks of code.


Haider says:

Hi Nikita,

What did they do about such kind of problems during exam?

Bhavana says:

I am planning to take this up during the weekend. What is the success rate of this exam? There is only one practice exam and I dont see it very challenging…

Troy Broas says:

Hi Bhavana, you are correct, we currently only provide one practice exam and it is based on content that you may or may not see in the exam. I checked with our Certification team, and unfortunately I cannot share any success metrics related to the exam. I hope this answers your question. Good luck with your certification!

Bhavana Rao says:

Each task contains several sub tasks in the practical exam. The provided 2hrs is not enough to debug each and every syntax mistakes. I dont understand the relevance of completely mugging up the syntax to get things working. Can you tell me how is evaluation done? Is it imperative that all tasks execute and produce results or is anyone going to go through the scripts written to get the level of understanding?

Rajesh Ranjan says:

Hi, I have recently tried HDPCD exam 2 times, both times the exam couldn’t start. I tried with all kind of public and private Internets, with 4 different laptops without any antivirus or any security enabled. My questions are:
1. Can’t it be arranged with some exam center, where all the technical issues are taken care?
2. If center can’t be arranged, how can I get back exam fees, as both the time I couldn’t even start the exam, and couldn’t even see the exam tasks.
3. Can you please check if there is any candidate who have done this certification exam from South Africa? I am suspecting, there must be some API used in the plugin which is banned at ISP level in South Africa. Not sure.

Please note, I was able to start the practice exam perfectly with AWS.

Troy Broas says:

Hi Rajesh, let me run this issue by a member of our team and try to get an answer for you. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Rajesh Ranjan says:

Hi Troy,
Can I get any update on this please?
This is going to be 2 weeks now from the exam. I have sent several mails also to, but no response yet.
Please take this on urgent basis.

Rajesh Ranjan says:

Hi, no reply yet. Got mail from saad, but there is no progress after that.
Can I get some prompt resolution on this now, or please share me higher level escalation point. Thanks!

Datta Thigale says:

I have registered for HDCD exam. Can i attach external monitor with my laptop for exam.??

Troy says:

Hello Datta, I have reached out to our exam proctor. They replied that you can attach an external monitor, as long as they you share it with the proctor. You won’t be able to open any additional windows or tabs, so you’ll need to make sure you are are only displaying exam content.

Farman says:

I have given spark certification exam on 2 January 2018.I have applied for job. The basic requirement for job is HDP Spark certification. One of Hortonworks employee replied me on 26 January I will get result on 31 January .Today is 1 February 2018 but I am still waiting for my result.

Troy says:

Hello Farman,
I will follow up with the team and look into this for you. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Farman says:

Hi Troy
Thank you for taking out your precious time to reply me.Please if you can solve this issue asap.I need this urgent because i want to take Hadoop developer exam after this.

Upananda Saha says:

I have given hadoop java exam on 14th jan and still waiting for result. I have email several time to, but no response.

Dhaval says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hi Upananda,

Have you received certificate of HDPCD ?
Actually, I am planning to take exam for HDPCD but if there is an issue in releasing of certificate even after successful completion of tasks, I can think for an alternatives.

sukul says:

Havent received by HDPCD certificate. I completed my exam with score 6/6. However i still havent received the certificate.
Can you please provide

dhaval says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hi Sukul,

Have you received certificate of HDPCD ?
Actually, I am planning to take exam for HDPCD but if there is an issue in releasing of certificate even after successful completion of tasks, I would like to think for an alternatives.

hanny says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

This certified very good

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