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November 05, 2013
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New Hadoop Tutorials for Hortonworks Sandbox from Splunk, Revelytix and SAP

Hortonworks SandboxUsing Hadoop as an enterprise data platform means great integration with other technologies in the data center.

To that end, the Hortonworks Sandbox Partner Gallery showcases how our partners’ solutions integrate with Hadoop and provide you with easy access to learn how to use those solutions with the Hortonworks Data Platform via the Sandbox.

Don’t have the Sandbox? Get your free download of this single node Hadoop environment that’s delivered as a Virtual Machine that you can run on your laptop.

Today, we released 3 new partner tutorials for your learning enjoyment.

Splunk Hunk

Our friends at Splunk announced the GA of their new product Hunk last week. We’re delighted that they are the first tutorial certified to work with the Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0. Hunk™: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop delivers insights from big data in Hadoop quickly, and without the complexity of alternative solutions. In this tutorial, you’ll be able to hook up your own Hunk license or request a demo license, and start exploring the world of Splunk Analytics for Hadoop. If want to experience Hunk, you can download a demo license from Splunk.


Our friends at Revelytix have a cool meta-data management tool call Loom. If you don’t already have Loom, you can request one. Then, in this tutorial, learn how to install and get started with Loom, register and transform data in HDFS through the Loom Workbench, and import transformed data into R for analysis. The tutorial is based on an analysis of the relationship between flight delays and weather. By the end of the tutorial, we will see what airports saw the most rain during the sample period. Although this tutorial shows how to use the Loom Workbench, the same steps can also be accomplished through the Loom API.

SAP Sybase

Our friends at SAP created this white paper detailing how to connect the Sandbox to Sybase IQ. If you don’t already have Sybase IQ, you can get a trial license. Then, in this tutorial you’ll learn how to set up and configure IQ with the Hortonworks Sandbox, the Hive server and HiveQl.

We love that our partners are helping to provide these tutorials that help you learn how to use their solutions in your own environment. By using the Hortonworks Sandbox and the partner solutions, you can build out your own “Proof of Value” of Hadoop and plan for the integration points using your own data, your own dashboards, securely in your environment.

Eager to get deeper into Hadoop? We offer a number of classes based on Hadoop 2 where you can get deeper into the technology.

Here are the links to all of the Partner Tutorials:


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