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August 13, 2015
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Next Generation Data Management

In this guest blog,  Murthy Mathiprakasam, principal product marketing manager at Informatica, tells us more about the partnership with Hortonworks and how the two companies optimize the entire big data supply chain on Hadoop, turning data into actionable information to drive business value.

There has never been a more exciting time in the world of data management. With a growing number and type of data consumers seeking access to growing data volumes and data varieties, the role of data in organizational success has never been more critical. New executive positions, like the Chief Data Officer, are taking on the responsibility of stewardship for transforming organizational data into an asset, while ensuring it does not become a liability.

It is precisely this challenge of balancing growing analytical demands with requirements for security and governance that has troubled organizations. The promise of big data technologies opens up opportunities that traditional data platforms could never address, while leading to new risks. The key to maximizing the upside of big data platforms and minimizing the downside is an evolution of middleware known as the Big Data Fabric.

Driving Agility and Autonomy with the Big Data Fabric

Information fabrics are not new to the world of data management. Organizations have adopted innovative tools from companies like Informatica to accelerate and de-risk data initiatives for over 20 years. But three things have changed in the world of data management.

First, the inbound data is of semi-structured or unstructured form. That places greater burden on data developers and data scientists to manually parse and cleanse data into a form that is actual useful. Much of this initial curation can easily be automated.

Second, the outbound consumption of data has diversified as well. While traditional BI users seek highly structured and high quality analytics, new classes of data consumers like data scientists are fine with very quick access to relatively less curated data. The diversification of time and quality requirements requires a more flexible and multi-faceted approach to data curation.

Third, with rapidly changing supplies and demands for data, there is a much greater need for IT and business collaboration. Tools that support data curation need to enable collaboration between different personas in the IT organization.

This is precisely what a Big Data Fabric delivers. A Big Data Fabric automates the ingestion of a variety of data sources and curates them into fit-for-purpose data assets. A Big Data Fabric acknowledges the diversity of inbound data and outbound data requirements. The flexibility that comes from a Big Data Fabric translates into greater agility for IT, greater autonomy for the business, all while ensuring that requirements around security and governance are fully met.

A Partnership of Joint Innovation

As leaders in their respective industries, Informatica and Hortonworks are working together to deliver the innovations needed to enable organizations to deliver their Big Data Fabrics. As the leading contributor to Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks has helped shepherd data processing innovations like the Apache Tez project. Tez delivers breakthrough performance for data processing and enables Informatica customers to execute data curation tasks like parsing or cleansing on large datasets very quickly. Informatica delivers a comprehensive suite of technologies including pre-built connectors, pre-built transformations, data mastering, and data brokers to enable organizations to repeatably deliver timely and trusted data for big data analytics.

Get Started Today

There are many ways to get started, but the easiest is to download our joint Informatica and Hortonworks free trial at

Also learn more about the joint reference architecture for Data Warehouse Optimization by downloading the joint solution brief.

Big data technologies have come a long way. Informatica and Hortonworks together are helping to deliver big data fabrics and big data platforms that repeatably deliver timely and trusted data for big data analytics. With the flexibility that our joint solution provides, there has never been a better opportunity to drive IT agility and business innovation while ensuring enterprise security and governance.


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