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October 28, 2014
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Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash for HDP: Accelerated Performance, Capacity Efficiency, Management and Integrated Data Protection

As a Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner, Nimble Storage delivers solutions that help enterprises scale their Big Data solutions, simply and cost-effectively. Ibby Rahmani, Nimble’s product and solutions marketing manager, is our guest blogger. He discusses the importance of certification for Nimble and Hortonworks customers.

Recently, Nimble Storage proudly announced our partnership with Hortonworks, and the certification of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash solutions on HDP. Nimble offers an exceptional return on investment (ROI) for the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), offering accelerated performance, capacity efficiency, integrated data protection in solutions that are easy to deploy, operate and maintain. Certification means that our mutual customers can have the confidence that the products have achieved the highest degree of interoperability.

IT challenges with Big Data implementation

Meeting performance and capacity service levels is an increasing challenge for enterprise IT organizations tasked with processing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data quickly and with minimum disruption. To keep pace with increasing demand, IT requires storage capable of scaling to performance and capacity requirements while providing effective data protection.

  • Organizations processing terabytes of data soon realize they must analyze it quickly to gain relevant insights, and adding servers won’t deliver the necessary speed.
  • Large Hadoop clusters can add considerable cost and complexity; clusters of greater than 10 servers are difficult to manage.
  • Data warehouses, typically assembled from a variety of data sources with different formats and purposes, add unnecessary processing cycles to servers.
  • Extra servers complicate data protection, basic three-way mirroring is not cost-effective, and site recovery is disruptive and time consuming.

Nimble helps IT meet these Big Data challenges


Nimble cost-effectively accelerates the transitions to a data-focused architecture. Nimble’s Adaptive Flash platform separates data from compute to deliver the scalable performance required for optimizing Enterprise Apache Hadoop. Adaptive Flash is the only storage platform to intelligently and dynamically allocate flash performance to meet the changing needs of Big Data applications.

Capacity Efficiency

Nimble achieves the highest degree of capacity efficiency through variable-length compression. Nimble’s delivers greater than “five nines” availability, giving customers the confidence they need to reduce Hadoop data copies from 3 to 2 for better space utilization.

Ease of Management

Nimble arrays are easy to deploy and manage, able to be set up by an IT generalist. Furthermore, InfoSight™, Nimble’s innovative approach to management using cloud-based analytics. InfoSight monitors all Nimble arrays, collectively and individually. Using that data, InfoSight identifies potential problems — and offers solutions – long before they can bring systems down.

Data Protection

Nimble provides maximum data protection for Hadoop environments with frequent snapshots, consistent backups, fast restores, and efficient replication for disaster recovery. Nimble’s data recovery capabilities offer maximum protection with minimum disruption at an affordable price.

I’m personally excited about what our combined offering will bring to organizations. With will bring performance for the ETL systems in HDP, as well as capacity efficiency, ease of management and data protection. Certification is a symbol of our commitment to Hortonworks and Apache Hadoop, and the Big Data community.

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