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July 19, 2017
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Doing Nothing About Cyber Security Will Cost You Everything

Cyber Security HortonworksWith every swipe of a credit card, every social media interaction, and every opened email advertisement, businesses are continuously trying to gain a single view of customers. Along with this mountain of data comes a lot of risk. Cyber crime has reached an all-time high – it is more brazen, and much more sophisticated. Companies don’t have to just worry about simple phishing emails anymore; cyber crime has escalated to extortion. What good is a 360-degree of the customer without a single view of cyber security?

Needle in Data-Stacks

There is no question that the Internet of Things (IoT) has created a more efficient interconnected world, but it has also left many companies vulnerable to attacks. The intricacies of cyber crime has outpaced the tools to combat it. Existing security tools often provide one source of cyber security information. In trying to keep up with customer demand, organizations have focused on scaling the amount of data to meet the requirement of product innovation, but the rate and volume of the streaming data has left organization unable to piece it all together.

Companies need to assess threats in real time and this would be fine if it were from a single system, at a single part of the organization. Scaling the collection and analysis of data from multiple systems across a whole enterprise requires a comprehensive view of all relevant information with alert notifications. This is why narrowly focused tools of yesterday cannot address the challenges of today. Finding a needle in a haystack is difficult enough, but trying to find a needle across multiple haystacks would be nearly impossible.

Fingers Crossed Method?

In 2016, cyber crime cost the global economy over $450 billion. We have moved from ordinary corporate annoyances, to existential crisis for many organizations. Companies cannot afford to do nothing anymore as it will leave the business, their employees, and their customers vulnerable to attacks. The real crux of this problem is that attacks are preventable. Companies cannot sit by and watch with their fingers crossed hoping nothing ever happens.

In order to protect themselves, companies must move to threat detection and mitigation through Hortonworks Big Data technologies and machine learning. Not only will it keep the business secure, but it also empowers organizations to achieve faster threat analysis, a holistic view of risk from multiple data types, lower costs to capture data, and delivers a system designed to scale for the modern digital world. The urgency for real solutions has exponentially increased in the last few years.

For more information on how Hortonworks can help your organization leverage machine learning and Big Data to optimize your cyber security, visit us today.

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