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September 11, 2014
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Novetta Entity Analytics now on HDP

Novetta is a new Hortonworks Technology Partner and recently achieved HDP 2.1 Certification and YARN Ready status. In this guest blog, Jennifer Reed, director of product management at Novetta, talks about Novetta’s YARN Ready entity resolution and relationship dimension-building application.

The New Era of Analytics

Thomas Davenport, in his keynote at the Hadoop Summit San Jose 2014, said that the big data analytics has entered a new phase: From Analytics 2.0 to 3.0. One aspect of the new phase is data discovery, curation, and relationships, creating new products and services in the data economy. To that end, Data Discovery applications have led the way in getting more data into the hands of business analysts faster.

However, while they’ve accelerated an organization’s ability to quickly explore and analyze data, they struggle to help link disparate data sets. These data sets lack a foreign key such as an account number to link them. Without a key, users are forced to overlay the data models without the ability to use algorithms to aid in the deconfliction process, leading to collisions and duplication. Other users are applying ETL processes written for existing sources to these new data sets, but cannot support semi-structured and unstructured sources. With so much ambiguity, data scientists and analysts have begun to distrust the analytics coming out of big data.

Novetta YARN Ready on HDP Connects the Dots

That doesn’t have to be the case. You can trust big data analytics as part of your modern data architecture.

MDA-NEA Reference Architecture 20141218

Using the Hortonworks Data Platform, Novetta has built the first YARN Ready entity resolution and relationship dimension-building application. It resolves billions of records within hours and links structured with unstructured data, uncovering new connections. By building foundational entity indices of people, organizations, locations, product, and events, organizations have the ability to understand how a person or product is represented in different systems across the enterprise. We are even going a step further by providing visibility into the relationships and connections between entities.

The questions that analysts can now ask:

  • Who is an individual and to whom or what are they connected?
  • What is an organization, both formal and informal?
  • What is a product?
  • What events are interconnected between the people, organizations and products that we offer?
  • What types of relationships could I uncover that drive operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and better measure risk or detect fraud?
  • How can these new data sets and data points transform our business by incorporating the use of leading indicators instead of lagging indicators?

Benefits of Novetta Entity Analytics on HDP

With access to more data and new analytic applications, business analysts across industries are now able to allow:

  • Insurance brokers to have a broader picture of customer experience and provide an opportunity to uncover up-sell opportunities, through integrating email, reports, documents, and transcripts with customer management systems and external data sources such as public record filings on home purchases, car title filings, etc.
  • Retailers to correlate data coming in from clickstream, web logs, email and social media with product data warehouse and master data management systems to enable them to understand not only affinities and buzz, but also insight into influencers beyond just number of connections.
  • Banks to identify dissatisfied customers, compliance, and fraud by exposing hidden relationships within email, claims filings, public criminal records or court filings, fraud lists, and social media with customer and employee management systems.
  • Governments to protect their citizens, by empowering law enforcement to identify and track suspects through fast and effective association of case files, police records, news reports, email and critical information buried in criminal databases.
  • Government agencies to increase public trust by identifying service problems and dissatisfied citizens by connecting email and social media with their agency databases.
  • Health care providers to instill trust in patients and improve care, by uncovering dissatisfied patients and inefficiencies by connecting email, documents, charts, reports and social media with relevant events and relationships typically hidden in patient and provider data management systems.
  • Telecommunications companies to measure and reduce customer churn by leveraging their internal customer management systems to identify and associate information about satisfaction, complaints, and issues hidden within log data, social media and email.

Discover and Learn More

  • Email to learn more about how Novetta Entity Analytics and Hortonworks HDP 2.1 are changing how organizations can connect data.
  • Visit the Novetta and Hortonworks Solutions Page.
  • Visit

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